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Anna Rose
Anna Rose Country Notes 21st September 2007
Andrew, Dheeraj, Dya, Parvyn and Josh at the Blue Skies Festival, near Toronto, Canada.
Parvyn, Josh, Simon and Andrew discovered The Oz Pub in Seattle.
Nothing but blue skies, for Andrew Clermont.
WHEN Tamworth-based Andrew Clermont leaves the Country Music Capital, you can rest assured he’ll come back with multiple passport stamps and loads of adventures to tell you about. Right now, he’s sunning himself like the proverbial lizard on a beach in Mombasa, on the Kenyan coast, having a few days’ R’n’R before returning to the land of Oz.Since he took off a couple of months ago, he’s fiddled and diddled with Dya Singh from Canada’s Rocky Mountains to Orlando, Florida – and all points in between. As the band’s gigs were quite a distance apart, they recruited a driver in wandering Aussie, Simon Harder, who coincidentally, had fulfilled that same role eight years previously.

“Eight years ago Simon was in the right place at the right time and agreed to put his own peculiar life on hold, and amazingly enough, he was ready to do it all again,” Andrew said. Simon met the Dya Singh troupe at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival and dropped them at Vancouver Airport, nine concerts and a couple of thousand miles later, returning the van to Seattle airport and he went back to San Diego to his job as a computer programmer.

Merritt is proud to hold the title of Canada’s Country Music Capital.
Randy Travis is BIG in Merritt, Canada.
Reba McEntire – larger than life, in Merritt, Canada.
On the trip they also discovered the North American answer to Tamworth – Merritt – the Country Music Capital of Canada. Although there was no Big Golden Guitar, Andrew did find immense murals of the stars and Walks of Fame, with various shops sponsoring large plaques of gratitude to the assorted luminaries who frequent their city on an annual basis.

Along the road of song and dance, Andrew met up with former Brisbane-based violinist Joanna Lack, who is now working in San Francisco – twice, in fact, as she turned up in Berlin towards the end of their journey. Andrew spent a week in London with Tamworth’s own Tom Donald, and Armidale’s Gypsy Hot Club fiddle champ, Willow Stahlut-Kemp, and during that time ventured into the recording studio – so stay tuned for news of that release. The troupe met up with Australia’s favourite guitar son, Tommy Emmanuel, at a festival in California, which Andrew said was a unique experience.
A taste of home for Aussies in Seattle.

Lawrie Minson enjoyed his first beer on touchdown in Europe after a long and tiring flight.
“Canadian festivals are a little unique in that they love to present multiple band workshops. For example Dya Singh meets The Bebop Cowboys, or Madagascar Slim meets the Quebec Ska Kings … you get the idea,” he said. If you would like to see firsthand what Andrew was describing, get onto the You Tube website and search for “Dya Singh Nth America Tour”. At the last Tamworth Country Music Festival Supper Club Andrew welcomed The Beez, a very funny and theatrical group from Berlin, as special guests. Two weeks ago Lawrie Minson and Andrew became their special guests at a very retro venue, LUX, in East Berlin.

“The building is a cross between a bunker, machine shop and from the inside, like a huge, darkly-lit hippie bus,” Andrew said. Apparently the Berliners came and filled the place and a had a hoot of a night with the lads from Down Under, No doubt Andrew will have lots more tales to tell upon his arrival back in the CMC.

Starring at The Albert, Tamworth, this weekend - Corn Liquor Band from
A BAND from Brisbane is playing in Tamworth this weekend at the newly renovated Albert in downtown Peel St. Corn Liquor Band, finalists in the 2007 Northern Daily Leader/Bisley Buskers’ Championships, they’re doing a two-night stint (tonight and tomorrow night), bringing their out there style of music south of the border. Leading the troupe is Pete Martini, accompanied by Two Buck Buzzard, Tone Deaf and Des J Johnson. Sound like a nice, normal bunch of boys, don’t they?

And what do they play? Their bio says “Apalachian love songs, mariachi soundtracks, to shotgun weddings, songs about chickens and the growl of 18 wheels over fresh gravel.” But they do come with a warning: “Their music will have your feet doing a crazy Mexican voodoo dance as the spirits take hold. Listen at your own peril. This is dangerous mojo.” There’s nothing quite like promotional material that’s informative and to the point. Venture to The Albert – if you dare. Take a sneak peak at their profile and song samples on www.myspace.com/cornliquorband

Jeremy Edwards and the Dust Radio Band – a must see.
A FESTIVAL favourite who visited Tamworth all too briefly in January was Jeremy Edwards and the Dust Radio Band. They came, they played, they conquered (in other words, sold out of CDs), and as they had no further gigs, left town and returned to Sydney, leaving audiences definitely wanting more. The cluey people at Joe Maguire’s Pub, who gave the band their intro to the Tamworth Festival, have re-booked Jeremy’s band for a week’s worth of gigs in 2008, so mark that down on your festival planning calendar.

The band played at The Rails in Byron Bay on Thursday night and according to the North Coast Musical Appreciation Society, chaired by one Wendy Broome, “it was brilliant”. Wendy reports they have a new CD, Stay Hungry, with not a dud track on it. Apparently from track one you want to get up and dance, so best grab yourself a copy of that one when the opportunity presents itself. In the meantime Jeremy and the lads are doing a couple of gigs this weekend in the Hunter, at sunny downtown Maitland and the ‘Brook. Prince of Wales, Muswellbrook, Saturday night and Grand Junction Hotel, Maitland, at 4pm Sunday. Check them out. You’ll love this band. Visit their website, www.jeremyedwards.com.au 

Simply Bushed – a simply wonderful band.
HERE’S a quick tip for Tamworth punters. Simply Bushed. Simply delightful. Next Saturday night – Tamworth Services Club. See you there. More on this fab outfit in next week’s column. Hooroo.
Anna Rose Country Notes 14th September 2007
Ross Kettle, 2005 Roll of Renown recipient, pictured with good mate, Terry Gordon. Photo: Northern Daily Leader
COUNTRY music singer-songwriter Ross Kettle, part of the highly acclaimed Singing Kettles, died peacefully at his home in outer Sydney on Wednesday, September 12, shortly before 6pm, surrounded by his loving family. Born April 24, 1943, in Launceston, Tasmania, Ross, for many years, had bravely battled several different forms of cancer. His initial diagnosis of nose cancer in 1981 was just the start of his long struggle with health problems, but he didn’t let it stop him doing what he loved best – performing and writing songs.
Although he enjoyed a successful solo career, Ross was possibly best known for his role in “the band of brothers” – the Singing Kettles. Ross’s older brother, Bill, became interested in country music at age 12, and took some guitar lessons from an uncle, with young Ross watching his every move. Naturally gifted with a unique sibling harmony, Bill and Ross won the 7LA Launceston Talent Quest in 1952, where announcer Clive Windmill made a tape recording of their song, and played it each afternoon on air. Later Bill and Ross met Eric Scott, who became owner-operator of Hadley Records in Tamworth. Eric suggested The Singing Kettles consider recording. Hadley’s first output was a Singing Kettles single, Judy I Miss Holding You, released December 1, 1961. Another single followed and in 1963 younger brother Max joined the team and they released their first EP. This outing featured White Silver Sands, which gained quite a deal of airplay across Australia’s eastern states.
The Kettles’ first album release for Hadley was Country Harmony, and nine Hadley albums were to follow, together with single releases such as Toy Telephone and a version of Johnny Ashcroft’s big hit, Little Boy Lost. The Kettles based themselves in Tamworth and continued recording and performing throughout the region and the state. Then in 1969 the brothers were part of an all-Tasmanian contingent to tour Vietnam, presenting 25 shows in 18 days. Little did Ross know at that time just how much this short tour of duty would mean to him later in life. Tragedy struck the trio in 1971 when Max suffered a fatal asthma attack on January 22. He was just 21 years old. Soon after this, Bill and Ross left Tamworth and moved to Sydney, where they continued their act as the original duo. With the move to Sydney came the opportunity of a recording contract with EMI and the release of their most successful album, Kettle Country. They recorded a further two albums with EMI before forming their own independent label, Van Diemen (2) Records.
The Singing Kettles released several albums on this label with many of their own compositions including Maryanne and Living In Darkness, plus songs penned by Laurie Allen and Mick Hamilton – What Amanda Needs, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, and It’s Too Late Now, and a Mike McClellan song, Rock’n’Roll Lady.
The Kettles toured extensively on package shows and with their own travelling country showcase and in 1978 they were inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth. The brothers’ act disbanded in 1988, with Ross turning his talents to a solo career and Bill and his fiancée Kathy Thompson, working as a duo.
Ross was much sought after on the Sydney club and pub scene, and stayed in remission from cancer until December 2002, when it returned to make another assault, attacking his left ear and jaw.
In 2005, the Singing Kettles had an emotional return to Tamworth, where they were awarded Australian country music’s highest accolade, with their elevation to the Roll of Renown. A few months after that highlight, Ross’s health took a downward spiral. He underwent a double hip replacement and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ross recorded two solo albums in 2006 – Words Say It All and All That I Am. In 2007 Ross recorded his final album, Waltz of Life. On this album he was joined by granddaughter Madison on one of his original compositions, Daddy, What If? In recent years, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs came to the fore, assisting Ross and wife Marlene with special accommodation to suit Ross’s medical needs and also medical equipment to make his palliative care more comfortable.
Ross is survived by his loving wife Marlene, and their children Faron, Deanna and Nellette. He was a treasured grandfather of Michael and Madison and a brother to Bill, Tony and the late Max. His funeral service will be conducted at North Chapel, Forest Lawn Crematorium, Camden Valley Way, Leppington at 1pm on Tuesday, September 18.
His Funeral is Tuesday 18th September at leppington Lawn Cemetery @ 1pm.....
Anna Rose Country Notes 7th September 2007
A VERY happy birthday to Hohner Harmonicas, which this weekend celebrates 150 years of manufacturing harmonicas.
Tamworth musician Lawrie Minson plans to be at the big birthday bash this weekend in Trossingen, Germany, where it all began all those years ago by Matthias Hohner.
Not only does Trossingen celebrate 150 years of Hohner this weekend, it also celebrates 150 years of Trossingen as a town of music, and the locals believe this is truly a cause for celebration.
Trossingen natives believe music is a passion that is meant to be shared, and this weekend the town looks back with pride on an exciting history, without losing sight of the future.
As part of the celebrations, they’re attempting to create history by beating Washington’s record of a 1706-strong harmonica orchestra. This record was set in 2005 in Seattle, Washington, USA.
I’m sure Lawrie will be waving the Aussie flag in Trossingen – and no doubt upon his return, we’ll find out if they smashed Washington’s record – or whether just partied on regardless.
The Hohner Harmonica Championships is one of the highlights of the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival. Lawrie’s dad, John (Mr Hoedown) Minson, was the inaugural host of the competition, staged annually by Trish Smits from Kurt Jacob & Co, of Prospect in Sydney.
That company is no new kid on the block either, being established in 1937 by Kurt Jacob, primarily as the agent for Hohner harmonicas and accordions.
Today, under the direction of Jac, Frank and Hans Smits, is remains the agent/distributor for Hohner products.

Capturing the moment: Lawrie Minson, Smoky Dawson and Jimmy Barnes, during the filming of the Homestead Of My Dreams clip
BEFORE Lawrie flew out for Germany, where he planned to catch up with fellow globe-trotting Tamworth muso Andrew Clermont in Berlin, he spent a week in Sydney rehearsing with Lee Kernaghan’s band.
A phone call from filmclip producer Ross Wood put paid to rehearsals for one day, as Ross had a very special project to complete, enlisting Lawrie’s assistance.
The project was the recording of Homestead Of My Dreams, the new Smoky Dawson clip, filmed at Smoky and Dot’s home at Lane Cove. Lawrie and his mate Jimmy Barnes were the cheer squad and spent a fabulous few hours in Smoky’s fine company. No doubt the clip will soon be airing on CMC – so keep an eye out for it.

Muster virgins: Belinda Riley and Michelle Silver, from Tamworth, enjoyed their baptism of mud
Hitching a ride: Getting to the music was quite a feat once the creek rose. 4WDs were the only way across, apart from wading through the water.
WELL it was a muddy old Muster this year in the rainforest at Amamoor, just outside of Gympie. Light rain began falling at the site the weekend before the music began and never let up all week.
By the time the main weekend rolled around, it was swampland, with the road leading into the site closed on the Friday to all traffic bar four-wheel-drives.
Tamworth’s Michelle Silver and Belinda Riley were “Muster virgins“ this year and certainly had a baptism of mud, but it didn’t detract from their fun. They loved dancing in their gumboots!
Fortunately for our two “virgins“, they camped next to a great bunch of fellows, one from Tamworth called Andy, who made their camping experience a lot more pleasurable.
“We pitched our tents when we got there and went off to see the music,“ Michelle said. “Lucky for us, the boys re-pitched our tents after we left, otherwise they would have blown away during the night. We didn’t have a clue how to set up camp, but lucky for us, they did.“
Another Tamworthian who loves the Muster is butcher Brian Penrose. Sadly, Brian didn’t take his mum Marge’s advice and went up there without his gumboots.
Problem was, the starting price for gumboots at the Muster was $20 a pair and by the final Saturday, they peaked at $70 a pair. Now that’s quite a mark-up, isn’t it.
Brian said he got to see quite a few acts he hadn’t caught before, one of which was Tamworth’s own Matt Scullion.
“I travelled all the way to Gympie and I think I enjoyed Mat Scullion’s band the best of all,“ Brian said.“I went to a couple of his gigs. They were great.“
Bar awash: This bar usually had a drinker or two in evidence, but when Michelle went by, it was a “washout”.

Shower trek: It was a long and muddy walk up the hill to the showers.
Enjoy Michelle’s pictures of the Muster, or should that be Mudster. She said she’d be back, probably every second year.
Anna Rose Country Notes 3rd September 2007
Larrikins all three: Marcus Holden, Warren Fahey and Garry Steel - coming to a town near you. Don't miss them.
NEXT weekend in Tamworth esteemed Australian folk and bush music exponent Warren Fahey will present two shows at the Longyard Hotel in the fine company of Marcus Holden and Garry Steel (from The Fiddlers Feast). They’ve titled their tour Warren Fahey and his Larrikin Mates, Beating Around the Bush. It’s quite appropriate really, as Warren was the founder of Larrikin Records – a much respected record label on the scene for more than 20 years. I remember going to the Larrikin 20th anniversary concert at Tamworth Town Hall in 1994. And it’s not only Tamworth that will be treated to a touch of larrikinism with Warren and his mates. They’re touring several north-west centres, and performing at schools as well as concert venues. Their first stop on the tour is Maitland Regional Art Gallery on Friday, September 7 before they roll into the Country Music Capital for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon at The Longyard. Book your tickets by phoning the venue directly on 6765 3411.

Tonight (Monday) they’re in Armidale, Tuesday, Glen Innes, Wednesday, Inverell, Thursday they’re doing school performances in Bingara and Barraba and on Friday, after several school performances in Gunnedah, they will perform that evening at the Civic. Saturday, September 15 will be a delightful show at Bingara’s historic Roxy Theatre. If you’ve never been to the Roxy, do yourself a favour. It’s gorgeous. Besides that, Bingara is my home town and it’s a lovely place to visit – or to live. The Larrikins’ final north-west performance is on Sunday September 16, when they’re doing a lunchtime concert in Barraba at the Playhouse Theatre (the old hotel, owned and operated by Andrew Sharp). Warren draws his inspiration from the old bush singers of the pioneering 19th century. His repertoire is a fascinating swag of convict transportation ballads, early settlers’ stories, gold rush ditties, shearing and droving songs, railway chants, sea songs, army bawdy ballads and songs from the Great Depression. He also sings children’s playground rhymes, recites bush poetry and tells leg-pulling yarns. If there’s a nostalgia button in the human body, Warren Fahey knows just where it is – and how to press it. Don’t miss this fabulous show when it comes to your town. It’s guaranteed to be a beauty. When you’ve got some fancy fiddling and accordion playing by Marcus and Garry thrown in – it’s sheer bliss.

New generation balladeer: Amos Morris is a young man with one eye on tradition and the other firmly towards his shining future. Photo: John Elliott.
THERE’S always lots happening in the world of country music – and lots in the Country Music Capital with an extra special CD launch on the weekend. Nineteen-year-old Amos Morris, who has been signed to Joy McKean and the late Slim Dusty’s Nulla Records label, returned to one of his favourite venues, Des and Joyce Gilfillan’s Oasis Hotel, on Saturday night to launch his second album – the first on the new label. Sign of the Times was launched in the muddy setting of the Toyota National Country Music Muster, but I reckon this Tamworth launch had to feel pretty special for young Amos. The Oasis is the home in Tamworth of the bush balladeers and that’s where this young bloke’s heart is, just like the man he never met who was to have such a profound influence on his life and career. No. Amos never did get to meet Slim, but when Joy spotted him singing at the Hats Off to Country Festival in Tamworth in 2004 she was immediately captivated by his natural style. Since then she has had a guiding hand in his career. Have a look at the words to track two on the album, Follow in the Footsteps, penned by Amos.

“We both headed off from Kempsey, nearly 60 years apart,
Like him, the songs I sing, old mate, they come straight from the heart,
To me he was Australia and I’ll sing his songs out loud,
As I play to all his people, the true blue country crowd.”

If that doesn’t tell you where this fella’s heading, nothing will. Amos first heard Slim’s music before he hit his teen years, when Slim released Looking Forward Looking Back. He immediately bought the disc and faithfully learnt every song, word for word, note for note. In May this year, Joy invited Amos, his mother Juli, and grandmother, to visit and put the proposal to him for an album deal with Nulla Records. Not long after that, the young bloke found himself in Slim’s Columbia Lane studio, recording his debut Nulla Records disc with The Travelling Country Band, and Slim’s daughter Anne Kirkpatrick in the producer’s chair. Amos has a new website where you can read more about him,
www.amosmorris.com . The first time I heard Amos sing at Tamworth Town Hall I moved was to tears. He continues to bring me undone every time I hear him. There’s something very special about Amos Morris.
Click here Amos Morris Artist Report

Doin' great, thanks: Adam Harvey and his beautiful Miss Kathy.
LAST week the Victorian Variety Bash came through Tamworth en route to their final destination of Byron Bay. Joining the contingent for the Tamworth leg was lanky country star Adam Harvey and his all-star band. The big fella put on a great show for the Bashers on Wednesday night in Blazes showroom at Wests. Adam’s new Sony-BMG album, I’m Doin’ Alright, is due for release on September 22. Someone Else’s Dream is the first single and it’s being heard on radio stations all over the country. It’s one of nine songs on the disc that Adam had a hand in writing. “There’s a lot of heart in this new album and I’m really happy with it,” Adam said. “Mind you, it probably wouldn’t be an Adam Harvey album without one or two funny songs, so they’re there too,” Adam said. “One I wrote with Kevin Bloody Wilson called There’s A Genie at the Bottom of a Jim Beam Bottle, is a real hoot, and another one about a Saturday night party at the Harveys tells it like it is. Miss Kathy reckons our reputation will be shot to bits once this one gets out.”
Click here Adam Harvey Artist Report
Anna Rose Country Notes 24th August 2007
He loves a laugh: Funny song title #100 was recorded by Adam Harvey on his Workin’ Overtime album. The song was written by R Hardison/B Kennedy. He’s pictured here with his Tamworth girlfriends – Judy Walmsley and Dorothy Bowden.
REGULAR Country Music Notes reader, Frank Williams, from Werris Creek, recalled a column I wrote a couple of years back with 17 Funny Country Song Titles. Frank was keen to get a copy of those songs, so I have gone one better, or should that be 83 better, and compiled a list of 100. From what I have read and researched, these are songs that were actually recorded. I have heard quite a few of them. How many do you know?
1. Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth Cause I'm Kissing You Good-bye.
2. I Don't Know Whether To Kill Myself or Go Bowling.
3. If I Can't Be Number One In Your Life, Then Number Two On You.
4.I Sold A Car To A Guy Who Stole My Girl, But It Don't Run So We're Even.
5. Mama Get A Hammer (There's A Fly On Daddy's Head).
6. If The Phone Don't Ring, You'll Know It's Me.
7. She's Actin' Single and I'm Drinkin' Doubles.
8. How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away.
9. I Keep Forgettin' I Forgot About You.
10. I Liked You Better Before I Knew You So Well.
11. I Still Miss You Baby, But My Aim's Gettin' Better.
12. I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dog Fight, Cause I'm Afraid She'd Win.
13. I'll Marry You Tomorrow, But Let's Honeymoon Tonight.
14. I'm So Miserable Without You; It's Like Having You Here.
15. I've Got Tears In My Ears From Lying On My Back Cryin' Over You.
16. If I Had Shot You When I Wanted To, I'd Be Out By Now.
17. My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, And I Don't Love You.
18. My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend and I Sure Do Miss Him.
19. Please Bypass My Heart.
20. She Got The Ring and I Got The Finger.
21. You Done Tore Out My Heart and Stomped That Sucker Flat.
22. You're the Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly.
23. Her Teeth Were Stained, But Her Heart Was Pure.
24. Are You On The Top 40 of The Lord?.
25. I Ain't Never Gone To Bed With An Ugly Woman, But I Sure Woke Up With a Few.
26. All I Want From You (Is Away).
27. All My Exes Live in Texas.
28. All The Guys That Me On Turn Me Down.
29. Am I Double Parked by the Curbstone of Your Heart?
30. Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You.
31. At The Gas Station of Love I Got The Self Service Pump.
32. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, But Ugly Goes Clean To The Bone.
33. Billy Broke My Heart at Walgreens and I Cried All the Way to Sears.
34. Bubba Shot The Jukebox.
35. Bubba’s Inconvenience Store.
36. Come Out of the Wheatfield Nellie, You’re Going Against The Grain.
37. Cow Cow Boogie (Moo Moo My Love).
38. Cow Cow Strut.
39. Did I Shave My Legs For This?
40. Don’t Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You.
41. Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ With Lovin’ On Your Mind.
42. Don’t Give Me A Plastic Saddle ‘Cause I Want To Feel That Leather When I Ride.
43. Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me.
44. Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goal Posts of Life.
45. Four on the Floor and a Fifth Under the Seat.
46. Get Off The Stove, Grandma, You're Too Old To Ride The Range.
47. Get Off The Table, Mabel (The Two Dollars is for the Beer).
48. Get Your Biscuits In The Oven, And Your Buns In The Bed.
49. Guess My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Heart.
50. He’s Got A Way With Women … And He’s Just Got Away With Mine.
51. Her Only Bad Habit Is Me.
52. Here’s A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares).
53. He Went To Sleep and The Hogs Ate Him (Now Claude’s Gone Forever).
54. High Cost of Low Living.
55. Hog Sloppin’ Time in the Hollow.
56. Hold On To Your Men ‘Cause She’s Single Again.
57. How Can You Believe Me When I Say I Love You, When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life?
58. How Come My Dog Don't Bark (When You Come Around?)
59. How Come Your Dog Don’t Bite Nobody But Me?
60. I Bought The Shoes That Just Walked Out On Me.
61. I Can’t Pass the Bar, And There’s One On My Way Home.
62. I Changed Her Oil, She Changed My Life.
63. I Don't Care if it Rains or Freezes 'Long As I Have My Plastic Jesus Sittin' on the Dashboard of my Car.
64. I Fell for Her, She Fell for Him, and He Fell for Me.
65. I Flushed You From The Toilets Of My Heart
66. I Gave Her My Heart And A Diamond And She Clubbed Me With A Spade.
67. I Got Tears In My Ears From Lying On My Bed Crying On My Pillow Over You.
68. I Keep Forgettin' I Forgot About You.
69. I Only Miss You On The Days That End In "Y".
70. I Sent Her Artificial Flowers For Her Artificial Love.
71. I Spent My Last Ten Dollars on Birth Control and Beer.
72. I Want a Beer as Cold as My Ex-Wife's Heart.
73. I Wanted You To Leave Until You Left Me.
74. I Wanna Be A Blue Light Special In The K Mart Of Your Heart.
75. I Went Back to My Fourth Wife for the Third Time and Gave Her a Second Chance to Make a First Class Fool Out of Me.
76. I Went Out On A Limb and Fell Off the Family Tree.
77. I Wish I Were A Woman (So I Could Go Out With A Guy Like Me).
78. I'd Rather Pass a Kidney Stone than Another Night With You.
79. If I'd Killed You When I Wanted To, I'd be Out of Jail By Now.
80. If My Nose Was Running Money, Honey, I'd Blow It All On You.
81. If the Devil Danced in Empty Pockets, He'd Have a Ball in Mine.
82. If The Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me.
83. If Today Was a Fish, I'd Throw It Back In.
84. If You Can’t Be Good, Be Bad With Me.
85. If You Can't Bite, Don't Growl.
86. If Whiskey Were A Woman, I'd Be Married For Sure.
87. I'm Drinkin’ Christmas Dinner (All Alone This Year).
88. I’m Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home.
89. I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I'm Gonna be a Diamond Someday).
90. I'm The Only Hell Mama Ever Raised.
91. I Would Kiss You Through the Screen Door But It'd Strain Our Love.
92. Let's Do Something Cheap and Superficial.
93. My Give-A-Damn's Busted.
94. She Got The Goldmine and I Got The Shaft.
95. She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.
96. Thanks To The Cathouse, I’m in the Doghouse With You.
97. Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw.
98. If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me.
99. She’s Lookin’ Better After Every Beer.
100. Beauty’s In The Eye Of The Beer Holder.
Anna Rose Country Notes 17th August 2007
Take it easy: Mary Duff sat back and relaxed to deliver some of her songs on Wednesday night.
IRISH entertainer Mary Duff and her five-piece band performed at Tamworth Town Hall on Wednesday night, the fifth date on her Australasian tour.
For the first half Mary played folk songs of Ireland, and old favourites, and showed her country style after interval, with several costume changes throughout the night. While Mary changed outfits the audience was ably entertained by her hot band. I managed to grab a couple of shots of Mary singing and also drummer-percussionist Nigel Connell, while doing a handy balancing act over the top balcony. Tricky, that. While Mary and the band are in Australia, promoted by the Gordon-Stahl organisation (that’s Gold Coast promoters Terry and Bernie who are regular visitors to Tamworth), they will play NSW dates at several Sydney clubs, then on to Erindale, Griffith and Barooga, before heading further south to Frankston, Warragul, Geelong and winding up at Albury on August 30. They cross the Tasman for eight shows in New Zealand, concluding on September 10. If you’d like to know more about Mary visit her website, www.maryduff.co.uk
Multi-tasker: Mary Duff’s drummer-percussionist Nigel Connell was a great singer and delivered the goods with style.
Guitarist Mickey McCarney was pretty handy with the axe too.

WEDNESDAY night after Mary’s show, we popped in to The Vault, where Tamworth singer-songwriter Matt Scullion was performing for a room full of Charolais breeders and enthusiasts. The Vault proprietor Colin Baker said they’d had a stack of great live music in recent weeks at the former ANZ bank building in Peel St. Lawrie Minson’s Songwriters’ Night last Wednesday was a huge one, and due to various functions and special events, more live music was called for – so Col delivered. Matt took the opportunity to test drive a couple of brand new songs, one of which he’s written with Jasper Collie (Jonah’s Road) and the other with Allan Caswell. Both were absolute beauties. Matt’s an awesome songwriter, as I was informed during the week by one of his big fans, Steve Forde, who fronts The Flange. Steve doesn’t co-write a lot, but when he does, he chooses to write with Matt, who he says will have a huge future in Australian country music with his way with words.

Host with the most: Colin Baker is flanked by two lovely ladies – Beryl Brown
and her daughter, Cheryl Byrnes, at The Vault.
LAST Saturday night in Tamworth a legend performed in Legends Bar at Wests – the one and only Tassie devil, Gina Timms. Gina had been in town since mid-week recording her new EP, which is due for release at that same venue on Gina’s 40th birthday – Saturday, January 19, 2008. The six tracks were laid down at John Lee’s Fat Tracks Studio, at Moore Creek. What a superb setting in which to record. When you need to get out of the studio, walk out the front door and you’re met with the most superb mountain views.
It certainly is a pretty spot to while away the hours. Don’t know how they get any work done in that when you’ve got such a great view outside to sit and enjoy. Gina cut three originals, and three covers. She was originally only putting down five tracks, but with the professional team she enlisted in the studio – Tamworth musos Dave (Stix) Adams, Rob Brown and Rusty Crook, and from Parkes, Mick Green, the tracks went down with ease so they threw in another original of Gina’s. By week’s end the boys were red hot and revved up for their gig in Legends Bar as Gina Timms and The Rockerfellas. Three great vocalists out front – Gina, Aaron Bolton and Nicole Geddes – and one super hot band, augmented by Mick Green, who just couldn’t stay away.
Gina’s boys: Rusty Crook, Rob Brown, Mick Green, John (Fatman) Lee and Dave (Stix) Adams,
pictured with Gina Timms at picturesque Moore Creek.
All photos: Anna Rose
Anna Rose Country Notes 10th August 2007
Michael Muchow's band gig at the Toyota National Country Music Muster will be a beauty.
SUPERB Brisbane-based singer, songwriter and guitar slinger Michael Muchow will head to the fabulous Gympie Muster in two weeks’ time, presenting his own show in the Wine Bar at 11am Sunday, August 26. Michael will be showcasing his new self-titled CD, with six all original tracks. All songs were co-written by Michael, with writing partners such as Glen Moffatt (on Sandra); Kevin Bennett (Your Fool, We Were Wrong and Serve You Well) and Bill Chambers assisted with two songs – Killing Floor and I Don’t Need You. When I first got hold of Michael’s CD, I put it straight on the player in the car. I’ve been a major MM fan for years, ever since I judged him in the Aristocrat Country Entertainer of the Year when he was a little tacker. He was something special back then and has matured into a wonderful performer and entertainer. While I was scooting around Tamworth enjoying the six-tracker, I had a passenger who was pretty impressed with the sound, so I gave him the CD. It was Bap Kennedy, from Ireland. I thought Bap should take home some great Australian country. Then I had to replace my copy, but it was worth it.
In recent years it’s been great to see Michael as part of Bill Chambers’ band, along with Chris Haig and BJ Barker, and Bill has no hesitation in showcasing Michael’s talents to the world. Bill has long been a champion of up and coming talent. When Michael takes centre stage at the Wine Bar at Gympie this year he will have James Gillard and Scotty Hills behind him – two not so shabby players! “I’m really excited to be playing with such fantastic musicians and to be performing my own gig this year,” Michael said. If you’re heading to the Muster, don’t miss Michael’s gig on Sunday morning. It will be a beauty. And don’t forget to take home that great little six-tracker. It’s still on high rotation around my place. Check out Michael’s myspace site, by visiting:  
Click here Michael's Artist Report Page     www.myspace.com/michaelmuchowmusic

MELBOURNE has been spoilt for far too long, having the luxury of Nu Country TV all to itself. Now this wonderful program is spreading to Queensland next weekend. The show debuts on Channel 31 in Brisbane on Friday, August 17 at 9.30pm and is repeated on Saturdays at 9.30am. Channel 31 in Queensland will reach back to series one, created in the spring of 2003, as its entrée. It will then use more recent episodes of the show, brainchild of celebrated Melbourne actor and voiceover maestro, Peter Hosking. Nu Country TV, enjoying its eighth series on Channel 31 in Victoria, is set to make a big impact in Queensland, where country music’s popularity is spread by commercial and community radio exposure and a healthy festival circuit. If you’d like to find out more about Nu Country TV, visit the website, www.nucountry.com.au . While you’re there, check out staff writer Dave Dawson’s regular columns. He’s one of the best writers in the business – and very entertaining with his broad knowledge of all things country (and western).

Danny Mack has made the move north to Brisbane. Click here Danny Mack Artist Report Page
HAD a call from the Cement City Cowboy during the week. Danny Mack, a Canadian native, now resident in the Land of Oz, has made the move from the chilly climes of Canberra and followed Graeme Connors’ advice by moving a little further north (to sunny Brisbane). After unpacking and settling in, Danny will concentrate on getting to know the local music scene, while his lovely wife Bonnie sets about solving Brisbane’s IT worries. Bonnie is an IT whiz, so with Danny’s musical talents and Bonnie’s IT skills, Canberra’s loss is definitely Brisbane’s gain.

No wonder he's smiling. Who would have thought Graeme Connors would team with The Fiddlers Feast to create such a fabulously surprising album?
I MENTIONED Graeme Connors in the previous piece, possibly because the man has been on my mind this week, ever since John Elliott breezed through the Country Music Capital on Tuesday. John hand delivered a delightful surprise in the form of a CD featuring Graeme Connors and Fiddlers Feast! What a gorgeous combination. I couldn’t wait to put the disc into my CD player and give it a whirl. Graeme’s vocals blended beautifully with the fabulous fiddling outfit in a recording that took place in December 2006 at The Whitehouse Studios in the NSW Southern Highlands.
The project was the brainchild of producer Andrew Richardson and the five-day session reunited Graeme, Andrew and Keith Walker, the legendary studio engineer whom Graeme had last met in Nashville in 1993 when he recorded The Return (my favourite GC album). The Whitehouse Studios is a live-in retreat in the hills overlooking Bowral, in a most beautiful part of the world, south of Sydney. The spectacular surroundings and low pressure environment proved perfect, bringing out the best in Graeme and the band. Just wait ‘til you hear it. It’s something quite special.  Click here Graeme Connors Artist Report Page

The voice is back in town - Gina Timms - a legend returns to Legends.
DON’T forget the gig of the week – Legends Bar at Wests, 8pm tomorrow, when Tamworth’s fabulous Rockerfellas team with the legendary Gina Timms for a great night of free entertainment. Three awesome vocalists – Gina, Nicole Geddes and Aaron Bolton, together with the musical talents of Dave “Stix” Adams, Rob Brown, Rusty Crook and all the way from Parkes, the delightful Mick Green, playing anything he fancies – he’s a clever bugger. Then to top it all off, your listening pleasure will be enhanced by the gorgeous Peter Scott on the sound desk. What more could a person ask for? Fabulous band. Great sound. Awesome singers. Where else would you be?  Click here Gin's Artist Report Page
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