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  2007 Hats Off Tamworth
5th - 8th July 2007
Bill Chambers
Photos Courtesy of Anna Rose
It was a full house, with standing room only, at The Pub Saturday afternoon
when Bill Chambers, BJ Barker (obscured), Chris Haig and Michael Muchow took
the stage. 

Billy-Bob was in fine form on Saturday for his packed out gig at The Pub

With all those pedals to push, how could Bill know which one to stomp on?
Amber Lawrence, whose debut album was released that day, was Bill's first
guest on Saturday
Katrina sang two songs - her own composition, Perfect, and Joni Mitchell's
Big Yellow Taxi
As well as being an awesome host, Bill Chambers is a great guitar strap
adjuster too, according to guest #2, Katrina Burgoyne
Lou Bradley was dressed for comfort - and warmth. Those green bloomers made
quite an impression on the audience at The Pub. Her songs were pretty
awesome too.
Guest #3 Lou Bradley was another client of Bill Chambers, guitar strap
adjuster extraordinaire

Everybody loves the beautiful bass playing of Chris Haig  -
BJ Barker is one of the best drummers around - and I even managed to grab
this rare pic, with nobody standing in front of him! Alas, the life of a
drummer is not an easy one ...
Bill started a 'feeding frenzy' when he gave away a box full of Bill
Chambers caps.
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