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mandln3a.gif (1309 bytes) Bullamakanka
by Stuart Watson stueywatson@hotmail.com
Vale - Ray Young
Ray Young was a founding member of Bullamakanka with Dave Ovenden and Rex Radonich. He passed away Sunday March 7th 2004. He died from inoperable liver cancer at the age of 53.
Bullamakanka's first album contained the classic evergreen "Home Among the Gumtrees" Stewart Watson, Mal Clark and Jimmy Duke-Younge were also on this first album.
Ray left the Bullamakanka band when they began to tour but still remained good friends. He returned after Rod McCormack left the band (both Rod and Jeff joined the band after Rex Radonich died in a car accident in 1986) .
Ray sang lead on the Paul Ensby song "Dust" that won Bullamakanka their 6th "Vocal Group Golden Guitar Award". "Dust" also went to #1 on the country charts. Ray had a successful solo career around the Gold Coast for over 25 yrs.
Tamworth Ragepage would like to send condolences to all his family and friends.

With a new CD featuring : New tracks, Classics, and a couple of long awaited
Advancing the cause, of distinctively AUSTRALIAN contemporary country music,
as they have, for 25 years and 6 Gold guitars.
This CD,  " THEN and NOW" has them all :
*Home Amongst the Gumtrees, Orange Blossom Special, *Gayleen, *Dust, Bullas
in Bilambil.
     * Golden Guitar Winners
Long awaited and, as enjoyed "live" for years by thousands," Blowing Off (
It's a gas !)".
( They finally found a record company that would let them release it!)
Also the worldwide cult single, Dr Who.
In keeping with their passionate belief that product should be available to
the punters at the least possible cost (so maybe they won't just copy their
mate's CD but actually go out and BUY ONE!)
This CD is retailing for ONLY $10.00
(All they ask is that people come along to their shows.
" 'Cause they'll never get rich at that price").

This CD is backed up by a Single Release.
A rocky version of Chad Morgan's Classic,
"Women Do Funny Things to Me". This will be released via NFS in October so
listen for it. If you don't hear it then ask your radio station to play it!
The CD is available from your local retailer on Master Song label. Or from:
The Country Music Store
ABN 41 010 709 305
Mail order:  GPO Box 3000 Brisbane 4001 Australia
Visit :     68 Charlotte St Brisbane Qld  Australia
phone           (+61) 07 3221 3000
fax             (+61) 07 3221 3983
website: www.countrymusic.com.au
email: cmstore@countrymusic.com.au
Very happy with the new lineup.   Pete Lawson (former lead singer of "Leaping Lizards") is really cutting it
on the Banjo. Really capturing that flavor that the late Rex used to add in the good old days. Useful vocalist too - giving us a pro four voice harmony  block - very tasty.
We finally got around to the Hands in Cement thing at Tamworth this year.  Our thanks to all involved it was a very touching experience. The sort of thing that makes twenty-five years of struggle seem worthwhile.
The new NFS Single "Women Do Funny Things to Me" is getting strong airplay.  It is off the new CD " Then and Now". Out of the blue, the new CD is proving popular in FRANCE of all places. They, apparently love the "Party piece" "Blowin' Off ( It's a Gas)".
All in All looking forward to an active 2002.

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