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Jedd Hughes
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Kerry Carter a huge fan of Country music and especially Jedd is over there in Nashville.  She said she saw Jedd Hughe's video on GAC and it was the first ever screening of it and said it is all happening for Jedd over there in the States. 
The publicity is all growing for Jedd in The States, this weekend he has been out at The Eric Clapton Guitar Festival in Dallas.  Jedd's Parents have been over there in Nashville with him and they had a great time. They  found it amazing  to be at The Opry and to share that experience with Jedd!  They said he has some great people around him, and has made some lovely friends
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May 21st & 22nd. sees Jedd perform on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.   Although having previously performed on the Opry, as a "side man" to both Patty Loveless and Rodney Crowell, Jedd will this time be a guest on the show, fronting his own band.
This weekend finds him in Europe, on tour with Ben Atkin's, and also shooting video footage for the first single "High Lonesome", which is due for radio release in the U.S. on May 3rd.   The debut album "Transcontinental" is currently slated for an August release.
Great reviews were received following performances at SXSW held in Austin, Texas, during March, with Rollingstone.com voting Jedd "Best Newcomer".
In March "The Sunday Mail" out of Adelaide, South Australia, published an article on Jedd's road from Quorn to Nashville and his participation in SXSW.
June 12 will see him performing songs from his upcoming album on the River Stages in Nashville as part of this year's annual Fan Fair.
Jedd Hughes Signs With BMI- from BMI.com
MCA recording artist Jedd Hughes met with BMI Writer/Publisher Relations Director Joyce Rice to sign with BMI for performing rights representation, in anticipation of the July release of his debut album, Transcontinental.
A native of Australia, Hughes spent his teenage years performing as a sideman with various country entertainers. After high school he attended South Plains College in Levelland, Texas, which offers a bluegrass music program. There he met BMI Award-winning songwriter Terry McBride of the trio McBride and the Ride. With McBride's encouragement, Hughes moved to Nashville in 2002 and the two began writing. Only six weeks after his relocation, he joined Patty Loveless's band as lead guitarist, just in time for the "Down From the Mountain" tour.

During his days off from playing with Loveless, Hughes was busy in the studio with McBride, cutting demos which they eventually took to MCA. Transcontinental, which McBride produced, features nine Hughes/McBride collaborations, including the first single, "High Lonesome," set for release on April 19.
USA Record Deal for Jedd
Hi guys,
It has been a really exciting year playing a lot of shows with Patty Loveless
all over the US and Canada. We have about another ten shows coming in November,
our last being in Fort Worth, Texas (actually my last show of being with Patty which will be quite
a sad day!!) I've also been working with Rodney Crowell on the Opry and in the
studio which is always a thrill, and am actually doing a live Clear Channel TV
taping with him in Austin, Texas, on the 19th of November which will be a blast!
I've also been busy in the studio for the past two weeks myself finishing up my own record
which has been the most fun of my whole life! We had the last day of band
tracking last week and I was humbled by the presence of Dan Dugmore who
played steel and acoustic guitar, on some of the tracks. I spent the last week working on my guitar
overdubs and having a couple of special guests come in and sing including
Dan Tyminski, Ron Block, Tommy Lee James, Russel Terrell and Terry McBride. Next
week Alison Krauss and Patty are coming in to sing on some tracks which is
completely freaking me out!!! I have my first "Jedd Hughes" gig next Sunday
night in Nashville, so I'm really excited about getting out and playing these new songs.
Next week is the CMA's over here and we're performing "Loving All Night", which is the first single from Patty's latest album,
"On Your Way Home". It comes with a bonus DVD which features that song also, and was just so much fun to be involved with!
Well I hope this finds you all happy and healthy,
Cheers Jedd
It’s a long way from the small country town of Quorn, situated in the heart of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, to Nashville Tennessee. Signing a record deal this month with major USA label Universal/MCA is a dream come true for Jedd who grew up in Quorn. Terry McBride of “McBride and the Ride” will serve as producer and while Jedd is cutting his debut country album, due out early next year, he will continue to tour with Patty Loveless.

Hi Folks,

I've been busier than ever writing a lot and finishing up contracts on a record deal!!! that I'll be thrilled to announce in a couple of weeks! I had my 21st Birthday at the end of March which turned out a great night with some good friends here in Nashville. With the drinking age at 21 over here I think I got off to a pretty good start!!

Yesterday was a very humbling experience, I sang and played on a session with one of my very long time guitar heroes, John Jorgenson from a great band in the 90s called "The Desert Rose Band" and more recently from the mind blowing guitar trio The Hellecasters. Great guy with the telecaster tone of doom!!

The last couple of weeks have been spent in the studio tracking demos of songs to go on my album and also songs to pitch to others.   I have a song that I co-wrote a couple of months ago with Jeffrey Steele and Terry McBride on hold for a major group here in the US which I'm really stoked about!   Last week I spent a couple of days in the studio with Rebecca Lynn Howard playing on her new record which was a blast!!   I'm heading out on the road again with Patty Loveless in a couple of weeks which will be great as she has a new record coming out soon!!   I'll post the dates on my website as they come, in case some of you back home make it out here and would like to catch a show.

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy,

Cheers Jedd

Jedd with Vince Gill 
Jedd and Felicity Urquhart
Hi Folks,
Just to keep in touch, here’s a little look at what has been happening over the last month or so!  I flew back to Australia from Nashville, for three weeks on the 22nd of January for some serious down time, and the Tamworth Country Music Festival, which in my opinion was the best so far.   I arrived in Tamworth just in time for the Fender Super Jam, which is always a highlight and a blast to play!!   Getting to play with KB and The Flood as well as Stuart French was well worth the 22 hours flying time!!! The weather was a little brutal but I welcomed the sun after the below zero temperatures in Nashville for the previous two months. My favourite moments of the festival were playing the Bill Chambers Hillbilly Jam (and playing that old blonde telecaster of his) sitting in with Josh Canning and FBI and the Surprise! Surprise! show at The Family Hotel with Beccy Cole and Tamara Stewart.

After all that it was back to Mildura with mum and dad for the down time which was so relaxing and reminded me why I love Australia and its’ food and culture sooo much!!! 

I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from Lee Kernaghan and Catherine Britt to play some sessions in Sydney while I was home. That was a blast, and it was also great to catch up with Brooke McClymont who’s setting the pop world on fire. 

I arrived back in Nashville last Monday the 17th Feb. and have only just got over the jet lag!  Wednesday and Thursday last week were spent in the studio with Rodney Crowell working on some new songs of his which was a complete honour and massive learning experience! I’ve also been recording a couple of songs that I’ve written with Kim Richey. 

There’s a lot of co-writing coming up over the next few weeks, which will be keeping me busy, and also a few more studio sessions. The weather is leaving much to be desired but should start warming up soon!!

Till next time stay happy and healthy,

Cheers Jedd 

Jedd and Patty Loveless on stage at Birmingham Alabama
"Photo courtesy Nicole Spaller USA"
Report on The Down From The Mountain Tour
Packed houses and standing ovations every night are what's been happening on The Down From The Mountain Tour over the last two months. Many of the venues across the States have been outdoor ampitheatres which have really lent themselves to the atmosphere of Bluegrass Music. The audiences have been fantastic, very appreciative of the music and it has been an incredible experience to work with, and get to know some of the most respected and talented musicians in the industry.   It's been a huge production with 12 tour buses carrying the artists and 2 semis with the sound gear. Great to see Bill Chambers at the show in Austin and also to catch up with Carol Young in Houston recently. After a quick trip home early next month, October and November will be spent song writing in Nashville.
YOUNG AUSTRALIAN country singer/songwriter Jedd Hughes is currently in
the US and playing guitar for Patty Loveless as they tour with the
bluegrass/old-timey music extravaganza, the Down From The Mountain tour.
Hughes is understandably over-the-top about sitting around backstage
with the icons of country/bluegrass music in America and the following
is a piece from an email he sent to a close friend in Tamworth:


"We're up in New London, Connecticut, at the moment and the shows have
just been like a dream. I walk out into the crowd and watch the first
half every night and get to see Skaggs, The Del McCoury band and Allison
Krauss every night!!!!!! It just blows my mind. And then to get to hang
out with them backstage and sing and play with them every night!!!. We
play in the second half right before Ralph Stanley every night. The
crowds have been huge and very appreciative. I could go on and on......"

Jedd lives out his American dream

Just six weeks after returning to America, South Australian-born Jedd Hughes has performed on the Grand Ol’ Opry as part of country diva Patty Loveless’s band.

Jedd spent three semesters studying commercial music at South Plains College, Levelland, Texas, and left 18 months later with the award for outstanding instrumentalist in country, bluegrass and swing. 

Thanks to a solid network of contacts, Jedd was invited to audition for the spot in Patty Loveless’s band.

“I was shaking during the audition but when I got home afterwards there was a message on my answering machine asking me to come right back in.   They wanted to hear me play again,” Jedd said. 

“As I waited my turn, this guy who was playing ahead of me just blew me away and I wondered how I could compete with that.” 

The 20-year-old will perform tonight (Saturday, April 27) at the Grand Ol’ Opry with Patty Loveless on a bill which also features Diamond Rio and Steve Wariner.     Following that show, Jedd jumps on the tour bus and heads to Wilkesboro, North Carolina, for an appearance with the Patty Loveless Band.    The four-day Merlefest stars Earl Scruggs, Nickel Creek, Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch, among a host of other artists.      

After that – who knows? Chances are, Jedd Hughes will be noticed. 

With his skills on the guitar and mandolin, together with his backing vocals and finely honed songwriting skills, there’s no way this Aussie won’t stand out in a crowd.     

Jedd’s ultimate goal in the States is a solo career, but in the meantime, he doesn’t mind keeping company with some of the biggest stars around.

His website can be accessed at www.jeddhughes.com

Jedd to appear on stage tonight at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville with Patty Loveless
 After successfully auditioning yesterday in Nashville for a position as guitarist/harmony singer with Patty  Loveless, Jedd Hughes, will appear on stage at the Grand Ole Opry tonight, the 27th April with Patty. Following the performance the group will be leaving for Wilkesborough, North Carolina, for a performance at the Merle Fest.  Other artists who have been appearing at the 4 day Merle Fest include Earl Scruggs, Nickel Creek, Sam Bush, Gillian Welsh and Alison Krauss. 
 For more details of what Jedd has been doing in the States refer to www.jeddhughes.com
A Great Big Howdy!!!!
From Jedd Hughes
Hi Helen!,
How are you!, Thought Id send a little bit of an update of what I'm up to these days.
I moved to Nashville TN about a month ago after some long hard thinking of where to go after I finished college in Texas. I have a cosy little apartment just ten minutes south of Down Town Nashville in a suburb called Antioch.   So far the greatest challenge has been me cooking food that's actually fit to eat needless to say mum's great cooking didn't quite rub off on me!.
I wasn't really sure what to expect with the music scene here as I've heard alot of different opinions about where the music is headed these days but figured I had to see It for myself to make my own mind up. So far I'M LOVING IT!!.  I've heard some of the best live music from Matthew Ryan, Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time, Pat Buchannan I could go and on!. There's so much great music here every night of the week and entry fees to most of the venues is very reasonable!.
My main reason for coming here is to work with Terry McBride (McBride And The Ride) who I met out at the college during my last semester.     I've been writing with Terry and Steve Boggard and what a huge learning experience its been already!.
I was also stoked to get back to Texas last weekend to catch up with the faculty and friends at South Plains College and play a couple of gigs with the Ben Atkins Band.    It was an absolute blast and as always I encourage every young aspiring artist to seriously consider spending a couple of semesters at the college.
Over the next couple of weeks I have some more co writing with Marv Green, Casey Beathard and Tommy Lee James so things are going great!.
Before I sign off I just want to say thankyou so much Helen for all that you do for Australian Country Music and smaller artists like myself!.    Your hard work and genuine love of the music is greatly appreciated by all of us, especially us Aussies over here in the States when we get a little home sick.
I hope this finds you all happy and healthy.
Love Jedd

Jedd has been down to Mildura with the Western Swing Band "The Feral Swing Katz"  and Mildura were very appreciative of the western swing.    Jedd, Megan Laurie and Shane Parle took to the stage and anyone who knows those three know that they can cut it with anyone so what a treat.  

Jedd is now at the Douglas Family home in Tamworth apparently writing songs in the solitude of "The Oaks."

Joan Douglas Licensee of "The Pub", The Family Hotel and Southgate Inn has been talking to some of the artists and they are all looking forward to the festival 2002.  Joan was talking to Chris Haigh and he is so excited about the music that Jedd Hughes is doing.  He told Joan that it is "fantastic and can't wait to play it".  The  Feral Swing Katz are keen as they have a stack of new songs and Bill Chambers can't wait to get there as he is very excited also.

Click here for Jedd at Tamworth 2002

Photos Taken in Texas

Courtesy of John Habbinga from Texas

Jedd Hughes with Kym Warner and Carol Young (The Greencards)
Hey Helen,
How are you doing?.
Thought Id write and send a bit of an update
on what's happening over here.  As you know I'm back at
South Plains College in Levelland Texas and having a
great semester.  I've been writing lots of songs and
recording demos of them in the studios here.  In fact
I'm in the studios almost everyday either working on my own
projects or engineering for friends of mine.  The semester
seems to be flying as Mid Terms are coming up next week and
Fall Break is this weekend!.  I've been playing gigs most weekends
with a group called the Ben Atkins Band who's album I played
on about six months ago.   I've also been hanging out with Kym Warner
and Carol Young who are living in Abilene just two hours away
from where the college is.   Kym, Carol and myself played on a live tv show
last Thursday which was a blast.  It was broadcast on a local cable channel
throughout West Texas.
I just got back from Guthrie Oklahoma where I went to the Guthrie Bluegrass
festival. Got to see some of my heroes like JD Crowe and The New South, The
Kruger Brothers and Nickel Creek who were absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!.
To see Chris Thile play live is an incredibly humbling experience.
The weather here is pretty mild however I'm sure the snow will be falling
within the next four to five weeks, which means im getting out
of here and home to a nice hot summer for Christmas.
Hope all is well
Love Jedd

This weekend in Henrietta, Texas, Jedd, Carol Young and Kym Warner appearing under the banner of "The Lonesome Buddies" opened for The Ben Atkins Band, of which Jedd is also a member, with a Bluegrass set to a packed house.   The crowd whose ages ranged from 18 - 25 apparently went "nuts" over the group who caught up with each other in San Angelo last weekend.   After spending the last week up at the College in Levelland, the guys have all been invited to perform a Bluegrass set on the next Thursday Night Live program on the 4th. October, a cable TV program with its audience throughout West Texas.

Jedd flew out for another semester at South Plains College in Texas, after a 3 month break back home, this time concentrating on songwriting, Western Swing and furthering his studies in Audio Engineering.   He is hoping to catch up with Carol Young and Kym Warner at some stage, as the guys are about 6 hours from Levelland down in Austin, Texas, and also Mikaela Dewer who is in her second semester of study at South Plains College.   He will be returning home for Christmas and will be appearing at the January Festival in Tamworth. Jedd's American gigs over the next four months will be available on his website  www.jeddhughes.com 

Jedd with The Feral Swing Katz

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