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  2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival
ABC Super Jam
featuring Graeme Connors, Lee Kernaghan, Beccy Cole, Travis Collins
and heaps more
The Pub
Thur 25th
ABC Music Launches its 'Heartland Series' With New Compilation
ABC Music are launching their new 'Heartland Series' with a compilation
celebrating Australian Heritage and the Australian Spirit. Twenty of
Australia's finest recording artists and storytellers will appear on
this fantastic new compilation titled, Heartland.

"ABC Music takes very seriously its role of supporting and propagating
music which celebrates Australian heritage, values and spirit; this new
series is designed to do just that," says ABC Music's Tim Holland.

"With Heartland, we have brought together a group of Australian
recording artists and storytellers who all have a strong connection with
the people, themes and issues which directly relate to life in regional

Artists include the likes of John Williamson, Sara Storer, Lee
Kernaghan, Beccy Cole, Anne Kirkpatrick, James Blundell, Tom Curtain and
The Sunny Cowgirls.

In 2008, ABC Music will release four further 'Heartland Series' albums
from individual recording artists. Stay tuned for more details on those
albums in early 2008...

Track Listing:
1. Lee Kernaghan - High Country
2. Beccy Cole - Poster Girl (Wrong Side Of The World)
3. John Williamson - Cootamundra Wattle
4. Sara Storer - Back Out Back
5. James Blundell - Down On The Farm
6. Luke O'Shea & Medicine Wheel - Ragged Bloody Heroes
7. Tom Curtain - Chew Like Hell
8. Adam Brand - New England Highway
9. The Sunny Cowgirls - Rousy's Life
10. Davidson Brothers - Raised On The Road
11. Anne Kirkpatrick - When The Rain Tumbles Down In July
12. Felicity Urquhart - The Flood
13. Katie Brianna - Words I Cannot Say
14. Brendon Walmsley - Bottle Tree Lane
15. Bob Pigott - Back Verandah
16. Paul Kelly And The Stormwater Boys - rally Around The Drum
17. Kane & Walmsley Featuring Melinda Schneider - Something In The =
Air Theme
18. Travis Collins - I Am Australian
19. Craig Stewart - The Spirit Of Australia
20. The Bushwackers - Waltzing Matilda =

Heartland is released on September 15, 2007 through ABC Music/Warner =
Tim  Holland
Stan Moress (Catherine's Britt's US Based Manager)
Lawrie Minson, Jake Lardot, Brendan Radford
Chris Haig
Cat Southern and Chris Haig
Graeme Connors (r)
Brendan Radford and Jim Lauderdale (USA
Jake Nickolai
Sinead Burgess - Gympie Muster Talent Search 2006
Travis Collins and Chris Haig
Lawrie Minson
Sara Storer and Manager  - Sara being presented with a Gold Record Award
Vicki and Jeff Chandler
Brendan Radford and Beccy Cole
Kimber Sparks and Friends
Travis Collins, Cat Southern and Jake Lardot
Print out and have the memories

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