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Sherrie Austin
Sherrie with Will Rambeaux
Jace Everitt, Sherrie and Will Rambeaux
Photos and Report courtesy of Dianne Moore from Atlanta, GA.
Sherrie played in the "Secrets of the Heart" series at the
Saffire restaurant, located at The Factory in Franklin, TN on January
12, 2003.  This show was an acoustic, in-the-round style performance
that also featured co-writer, Will Rambeaux, as well as new and
developing artist/songwriter, Jace Everitt.  Sherrie used the small,
intimate audience setting to try out a number of new songs that she's
been working on, including: "Don't Let A Sleeping Dog Lie," "Ride'm
Cowgirl," "This Town Is That Small," "Fools Like Us," and a really
awesome piece of writing called, "Streets Of Heaven."  She also
played a few old favorites, such as "Put Your Heart Into It,"
Somethin' Missin' In The Kissin'," and "Lucky In Love." 

     In talking to her after the performance (so this is straight
from the 'proverbial horse's mouth'), she said that she'd recently
signed to the new BBR label (whose roster also includes Chad Brock),
and is hoping to have a new CD (tentatively entitled "Ride'm
Cowgirl") out around March or April of this year in the States.  She
said they expected the first single to be "Streets Of Heaven" (which
is a great choice, as it's a very touching, well-written, and
heart-wrenching kind of ballad.)  Will Rambeaux also made mention of
an effort to get Sherrie playing out more often, in these type of
"songwriter's night" settings, in anticipation of this new release.
Hopefully, once this new release is out, she'll be back out on the
road promoting with full length concerts.
Sherrie Austin recently performed at the Fitzgerald's Casino in
Tunica, Mississippi on September 14, 2002.  With this casino's theme
being "The Luck of the Irish," her show was a free event for fans as
part of a special "Halfway to St. Patrick's Day" celebration.  Her
set consisted of all the traditional Sherrie Austin favorites, such as "Lucky in
Love," "Jolene," and "Never Been Kissed."
Sherrie is starting to do a few tour dates here and there, while she gets set
up with her new management company.  So, perhaps one of these days
soon, she'll have more going on again.  Her official website is
beginning to post some updates a little at a time, including a letter
from Sherrie to the fans, the link is just: http://www.sherrieaustin.com

Sherrie at 2002 Fan Fair 
(Photo courtesy of Dianne Moore from Atlanta, GA.)
Photo courtesy Dianne Moore from Atlanta, GA.

Photos and Review written by Dianne Moore from Atlanta, GA.

Sherrie Austin played a lively 7-song set for Fan Fair 2002, at the
Greased Lightning Riverfront Park Stages, on June 13th.  Her song
list included recent hits such as "Jolene" and "Goin' Goin' Gone"
...as well as older favorites, like "Never Been Kissed" and "Lucky In
Love."  She also did a red-hot version of one of her newer
crowd-pleasers; a cover version of the old Aretha Franklin tune, "Son
Of A Preacherman."   After her set, Sherrie greeted her fans and
signed autographs by the backstage fence.  Her other Fan Fair events
for the festival include a public Q&A session at the historic Ryman
Auditorium on June 13th, as well as a 2-hour Meet & Greet/autograph
session at the Tower Records inside of the Nashville Convention
Center on June 16th.
"In The Meantime"
Sherrie has released "In The Meantime" and it looks like it could make it in the airplay charts (with a little bit luck) in
Germany. The only country music titles, I can think of, who made in in the airplay charts in Germany within the last 12 month were Faith Hill
"There You'll Be", LeAnn Rimes "Can't fight the moonlight" and Lonestar's "Amazed".   
 To order the CD go to 
Under "amazon.de" , because the link brings you 
directly to Sherrié's CD.
Photo and Review written by Dianne Moore from Atlanta, GA.
For more information about Sherrie and her music, please visit:


Excerpt from "Country Music Live" magazine
Sherrie Austin went to Nashville with the dream of being a songwriter.  Her first two albums earned her artistic credibility as both a songwriter and a performer.    Now, with a new album on a new label  Austin displays her talents with a renewed energy and focus.  
Followin' a feelin' Austin's latest offering, and her first on WE Records, is the result of a year of introspection and 
self- examination. Austin probed the depth of her emotion to co-write nine of the 10 songs in the collection. The themes are familiar ones, touching on life, love and broken hearts, but she gives them a unique touch. What makes this CD truly special, though is Austin's vocal versatility. She changes personas with the greatest of ease, switching from contented companion to country siren to a woman wronged. Producer Will Rambeaux wisely lets Austin's considerable vocal gifts establish the mood in the arrangements. 

Sherrié Austin - Followin' A Feelin'

Release Date: March 20, 2001, WE Records Produced by Will Rambeaux 
Reviewed by Jim Jones, CountryCharts.com
Since leaving Arista Records, Sherrié Austin has been "Followin' A Feelin'." Even though her previous two efforts Words and 
Love In The Real World were great successes, she had reached a crossroad where she felt she needed to regroup and decide
which fork in the road she wanted to follow.    Pursued by several major labels, she decided to partner with her publisher 
Ree Guyer Buchanan to form WE Records a new Independent Label in Nashville.  At WE, Sherrié Austin has had the opportunity
this past year to immerse herself in her first love, songwriting. As a result  Followin' A Feelin' was born. 
Through Followin' A Feelin', you have the opportunity to hear the true Sherrié Austin with nine of the ten songs on the CD flowing from
her pen. The title cut Followin' A Feelin'  encapsulates her mind set the last twelve months. "The verses in the title track say 
exactly what was going on  in my head.  You've got to let stuff go, get over stuff, make new plans when the old ones don't work out. 
Most of all you've just got to follow your deepest feelings." 
Being on an independent label has given Austin the freedom to create an amazingly diverse CD.  More traditional country than her 
first two CD's,  Somethin' Missin' in the Kissin', and Goin', Goin', Gone will satisfy all the country purists out there while her Aussie
sassyness still shines thru in In Our Own Sweet Time There is really something for everyone here. The first single released is her 
own version of Dolly Parton's hit Jolene.  Recently,  Dolly Parton surprised Sherrié with a personal note complementing her on
her voice and the rewrite.   "I was thrilled and so honored to receive such a sweet letter from Dolly...Getting her blessing
means the world to me!" video is currently playing on CMT and GAC, so be sure to look for it.   Sherrié Austin's growth as a talented 
songwriter and artist continues. She demonstrates a wider vocal range here than in her previous efforts along with a maturity that 
perhaps had been suppressed by industry molds and the restrictions of being with a major label.  She has climbe outside the
 "Nashville Box" and we finally hear the real Sherrié Austin, much to our gain.  Ree Guyer Buchanan of WE Records hit the nail on
the head when she  said "People want real...I've always believed in doing things differently; when everyone is going right, I want
to go left. " She has allowed Sherrié Austin  the artistic freedom to create and produce a CD that allows Austin to let her creative
talent shine though,  rather than something produced to fit a marketing mold. Sherrié Austin took the left fork at the crossroad, and
when you hear this CD, you will agree it was the RIGHT one to take. Not only is she beautiful, and a brilliant songwriter/artist, she has 
the guts to take chances, and step outside the box. Smart move Sherrié, you have a winner here!  Folks, if you want REAL, this is it. 
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