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Congratulations Adam!!
"Dancing with the Stars"
Congratulations Adam winning best Male Artists Golden Guitar in 2009!!
Male Artist of the Year
Get On Down The Road – Adam Brand
Adam is in the process of recording his 6th studio album which is due for release in early March 2008

Adam Brand is #1 on CMC with 'Can't Live Without Your Love'
Adam will join Lee Kernaghan at the Spirit of the Bush concert, at Grenfell on June 30th. Also appearing will be Tania Kernaghan, Jimmy Barnes, Diesel, Steve Ford and the Flange, The McClymonts, and Leo Sayer.
There is something for everyone here... it is a free concert, but those wanting to attend will need a wristband available from multiple outlets around the Central West region of NSW.

The first Spirit of the Bush concert was held at Horsham and over 20,000 people enjoyed a day of music as a community, putting aside the pressures of the drought.

For more info go to: www.spiritofthebush.com 
Carolyn and Janet went to see Adam Brand
driving in Monster Truck Show last weekend at Gosford...
Janet and Carolyn enjoyed it, although didn't know what to expect!  They didn't realise
that Adam would actually be driving as well as singing, so that was a
"Adam Brand also will be driving in Monster Truck Show this Saturday 28th at Maitland
Showground. Check out details at www.monstertrucks.net.au/ 
Adam also sings during the breaks, great family entertainment..."
Adam Brand
Adam Brand wins Australian Artist of the Year on Chart Country!!
Adam Brand has just won Australian of the Year on Chart County Cactus Awards breaking Keith Urbans three year reign. He also
won Email Votes of the Year for most support through email voting. Check it out on
Final 5 Best ARIA Nominations
Country Album Nominations
Adam Brand (What a Life)
Anne Kirkpatrick "Showman's Daughter"
Lee Kernaghan (The New Bush)
Catherine Britt (Too Far Gone)
Troy Cassar-Daley (Brighter Day) .. Winner
Adam Brand was #1 on Chart Country
Adam Brand released October 10th 2005.

fun album for the whole family
features seven songs from Adam, three from The Sunny Cowgirls and one each
from Dianna Corcoran, Jim Haynes and Brendon Walmsley 
as well as  eight bonus tracks of Adam live in concert.

http://www.americanmusic.tk/   (discography - Belgium music online site)
Adam Brand is one of Australia’s most popular and successful contemporary country music artists. Since the release of his self-titled debut album in January 1998 he has received eight CMAA Golden Guitar Awards and three Mo Awards. His three albums to date have spawned innumerable #1 singles and he is one of a handful of country artists to achieve platinum album sales.
America......... On behalf of Adam Brand, a very big thank you for all those who voted for "Get Loud"
Adam Brand is #1 on the USA Chart Country Top 30 with Get Loud!!!. He is the first Aussie in six months
to be in the top 10.  Southbound were the last before that with "You didn't need the world" 
Vote for Adam on
When Adam's not touring he can be found racing V8 utes or at a Gold Coast Restaurant called "Nonna's " named after his grandmother.  He also wants to buy a good old country pub .
ADAM BRAND's new album Get Loud has debuted on the Australian Country Charts at number two, just behind Kasey Chambers' top selling Wayward Angel.
The release is also at number 16 on the mainstream ARIA albums chart.

"When you get to your fourth album," Adam said, "you have to take a step back and look at what you're doing. You don't want to keep producing the same old thing, but neither do you want to move too far away from what it is that your fans love about you.

"I took some time off, looked inside myself, and this is what emerged. Get Loud is certainly the most personal album I have made. It's an accurate reflection of my life at this point in time. And you know what else? It rocks! It's not called Get Loud for nothing!"

Adam Brand is one of Australia's most popular and successful contemporary country music artists. Since the release of his self-titled debut album in January 1998, he has won eight Golden Guitar Awards and three "MO" Awards. His three albums to date have spawned innumerable number one singles and he is one of a handful of country artists to achieve Platinum album sales.

Written at home and in Nashville and recorded in Sydney over seven weeks, Adam's fourth album marks a significant turning point for the artist. The familiar themes of girls, cars, friendship and good times are present but there are several fundamental differences between this and his previous albums.

There is no doubt that recent events in Adam's personal life have influenced the shape of the new album.

"Get Loud isn't the slit-your-wrists kind of album people might think I'd come up with after the collapse of my marriage. It's actually the opposite - my attitude with the album was to blast through the pain, blow the cobwebs out and celebrate what's positive in life. So there's a lot of raw energy on the album."

Therese Bawden and Adam Brand
Therese said Michael Carr and Adam Brand were brilliant last night at Panthers. The auditorium was packed.
She bought the latest Country Update magazine and read the article on Adam Brand shaving his head for leukaemia.
Thought you might like to see a photo of Adam Brand with his new look for now.
ADAM BRAND'S latest album Built For Speed has passed the gold record certification mark for sales of more than 35,000. This brings the album in line with both of Adam's previous gold-certified releases, his self-titled debut album and follow-up Good Friends. "This time round, we achieved the gold milestone in 17 weeks after the album was released," said Adam's manager Graham Thompson. Adam's records can be purchased where any records are sold. You can use online credit card processing when making purchases through online stores. You also have the option of using traditional credit card processing when purchasing his albums in person.
ADAM BRAND has been confirmed as a promotional partner for this year's 16-round World Series Sprintcar (WSS) championship.
Adam, who established his musical credentials with race fans almost three years ago with his hit Dirt Track Cowboy, a song dedicated to Australian Sprintcar drivers, is working on a WSS theme song that he will perform at the opening round in Perth on November 16.
He will also attend the second series round at Speedway City, Bunbury, WA, where he will sing the national anthem and do a meet-and-greet with fans.
Adam is a self-confessed revhead who raced Three-quarter Midgets in Perth before turning his hand to singing and songwriting and winning multiple Golden Guitars along the way.
WSS promoters have been quick to embrace the Brand influence, inviting him to attend championship rounds that do not clash with tour dates and the Adam is happy to oblige.
"I'd like to see as many rounds of World Series Sprintcars as I can," he said, "but it all depends on what my schedule is like at the time."  (from CMAA)
      Adam Brand’s circle of good friends is growing dramatically. Just like his tally of awards. There seems to be no demarcation
 line in his extraordinary career – with city and country dwellers alike coming on board to share his appreciation of the good things 
in life. Though it seems hard to grasp, it has been for not much more than two years that Adam has been a part of Australian
 country music’s hierarchy. In that time his first album is near platinum, his second album has gone gold (and still climbing), he has
 had six number one country singles, and he has had bestowed upon him seven  CMAA Golden Guitars and a Mo award. At the same 
time, he has become a huge live drawcard, his showmanship and deft touch with audiences compared often to that of Lee Kernaghan.  
Believing strongly that “Country music is the common man's property" Adam has explained : “To me it’s all about making a connection. 
If I can meet someone, learn their story then write about it and have people feel an empathy with the song then I'm doing o.k.  
"We tour really hard and go to many of the smaller towns as well as the bigger regional centres and cities. There isn't this huge gap 
between us and the audience. Country people can spot a fake a mile away. If you're not one of them, forget it. But if you are, you'll 
make the most loyal friends on earth. "
If it is a theme to which he keeps returning it is because it is unquestionably the centrepiece of his musical and personal life. 
During his modest and  entertaining acceptance speeches at Tamworth in January 2001 as he graciously accepted Golden Guitars for 
Best Male Vocalist, Best Album and, most impressively, APRA Song of the Year, he related how, when he drove across the Nullarbor 
from Perth to make his play for country music success the  man who would become his manager and producer, Graham Thompson,
was the man who helped him “unload the ute.”  
“To me, Good Friends  sums up how I have got here. I've got a great manager, great producer and great songs from the writers.  
It is my family, the good times. They are the most important things in my life. We can get caught up in our jobs, our houses and our 
cars, or wearing the right clothes with the right brand, that that kind of stuff. But all that we really need in life are good friends.”
Since the Good Friends album – with its insights into the life of the 31 year old son of a Sicilian father and Russian-Polish 
mother - was released, Adam has toured Australia extensively, reaching every state and territory. He has not just filled halls and 
clubs but become a hot festival attraction. The demand for him has been near unquenchable. The day after the Tamworth awards he 
was in a radio studio in Sydney participating in Andrew Denton’s Musical Challenge – giving his own unique take on Wheatus’
Teenage Dirtbag.  From Tamworth’s Northern Daily Leader to the Sydney Morning Herald his face was beaming and his sentiments
bounding out of eminently favourable features. Once named as Cleo's Guy of the Month and described (to his mild embarrassment) by
the magazine as "Australia's sexiest country singer", Adam has been profiled and highlighted everywhere from to Aussie Post
to the Australian Women’s Weekly. 
“People in the cities have more connection with country music than they realise” he insists. “It's come a long way from an old bloke
in his hat riding the ranges playing his banjo. Certain songs are certainly geared toward people in the country but the music is changing.
It's now less about the location,  more about the people. I've got a song called When The Needle Hits The Vinyl which is about 
some kids watching their parents dance to an old vinyl record. That's a real country scene but it could be in the city as well. It's 
unfortunate that many people associate country music with hay bales and hayseeds.”  
“I wasn't reared on Slim Dusty, Buddy Williams, that kind of stuff. I was brought up on the Everly Brothers, Elvis, Neil Diamond 
and Roy Orbison. They all had firm roots in country-based music and rockabilly. But as I got older I found myself leaning towards
songs that told a story, like what Slim has always done. Songs that had a lyric you could follow and identify with. I like the simplicity 
of the music. Country is totally lyric-based, the story always comes first, every time. And you don't have you be born on a sheep
station to understand the songs. It’s often about the man next door and what he does on Sunday sort of stuff.”
With two albums under his belt and preparation well underway for his third, Adam is evolving as an impressive, intuitive 
songwriter. A fact underlined by the award achieved by his co-write with the great Graeme Connors. "I had no idea I was going
to win Song of the Year for Good Things In Life “ he explained after the ceremony. “When they called my name. I just couldn't
believe it. I hadn't been expecting it so I wasn't nervous at all.” "Writing doesn't always come easy to me - it'd be great
if inspiration was something you could just turn on and off like a tap but it doesn’t work that way. I work very hard on my songs. 
What matters to me is people doing it tough - people battling. My songs are often people's stories and they deserve to be told.  
I'm interested in positive stories, the people who overcome adversity, because that serves as an inspiration to everyone else.   I try
to steer clear of those crying-in-your-beer country songs.” 
Two and a half years after the first album was released and a year after the second, both are still firmly lodged in the APRA 
Country Music chart Top ten and Adam Brand has one of the most popular and most recognisable musical faces in Australia. With 
indefatigable energy, he makes himself available to schools and hospitals, speedways and showgrounds, towns and cities. 
"I was just a weekend warrior back in Perth" he told Pulse magazine at the beginning of 2001. "One day I just decided I wanted 
to go to Tamworth. Three and a half years ago I was busking in the main street there." He may well have had those humble origins 
in the back of his mind as he played to large, sold-out shows in the town around the time of the awards in which he featured so strongly. 
Shows marked by his remarkable gesture of inviting hearing-impaired Ann-Maree Marshall to expressively ‘sign’ the songs
Good Things In Life and Come From The Heart to audiences that included many  deaf or near-deaf fans who had travelled from
all over the country for the experience.  
As Adam walked to the podium three times to collect Golden Guitars this year he admits that he was thinking : “What am I doing 
here, how the hell did I get here?, I’m just some little bloke!”. A little bloke with a large heart and a clear focus. “There’s no pot at
the end of the rainbow for me” he insists. “I just hope to be doing something that matters in five years …and for me that’s singing.”

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