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mandln3a.gif (1309 bytes)Chalkie White
2001 Gympie Muster Starsearch Winner
002 Country Music College Graduate
2002 Starmaker Grandfinalist

Chalkie competed in the Trans Tasman Entertainer of the Year Awards at
Norfolk Island.
 He didn't win First Prize and in this particular contest there is no other place to be.
Megan Lawrie won the comp - she is a great performer and shared the
Starmaker Grand finals with Chalkie in Tamworth this year.
However, Chalkie did us proud and put in his very best performance -
he was ecstatic with the crowd's reaction and the great comments from
the judges who took forever to come to a decision and said there was
"only a matchstick between the marks".
Everyone on Norfolk Island has been very encouraging and Chalkie is
having a ball!

Chalkie White is a gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist who has etched his mark in Country Music Circles over the past ten years with his winning
ways and unique style.   From his early days,  Chalkie has honed his skills and developed his own style, with a view to become a major player in Country Music circles.   As the winner of the Gympie Muster Talent Search 2001, he is primed to tackle Country Music's competitive arena. This coveted win enables Chalkie to pursue his musical career in a more intense fashion than he was previously afforded. The prize package including a scholarship to the prestigious CMAA College of Country Music, an appearance at West Tamworth Leagues Club during the 2002 Tamworth Country Music Festival,  a guest appearance on MusicCountry for an interview and performance, performance on the Main Stage at Gympie Muster 2002, plus an opporunity to compete at the Norfolk Island Country Music Trans Tasman Entertainer of the Year
awards. Following the headiness of this win, Chalkie has since been named a Grand-finalist in Tamworth Country Music Festival's Starmaker 2002
competition.   The intensity of work will see Chalkie White's name appear in many Country Music venues during the forthcoming year. Being no stranger to hard work, Chalkie is looking forward to the challenges ahead.   As the future does indeed look bright for Chalkie White, his desires to be seen and heard in Country Music Nationally and Internationally are seeming more reachable. His maturity has come to the fore now and the many years of "Learing at the Feet of the Masters" is at last returning dividends.

Chalkie White is undoubtedly Australia's latest rising star.

Chalkie's Gigs
  Contact:                 Narrell Brown
Jaybee's Entertainment
Ph  02 44433422
Fax 02 44439968

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