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EWOB 2009 FESTIVAL: Check out this year's terrific program at www.ewob.eu

The concert program and workshop schedule for the European World of Bluegrass Festival 2009 - the 12th annual EWOB Festival - are online now! We have a wonderful lineup of artists from the USA, Canada, and all over Europe that you won't want to miss. The EWOB Festival takes place as always in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands - this year on Thursday-Friday-Saturday, May 21-22-23.

If you haven't visited the new EWOB Festival website, drop in ASAP! You can hear audio clips from all 48 tracks of the 10 YEARS OF EWOB double CD, read all about our unique event, and fall in love with European bluegrass. Please sign our Guestbook!

European promoters: We have 42 great bands in Holland in late May, both American and European, many of whom are available and looking for any extra work in the dates around the EWOB Festival. If you can offer a job to a good bluegrass band, duo, etc., please contact us right away. (You can simply reply to this email.) It's an excellent opportunity for you to hire musicians who normally live too far away. Perhaps there are some folks who would like music for a private party or event - don't miss the chance to invite someone really special! If you are located far from Holland, you can look for bands that might be traveling near you on their way to or from the EWOB Festival. You can see where the artists are from and visit their websites by clicking their names in the EWOB Festival 2009 program

10 YEARS OF EUROPEAN WORLD OF BLUEGRASS - 2-CD set from Strictly Country Records

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border 10 YRS EWOB 2-in100pi.jpg• Great radio airplay continues worldwide! As we told you in our last newsletter, 10 YEARS OF EWOB was the only bluegrass CD to make the Top Ten Albums of 2008 for airplay on bluegrass/folk radio! We are delighted to report that excellent airplay continues around the world. Handmade radio and its faithful listeners have discovered European bluegrass, and they like what they hear!
10 YEARS OF EWOB is available from CD Baby and the better CD sellers online. If you live in Europe, please buy direct from the label by emailing us (scr@pietergroenveld.com).
Win a free 10 YEARS OF EWOB double CD (or EWOB CD of your choice) by simply identifying the Mystery Mandolin Player on the EWOB Festival website. Who is the man in the hat? No one has guessed it yet! www.ewob.eu
European bluegrass bands: If you are interested in getting your own CDs played on great radio shows in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia, please reply to this email and send us your contact info. We are getting many requests from DJs around the world for more of your music. 
DJs and PRESS: If you have not received a copy of 10 YEARS OF EWOB, please contact us!

"I knew bluegrass had a strong following in Europe but the talent on this album just blew me away. I guess I expected a European flavour to dominate the sound, but instead I found a vibrant and arousing collection of tunes that are a must-play for any bluegrass and indeed any music lover. 10 Years of EWOB has to be one of the top albums. It certainly has been well received by our listeners."
~ Maurice Kurtz, Bluegrass Territory, Valley FM, Victoria, Australia

"Congratulations to EWOB and the European bluegrass bands and fans for their great success in bring bluegrass music into full bloom in Europe. If Bill Monroe were alive, he would be very proud of you." ~ Dan Crary on 10 YEARS OF EWOB

Coming soon from Strictly Country Records:

Are we running late with our springtime releases? Yes, we are. Life has a way of slowing things down sometimes and we are indeed running a few weeks behind schedule. Sorry to keep you waiting. However, THE STORM and our beautiful live Jonathan Edwards solo CD "Rollin' Along" (below) will be in the mail ASAP. Can we send you some wonderful music soon? Yes, we can! 

THE STORM: Liz Meyer with Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Emmylou Harris, Stuart Duncan, Ron Block, Rob Ickes, Glen Duncan, Byron House, Kenny Malone, Mark Johnson, Shad Cobb

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The Storm -72dpi copy.jpg• Some of the world's greatest musicians come together in a rare session to back these original songs by award-winning singer-songwriter Liz Meyer, plus an instrumental romp up "Katy Hill."
is available from CD Baby and the better CD sellers online. If you live in Europe, please buy direct from the label by emailing us (scr@pietergroenveld.com).
• DJs & Press: Contact us to receive your airplay/review copy of THE STORM! (If you've been in touch with Liz, you're on the list already.)

"Delicious backup, but it is Meyer who is in complete control here, delivering a batch of intriguing originals, each one an effective vehicle for her distinctively husky voice."
David Royko, Chicago Tribune

"Honesty and passion. These are the hallmarks of any great music. These are also the qualities that stand out in Liz's work as a writer and performer. The world could use a whole lot more of what Liz has got." ~ David Olney

At last, a beautiful new CD from JONATHAN EDWARDS:

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JEcover2.5in-75dpi-WEB.jpgROLLIN' ALONG: Well worth the wait, 20 gorgeous solo tracks recorded live in Holland by one of the world's most wonderful singers. Produced by Liz Meyer.
JONATHAN EDWARDS "Rollin' Along" is available from CD Baby and the better CD sellers online. If you live in Europe, please buy direct from the label by emailing us (scr@pietergroenveld.com).
DJs & Press: Contact us to receive your airplay/review copy of Rollin' Along! (If you've been in touch with Liz Meyer, you're on the list already.)
For bookings, contact Northern Lights Management (nlightsmgt@aol.com)

"Jonathan Edwards has the soul of a poet, the heart of a troubadour, and the voice of an angel."
~ Liz Meyer

"The perfect cure for depression." ~ Cashbox


Thanks again to the Thirsty Lizards for wonderful website work! They've been working hard rebuilding the EWOB Festival website, and are also responsible for Jonathan Edwards' excellent site. Soon they'll build a new website for Liz Meyer as well. Can't wait!

Thanks also for your thoughtful cards and messages. Liz is recuperating slowly from severe back injuries and hopes to be out and about by summertime. She appreciates hearing from you and is doing her best to keep up with email.

Join the European Bluegrass Music Association

The Davidson Brothers
Tuesday night of the festival, they managed to win the Barry Thornton Memorial Instrumental Award for the same track at the 2009 TIARA (Tamworth Independent Artist Recognition Association) Awards held at the Capital Theatre.

To round out the festival Hamish took out his first Australian National Bluegrass Championship on the Banjo and Lachlan won the Mandolin championship for the second year running. They managed to compete in the championships despite it being held during their breakfast show, with help from various drivers to make several trips back and forward across town.

The latest album has 7 finalist nominations at the 2009 Victorian & Country Music Awards which we be announced on Friday the 6th of February as a part of the Whittlesea Country Music Festival.

CALLING ALL BLUEGRASS-RELATED BANDS, from EUROPE, USA, CANADA, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! We want to see your band on the EWOB Festival stage! Please be so kind as to pass this message on to your own mailing lists and musician friends:
Band applications for the European World of Bluegrass Festival 2009 end 20 November!
Don't miss EWOB 2009! Apply now!
Festival dates: May 21-22-23
Your band can perform for festival bookers, agents, concert promoters, radio DJs, and music press from all over Europe! (And a wonderful bluegrass audience too!)
Your band can compete for the European Bluegrass Band Awards!
"You gotta be in it to win it!"
You can VOTE for the winning bands! Remember, only the musicians playing at the EWOB Festival vote for these awards!
The #1 European Bluegrass Band goes to Nashville to showcase at IBMA the following October!
You can cast a vote of pride in European bluegrass!
Join us at the European World of Bluegrass Festival 2009!
Band applications are on the EWOB Festival website: www.ewob.eu
(And we will launch a brand-new, fantastic festival website in a few days, too!)
EWOB 2009 will be the the 12th European World of Bluegrass Festival held in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands, and is organized under the auspices of the European Bluegrass Music Association (www.ebma.org).
Have you heard our wonderful double CD?
Did you know that European bluegrass hit #1 on the Folk Radio charts in the USA this spring?

10 YEARS OF EUROPEAN WORLD OF BLUEGRASS is a great way to tell your friends about EWOB and the wonderful music there: let them hear the best of 10 years of EWOB Festival recordings! They won't want to miss the EWOB Festival!
And it's a great way to support European bluegrass!
FOR YOU AMERICAN BANDS, a thriving European bluegrass scene creates a strong market for touring US bluegrass bands and companies that would like to come over and earn some Euros! We're all in this together.
And you should hear what your fellow bluegrassers are up to on the other side of the puddle!
Read more:
"The festival to end all festivals, on an outstanding 2-disc set."
~ Maria Morgan Davis, Lonesome Road Review & Bluegrass Now
Strictly Country Records/ Strictly Music
PO Box 628
2130 AP Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
www.lizmeyer.com (new website in December!)
America and Europe join hands: 48 BANDS ~ 15 LANDS
Produced by Liz Meyer for Strictly Country Records
The #1 CD on Folk Radio in the USA & Canada: April 2008
CD Baby www.cdbaby.com/cd/10yearsewob  
EUROPEAN ORDERS www.strictlycountryrecords.com
This remarkable collection adds a significant new chapter to bluegrass history, and a wealth of excellent music in many styles. "10 Years of European Bluegrass" is certainly destined to become to European bluegrass what "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" is to American bluegrass. This vision is clearly shared by radio and press.” ~ Hilary Bean, Roots & Sprouts, Germany
"A fabulous collection showcasing incredible talent and commitment to traditional bluegrass. The most pleasant surprise is the high level of musicianship evident in the European bands. These musicians have done their homework and they clearly demonstrate a remarkable ability to understand and play the subtle fundamentals of a complex music born so many miles from their home." ~ Bob Mitchell, Louisville Music News, Kentucky, 5-star review; Best of Bluegrass, Radio Bluegrass International, WFPK-FM, Louisville, Kentucky
“The compilation is nothing short of awesome, mixing the European and American bluegrass families to give the world this most complete ‘taste’ of the bluegrass genre."
~ R.W. Shamy, TwangCast Media, Georgetown, Texas

"Maybe world peace can start with a banjo intro." ~ Liz Meyer

European World of Bluegrass Festival 2009
May 21-22-23, 2009
The Netherlands
The European World of Bluegrass Festival is the only
European festival ever to be honored with the IBMA
"Bluegrass Event of the Year" Award.
The Grand Ole Opry will present a tribute to Bluegrass great Bill Monroe on September 30th 2008.   It will be held during the International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass convention in Nashville.
Ricky Skaggs has  nominations for the 2008 19th annual Bluegrass Music Association International’s awards show. He his band, Kentucky Thunder, are nominated for Instrumental Group of the Year. Skaggs’ album “Honoring the Fathers of Bluegrass – Tribute to 1946 and 1947” is on the list for Album of the Year. Ricky and The Whites received nods for Gospel Performance for their collaboration, “Salt of the Earth.” That project is also up for Recorded Event of the Year. The 19th annual IBNA awards will be held October 2nd at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.  
Ricky Skaggs has recorded bluegrass
versions of his best-known country hits for “The High Notes,” a new album to be sold exclusively at Cracker Barrel Country Stores. The 12 tracks on The High Notes include 10 of the No. 1 hits he first recorded for Epic Records.
Among the titles are "Crying My Heart Out Over You," "Heartbroke,"
"Highway 40 Blues," "I Wouldn't Change You If I Could," "Cajun Moon" and "Country Boy." The new CD will be available on July 1.
European World of Bluegrass Festival 2009
May 21-22-23, 2009
The Netherlands
The Greencards  - Eamon Mcloughlin's Report May 2008
I love festivals! There’s no other way to put it. When we drive into a campground and see thousands of people with their tents and little village communes, it just makes me smile. I love the energy created by people who quite often plan their summer vacations, if not their whole year around the festival circuit. In a few short hours we will fly up to Harford Connecticut, collect our rental car, and drive the short distance to the Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival – Yay!

We’ve played festivals in the past that are eclectic and varied in their line up, but this is neither of those things. It is exactly what it says it is: a bluegrass festival. That means lots of fiddles, banjos and mandolins. It also means hours of late night jam sessions which I hope to join in on for as long as I can. There’s nothing better than wondering the campgrounds in the moonlight as your ears search out the best music on site. And there’s nothing better than just picking a jam full of people you’ve never met before in your life, and just joining in the fun!

This festival should promise a lot in the jam session department – other acts performing there include Rhonda Vincent, Tony Trischka, Pete Rowan and many others. I’ll be sure to let you know how it all ends up, but I have a great feeling about this one – maybe it’s the clammy weather here in Nashville, but I’m ready to get out of here and play some fiddle tunes.

These festivals always offer a vision of the past and a vision of the future in bluegrass. Doyle Lawson will be laying it down in the way only he can, and it’s always nice to see young pickers from bands such as Rhonda Vincent come by and pay their respects. And if you’re looking for me, that’s probably where I’ll be.
Earl Scruggs will receive a GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award,  for his part as an influential creator who has crafted or contributed to some of the most distinctive recordings in music history. Earl is recognized as a musician who revolutionized and popularized the banjo, developing what is known as the “Scruggs Style Picking.”
Grammy Award Winner 2008
Best Bluegrass Album
(Vocal or Instrumental.)
The Bluegrass Diaries
Jim Lauderdale
[Yep Roc Records]
Ricky Skaggs and the Whites have recorded their first album together, “Salt of the Earth,” set for September 25th 2007 release on Skaggs Family Records. The project features Ricky Skaggs, his wife Sharon, sister-in-law Cheryl and father-in-law Buck. Skaggs' band, Kentucky Thunder, performs on the album as well.
Various Artists / Classic Bluegrass Collection / Time Life Released this August 2007
Merle Haggard’s “The  Bluegrass Sessions”  racked up his highest first-week sales for a new release since 2000.  Hag’s first bluegrass album features a duet with Alison Krauss on his classic “Mama’s Hungry Eyes.”
Two more volumes of “The Best of the Flatt & Scruggs TV Show” will be released on October 9th. These volumes -- the third and fourth in the series -- offer shows from 1961 and 1962, when the bluegrass duo was in peak form. One of the new volumes features two performances by 7-year-old prodigy Ricky Skaggs.
Lily Ann Fatally Injured in Car crash
Very sad news on the death of Jim Rush's little grandaughter Lily Ann as per the newspaper article.  His daughter Kathleen and grandson Cooper are now OK. 
Merle Haggard’s  “The Bluegrass Sessions,” will be released October 2nd. The CD is produced by Ronnie Reno,  and guests  include Alison Krauss, who duets on “Mama’s Hungry Eyes.” Marty Stuart plays guitar and mandolin and wrote the liner notes.
Time Life will release  “Classic Bluegrass Collection,” on August 28th.  The compilation features three CDs of  music by Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, Flatt & Scruggs, Jimmy Martin, Mac Wiseman, Jim & Jesse, the Osborne Brothers, Ricky Skaggs, Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Del McCoury, Rhonda Vincent, Doyle Lawson, Vince Gill, Patty Loveless and selections from the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”  soundtrack.
Please check each individual venues for confirmation
Emmylou Harris and the Grascals  will be performing at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Fan Fest October 5th -7th  in Nashville, Tennessee  at the Grand Ole Opry House.
The International Bluegrass Music Awards will be held October 4th in Nashville, Tennessee  at the Grand Ole Opry. The award show is part of the World of Bluegrass week, October 1st through 7th.
Vince Gill and Ricky Skaggs will headline  “Bluegrass at the Ryman,” July 5th and July 19th, respectively. Others in the lineup include  Earl Scruggs on June 21st; Rhonda Vincent on June 28th, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver on July 12th and Mountain Heart and The Grascals on July 26th.
If you want to learn more about Uncle Earl, check out these video clips from the BBC
On this CD Carol, Kym and Eamon have special Guests -
Jedd Hughes, Bryan Sutton, Doug Lancio, Viktor Krauss,
Larry Attamanuik, Chris Carmichael and Andrea Zonn

New Artist Spotlight:
Cadillac Sky
Close Up News Service / Country
Music Association, Inc.
When asked about their musical roots, the members of Cadillac Sky answer as a group - "Grandpa's record collection." On their self-produced debut album on Skaggs Family Records, Blind Man Walking, released in January, the bluegrass-inspired quintet - lead vocalist/mandolinist Bryan Simpson, banjo player Matt Menefee, guitarist Mike Jump, fiddler Ross Holmes and bassist Andy Moritz - does show off the kind of instrumentation and respect for tradition that would make their elders proud.

But there's something else going on here. While there's plenty of slick mandolin licks from lead songwriter Simpson and some downright pyrotechnic banjo picking from Menefee, for Cadillac Sky it's delightfully obvious that the song is king. That's where their other big influence - The Beatles - comes through loud and clear.

From the album's leadoff track and debut single, "Born Lonesome" (co-written by Simpson and Bob Regan), to the album's mournful title track, Blind Man Walking serves as a stunning showcase for Simpson's songwriting. He's already listed as writer on songs for top Country artists including, Martina McBride, George Strait and Gretchen Wilson, and he served as co-writer on 12 of the album's 13 tracks.

Guitarist Jump picked up the remaining songwriting credit, contributing the backwoods biographical "Mountain Man." Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, the members of Cadillac Sky now call Nashville home, and from the innovative and refreshing sound of their debut, this band is definitely going places.

Photograher: Erick Anderson
Photography courtesy of Skaggs Family Records
The Ausgrass 2007*
Jim Golding (Banjos and vocals)
Doug Wallace (Guitars and vocals)
Bruce Packard (Mandolins and vocals)
Angus Golding (Bass and vocals)

June 2007 commencing  Friday evening 15th June, Sat 16 with
evening Concert and Sunday17th till about 5pm, at Greenhills Convention
Centre on the Cotter Road in Western ACT.

In keeping with the antics of this GREAT Band, the theme for the 2007 AUSGRASS weekend is?
Now wait for it ?? FUN and a JOYFUL NOISE
So bring along all your fun clothes, practise all your fun songs and let!s take some of the BLUES out
of Bluegrass, just for one weekend.
$$$$$$ !!!!! PRIZES !!!! $$$$$$$
For Best FUN outfit, the best FUN Song, the Best FUN Routine
As we start to shoot scenes for a COOLGRASS DVD release, YOU, get a chance to get in on
the camera action and get you and your act on film, everyone who attends and wants fame and
fortune?, gets a mention and a picture in the credits of the DVD as part of the “Cast of thousands”
who make the project possible, just like Hollywood?
Visit the “Last resting place of “CROAKER” as the group pay their respects, before the launching
of the “JAGUAR BREAKDOWN”, the latest CD release from , COOLGRASS .
All this and a whole lot more excitement at AUSGRASS 2007.
“Just, BE THERE, this is going to be the FUN BLUEGRASS MUSIC EVENT of 2007”
The Venue
Set in the foothills of the Brindabella Mountain range, Greenhills Convention Centre, on the Cotter
Road, Cotter, ACT, is the perfect setting for a weekend away from all the trials of our modern
world. Brisk Winter Canberra mornings blend into mostly pleasant days and fade into cool
evenings, so bring along some warm gear and your musical instruments. With good food, warm
rooms, numerous areas to pick and grin, plus a great auditorium for the almost non-stop concerts,
gospel sessions and jam sessions, there just isn!t a better place to be on the weekend of 15 -17
June 2007. This event is a Music Convention and the action is non-stop all weekend, so no good
just dropping in to find out ”What you missed out on”? Be there or miss out. An all inclusive price
$145 (with the early bird discount of $ 20) makes the weekend a complete bargain.
(Discount only valid if a $ 20 deposit is paid before 30th April 2007)
For more details Phone 02 6928 4252 or
Send your name, address and the number of adults along with a deposit of $ 20 per adult to
Ausgrass 2007, RMB 689 Sturt Highway, Borambola, NSW 2650
AND make certain of your place.
”You will be GRUMPY if you miss this one” Quote from Jim Golding
Bella Fleck & the Flecktones
April 4th Bella Fleck & the Flecktones -The Corner Hotel - 57 Swan St, Richmond, VIC Phone: 03 94277300
Apri 9 Bella Fleck & the Flecktones - The Basement Stdney
Apri 10 Bella Fleck & the Flecktones - The Basement - Sydney
The “Best of the Flatt & Scruggs TV Show”
Will be released on March 27th. The DVDs are being released by the Hall of Fame and Shanachie Entertainment. The releases are taken from shows aired in the 1960s. “You Bake Right With Martha White” is the program theme. Martha White Flour is the oldest sponsor of the Grand Ole Opry. Volume 1 covers July and August 1961 and contains 19 songs.
Happy Bluegrass New Year in Adelaide Botanic Park
Report courtesy of John Bridgland; photos by Barry O'Brien
Bluegrass music is alive and well in South Australia! That's the news from the city of Adelaide, where the annual Bluegrass Picnic is held every New Year's Day. Organiser John Bridgland, a mandolinist in local band Bluegrass Junction, said that the event began eight years ago and continues to grow. "It started as an excuse for a few bluegrass pickers to get together and play some music under the 100 year-old trees in one of Adelaide's most beautiful city parks," John said.
Bluegrass Pickers gather under the trees
John Bridgland (organiser) - far right
"Each year a few more pickers come and join us, so the numbers are growing all the time. But the casual arrangement remains. You can come and play or, if you can't play, enjoy the show. Either way, it's a terrific way to start the New Year at the peak of Adelaide's holiday season," John said. There is no stage, no MC, nothing is booked or prearranged and admission is free.

This year resonator guitars, fiddles, mandolins, basses and, of course, the usual bundle of boisterous banjos attracted many of the picnickers who enjoyed an unexpected musical new-year bonus provided by some hot Australian pickers. Among them were Lachlan Davidson, Victorian mandolinist and member of the Davidson Brothers duo; Dougie Bull, slap bass aficionado and former member of rising New South Wales band The Lawnmowers; and Adelaide-based multi-instrumentalist Trev Warner, who can rightly claim to have carried the torch as a leading light in Australian bluegrass for more than 40 years.

Lachlan, John, Dougie & Trev
Trev, Dougie and John
The Bluegrass Picnic highlights how important the city of Adelaide has been in the development of Australian bluegrass over the past four decades. Many fine instrumentalists have emerged from the local bluegrass scene including Kym Warner, mandolinist with the award-winning, Nashville-based band The Greencards.

If you're in Adelaide on a future New Year's Day, swing by for a great bluegrass start to the year. Contact: John Bridgland: jbeditor@senet.com.au
Some Tamworth Festival 2007 Bluegrass Gigs
19th - 28th  (Every Day) BLUEGRASS BREAKFAST The Davidson Brothers and more Wests Leagues Club - Legends Bar  
 8am-10:30am Phillip Street, Tamworth, NSW
Fri 19th - Sun 28th  - Gully Road-  -  Fitzroy Tavern    11am
Sat  20  Red Fish Bluegrass - The Court House Hotel   Front Bar 3.30pm
Sun 21  *Karen Lynne Bluegrass Band  - The Pub   Noon
Mon 22  Bush Poets & Balladeers Breakfast with Karen Lynne & Friends - City Bowling Club  11.15am
Mon 22  Red Fish Bluegrass - The Court House Hotel - Front Bar 3.30pm
Mon 22 * Rod McCormack’s Australian Bluegrass Allstars with Mick Albeck, Trev Warner,
Lou Bradley, Karen Lynne and special guests The Pub 8pm

Tues 23 Red Fish Bluegrass  - Shopping World  11am
Tues 23 *Bluegrass Sessions with with Trev Warner, Rod McCormack,
Michael Vidale, Mick Albeck and Matilda Sommers  The Pub Noon
Tues  23  Karen Lynne and Bluegrass Band  -  Oasis Hotel  4pm
Wed 24  Red Fish Bluegrass - The Court House Hotel - Front Bar 3.30pm
Thur  25  Red Fish Bluegrass - The Locomotive  Hotel  1pm
Fri  26  Red Fish Bluegrass - The Court House Hotel - Front Bar 3.30pm
North Tamworth Bowling Club
Sun 21 Jan, 9:00pm
The Lawnmowers with Andrew Clermont, David Hellens
with Hot Harmonicas
22nd January 9pm
The Lawnmowers  with Andrew Clermont, David Hellens
with Oldtime & Banjo Champions
23rd January 9pm
The Girls Night - The Lawnmowers & The BEEZ featuring Liz Frencham, Eldridge Sisters, Sarah Carroll, Jess Randall, Wu PuYu, JigZag and many more
Wed 24th Jan, 9:00pm
The Lawnmowers
 with Andrew Clermont, David Hellens
with Fingerpick & Slide Guitars
Thurs 25th Jan, 9:00pm
The Lawnmowers with Piano Night Feature inc. Steve Teakle, Parris & PuYu Macleod, Deta Hess & The Beez
Fri 26 Jan, 9:00pm
Clermont’s Supper Club Favourites Night Sat 27 Jan, 6:00pm
Bluegrass Champions Feature
Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss & Union Station and Nickel Creek are booked for the Telluride Bluegrass Festival June 21st-24th 2007 in Telluride.

Album Launch MELBOURNE
You can come and watch the boys perform with their red hot band at the Melbourne launch of
RAISED ON THE ROAD at: LOOP: 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne
Monday 9th October @ 9pm
$10 cover; Enquiries (03) 9654 0500
According to Bill Monroe, he wrote his hit song, “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” on the way home from Florida to Kentucky.
Bill commented, “We had made that trip many times, from Kentucky to Florida and then back again and I while I was driving back and forth on those trips, I would always start looking at the moon and thinking about Kentucky. And it was always on my mind to write a song about Kentucky. And I figured the best way to write the tune was to bring a girl into it. Up until that time, most of my songs had been instrumentals but I wanted this one to have both words and music. And I wrote that song on the way home from one of those trips.”
“Blue Moon Of Kentucky” became a signature song for Bill Monroe and a standard for bluegrass music
2007 The 13th Redlands Bluegrass Convention Queensland
13th -15th July 2007 - Redlands Bluegrass convention
Los Angeles -New Release - Due out September 19th: Australian-born Anne McCue Gets Help on New Album, 'Koala Motel'
- Anne McCue gets help on new album, 'Koala Motel,' from friends Lucinda Williams, John Doe, Jim Lauderdale, Heart's Nancy Wilson and Producer Dusty Wakeman. Anne McCue’s second album for Messenger Records
The International Bluegrass Music Association
The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) annual awards show will be held at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville for the first time on September 28th. Tickets go on sale August 18 to the general public but are currently on sale to IBMA members through the organization's Web site and office. The IBMA's World of Bluegrass week takes place September 25th thru October 1st at the Nashville Convention Center.
Lyons Colorado USA
17th Folks Festival, August 17-19, 2007.
Click here for more info
we are extremely honored to welcome the legenday Kris Kristofferson to Lyons. He joins three of our favorite Folks Fest performers: the celebrated folks-punk superstar Ani DiFranco, great Texas songwriter Guy Clark, and Australian roots trio The Waifs - coming off a dual maternity leave. One of the most vital voices in rock, Wilco leader Jeff Tweedy makes a rare solo acoustic performance on Friday night.
George Jones guests on the new Grascals 
George Jones guests on the new Grascals  “ Long List of Heartaches,” album, to be released on August on  29 on Rounder Records. Other guests include Dierks Bentley, the Jordanaires, Steve Wariner and two legendary session musicians -- steel guitarist Lloyd Green and pianist Hargus "Pig" Robbins.

NASHVILLE, TENN. (July 10, 2006)—The Grascals, the International Bluegrass Music Associations’s (IBMA) reigning Emerging Artist of the Year, will release Long List of Heartaches, the follow-up to their 2005 Grammy-nominated, self-titled debut album, on August 29. Featuring guest performances by Dierks Bentley, George Jones, the Jordanaires and Steve Wariner, the CD further defines the group’s stylistic blend of traditional bluegrass and country sounds. Like their first album, Long List of Heartaches was produced by The Grascals--Terry Eldredge and Jamie Johnson on lead vocals and guitar, Jimmy Mattingly on fiddle, Danny Roberts on mandolin, Terry Smith on bass and harmony vocals, and David Talbot on banjo and harmony vocals. The album includes 13 tracks, showcasing the band’s pristine vocal harmonies and virtuoso musicianship.

The Grascals create a new classic country weeper with the Kim Williams/Jerry Laseter/Buddy Brock song, “Don’t Tell Mama,” about the consequences of drinking and driving. The song features the inimitable instrumental prowess of Lloyd Green on pedal steel guitar and Hargus “Pig” Robbins on piano. Joining the band in the studio for a chilling recitation on the song’s third verse is the legendary George Jones.

Dierks Bentley, a long-time fan and friend of The Grascals’ Terry Eldredge, brings his sense of humor to Harley Allen’s “Being Me,” swapping verses with Eldredge on the light-hearted romp about a man torn between devil and angel. Allen, who penned The Grascals’ IBMA Song of the Year “Me and John and Paul,” is also a co-writer with Steve Wariner on “Hoedown in Motown,” a fast-paced testament to the benefits of bringing a taste of Dixie to Motor City. Wariner puts his mark on the song with fleet-fingered acoustic guitar picking.

“My Night to Howl,” another spirited call to fun, was written by Aubrey Holt, a friend and former band member with Jamie Johnson in the Boys from Indiana. Showing his versatility, Holt also penned “Did You Forget God Today”--a call to prayer and introspection. The song features the legendary Jordanaires, who met The Grascals earlier this year and performed with them on the Grand Ole Opry, stepping to the mic and adding their signature vocal harmonies.

The Grascals’ respect for tradition is fully evident in their version of “Hard Times,” originally recorded by the band’s musical heroes, the Osborne Brothers, and included in The Grascals’ set for CMT’s Studio 330 Sessions last year. Steve Wariner suggested that the group record Merle Haggard’s “You Don’t Have Very Far to Go,” recalling a time when he had performed it on the Opry with Lloyd Green. Green steps in on this recording with his uniquely finessed steel playing. Also included are “Roll Muddy River,” another Osborne Brothers tune which has been a staple in The Grascals’ live show, and Paul Craft’s plaintive, confessional “Keep Me From Blowing Away,” which was previously recorded by the Osborne Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, Jerry Lee Lewis and the Seldom Scene, among others. And, the band adds their take on the Lester Flatt/Bill Monroe classic, “Will You Be Lovin’ Another Man.”

“Home,” a tribute to both the earthly and heavenly, was written by Candace Randolph, a long-time friend of Terry Eldredge, who began her career in the family band, the Lost Kentuckians.

The band contributes two original songs to the set. Jamie Johnson, who wrote “Mourning Dove” and “Where I Come From” on the band’s debut, wrote the title track with Matt Lindsey and Rich Wayland. The band’s take on the song is stylistically somewhere between Buck Owens and Jimmy Martin. The instrumental “Cut Your Wheels,” written by Jimmy Mattingly, Danny Roberts and David Talbot, allows each of the band members to shine. The title comes from an expression often used by Bill Monroe when overseeing the skills of his bus driver.

The Grascals performed last week at the Martha White Bluegrass Series at the Ryman, earning a rousing standing ovation that called them back to the stage for an encore. Their performance during CMA Music Festival in June earned praise in USA Today as a standout set. They performed on the Grand Ole Opry on July 4 and 7 and will return on July 21. Other upcoming shows include the Tazewell County Fiddlers' Convention (July 14), Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival (July 15), Musicians Against Childhood Cancer/Bluegrass Classic (July 27), Ossipee Valley Bluegrass Festival (July 29), New River Valley Fair (August 3), Fast Grass Bluegrass Festival (August 5), Milan Bluegrass Festival (August 11) Central Virginia Bluegrass Festival (August 18), Cherokee Bluegrass Festival (August 19), Mountain Days Festival (August 20), Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival (August 25) and Pickin’ in the Pasture (August 26).
To request review copies of Long List of Heartaches, or interviews with The Grascals, please contact:
Karen Byrd/Karen Byrd Artist Management & Public Relations
Lauren Calista/Rounder Records
Vince Gill, Marty Stuart and Ricky Skaggs will headline
Vince Gill, Marty Stuart and Ricky Skaggs will headline three of the Bluegrass at the Ryman Concerts this 2006 summer – July 6th, 20th and 27th. The series continues through July 27th.
The 18th Annual Harrietville Festival - November 17-19, 2006 at Harrietville, Victoria, featuring Audie Blaylock and Redline plus David Bing and David O'Dell, and a multitude of bluegrass and old time musicians from all over Australia.   Click here for more info
The Country Music Hall of Fame   USA
The Country Music Hall of FameŽ and Museum isn’t just a museum; it’s an experience.  Join us during the 2006 CMA Music Festival for special appearances by Ralph Stanley, Ferlin Husky, Charlie Louvin, David Frizzell, and many more.
Visit www.countrymusichalloffame.com  for a complete schedule.  Show your CMA Music Festival badge to receive a discount on adult general admission. Open daily 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. For tickets, call (615) 416-2001.
“Celebration of Life”
“Celebration of Life,”  a Skaggs Family Records bluegrass concert album, will benefit the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. The two-disc project will include performances from the annual Musicians Against Childhood Cancer festival near Columbus, Ohio and features Blue Highway, Cherryholmes, J.D. Crowe & the New South, the Grascals, the James King Band, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Alecia Nugent, Tony Rice, the Seldom Scene, Dan Tyminski and Rhonda Vincent & the Rage.
Marty Louis  and Karen Lynne are having a baby in June
The Greencards
Latest CD weather and water
Carol Young, Kym Warner and Eamon McLoughlin.
with guests Bryan Sutton, Pat Flynn, Kenny Malone and Jedd Hughes
Go to www.thegreencards.com

First CD -Movin' On
Congratulations Greencards!! on reaching #5 on the AMA Americana Airplay chart www.americanaradio.org 
The Greencards 1     The Greencards 2   The Greencards 3   The Greencards 4
48th annual Grammy Awards,
Best Bluegrass Album
The Company We Keep
The Del McCoury Band
[McCoury Music/Sugar Hill Records]
Best Country Instrumental Performance
Unionhouse Branch
Alison Krauss And Union Station
Track from: Lonely Runs Both Ways
Rock Of Ages...Hymns & Faith
Amy Grant
[Word Records]

Fiddler's Green
Tim O'Brien
[Sugar Hill Records]

Fair & Square
John Prine
[Oh Boy Records]

This is some of the Nominees announced for the
48th annual Grammy Awards, to be presented Feb. 8 in Los Angeles
40. Country Instrumental Performance: "I'll Fly Away," Charlie Daniels; "Who's Your Uncle?" Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush & Bela Feck; "Unionhouse Branch," Alison Krauss and Union Station; "Scotch & Chocolate," Nickel Creek; "Time Warp," Brad Paisley.
43. Bluegrass Album: "Marbletown," Blue Highway; "Cherryholmes," Cherryholmes; "The Grascals," The Grascals; "The Company We Keep," The Del McCoury Band; "Ragin' Live," Rhonda Vincent and The Rage.
55. Southern, Country, or Bluegrass Album: "Live at Brooklyn Tabernacle," The Crabb Family; "Sing Their Family Gospel Favorites," Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers; "Rock of Ages ... Hymns & Faith," Amy Grant; "Southern Meets Soul: An American Gospel Jubilee," The Jordanaires, The Light Crust Doughboys, Nokie Edwards & Larry "T-Byrd" Gordon; "Common Thread," The Oak Ridge Boys.
67. Traditional Folk Album: "Live From Dublin _ A Tribute To Derek Bell," The Chieftains; "Come On Back," Jimmie Dale Gilmore; "Fiddler's Green," Tim O'Brien; "Live In The UK," Tom Paxton; "Cajun Mardi Gras!" Jo-EL Sonnier.
68. Contemporary Folk Album: "Chavez Ravine," Ry Cooder; "The Outsider," Rodney Crowell; "Why Should The Fire Die?" Nickel Creek; "Fair & Square," John Prine; "Devils & Dust," Bruce Springsteen.
email dwayne@visualsounds.com.au
All instruments performed by Dwayne Banjo,
Dobro, Mandolin, Guitar and Bass
100% Pure Bluegrass

Dolly Parton & The Grascals  Fan Fair 2005 (Photo courtesy of Bill Aldacushion USA)
Part of Eamon's journal ("The Greencards" ) CD they were listening to Click here for more
Strength In Numbers, “The Telluride Sessions” – A milestone in modern acoustic music, this instrumental album may never be topped. Written and performed by Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, and Mark O’Connor, these tunes set a standard in composition and performance that is still unrivalled, and inspires countless musicians. (Aside: The Asst. Engineer on this record was none other than our good mate and Engineer hero Gary Paczosa).
with Bela Fleck, Emmylou Harris, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas,
Stuart Duncan, Rob Ickes, Glen Duncan, Mark Johnson,
Ron Block, Byron House, Mark Cosgrove, Shad Cobb,
Kenny Malone, Chris Brown
www.lizmeyer.com  liz@lizmeyer.com 
FAX: +31-297-347-488
PO Box 628, 2130 AP Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Dr. Ralph Stanley is recuperating nicely after coronary bypass surgery. The bluegrass legend is now 78 years old and has just released a superlative new CD, "Shine On," through the long-time bluegrass label Rebel Records. 
Martha White Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman Auditorium kicked off on June 16th.  The annual series will continue throughout the summer, with upcoming shows by Old Crow Medicine Show with Open Road (June 23), Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder with the Kenny & Amanda Smith Band (June 30), Rhonda Vincent & the Rage with Larry Sparks & the Lonesome Ramblers (July 7), the Del McCoury Band with the Hackensaw Boys (July 14) and the Bela Fleck Acoustic Trio with King Wilkie (July 21).
~ 11 LIZ MEYER originals + the traditional fiddle tune “Katy Hill” ~
(Release date June 20 2005) Available online ONLY at
 "Earl's Breakdown," by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band featuring Vassar Clements, Earl Scruggs, Randy Scruggs and Jerry Douglas won the  2005 GRAMMY for Best Country Instrumental Performance
Paul Kelly & The Stormwater Boys
"Foggy Highway"
Another Bluegrass album
The follow up to Paul's earlier bluegrass album "Smoke"
Some of Australia's finest musicians Ian Simpson (Banjo), Trev Warner (mandolin),
 Mick Albeck (Fiddle), James Gillard (Bass) and Rod McCormack (guitar and co-producer)
Limited Edition 2 CD version includes 4 extra Tracks
Song of the old Rake
Cities of Texas
You're Learning (with Kasey Chambers)
Don't Stand so close to the Window
with The Greencards, The Waybacks, Doc Watson, Uncle Earle, Loretta Lynne and Tim Obrien and more
This is the 18th MerleFest which honors the life of American folk music icon Doc Watson’s son
and stage partner Merle whose life ended early due to a tractor accident. This Americana, bluegrass, “roots,”
and mountain musical celebration of his life is played across 13 venues spread across the athletic fields
and parking lots of Wilkes Community College (Tafe)
On Tuesday, March 29th at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario the nominations were announced for the 2005 SHAI Awards (Canada's Equivalent to the DOVE Awards and formerly known as the VIBE Awards).

Cheryl Dunn picked up two nominations - COUNTRY /BLUEGRASS ALBUM OF THE YEAR for LET GO and FEMALE SOLOIST OF THE YEAR. No stranger to these awards - Cheryl picked up the award for Country / Bluegrass Gospel Album of the Year for her debut album in 2003. Her latest album - LET GO - produced by JUNO Award winner Carmen Barry was released in February of this
year. The first single from the album - "The Last Train" has been in the top ten in the UK and has recently entered the Cancountry HIT Picks chart in the Country Music News.

Cheryl is currently in Trinidad and Tobago for a 10 day tour and then will be touring in Ontario before heading to the UK for a 15 day tour beginning April 29th. She will also be performing at THE Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, Alberta on July 31st with dates throughout Western Canada to fill out her summer!

The six day event taking place in Mississauga, Ontario beginning on May 9th with showcases and workshops will take place prior to the awards show - which will take place on May 14th. The big news other then the nominations this year is that CBC Televisioin will broadcast the show at a later date.

Nationwide fan voting for the winners begins on Friday, April 5th over the Internet at www.shaiawards.ca where fans can go online and vote for their favourite artists.
For further information / interviews please contact:
Mike Compton and David Long.
Mike Compton
THE STORM is coming!
(Strictly Country Records, SCR-59)
Liz’s long-awaited studio album, to be released in Spring 2005.
Liz is backed by
11 original songs by Liz Meyer + the traditional fiddle tune “Katy Hill.”

"Brand New Strings"
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder
"Brand new Strings" features some of the best new songs and musical performances of Skaggs talented
Department of Bluegrass
This will be the final Departmental Circular, as due, to restructures within the Commonwealth, and a poor trot at Estimates, the Department is being wound back to individual projects - notwithstanding offers to take the roadshow back up to Jamberoo for 2004. Unfortunately this will not be possible.

As some of you may be aware, the Branch Head of Vocals, Chris Jacobs, relocated to Melbourne, and has recently accepted an appointment with Melbourne Band, Hardrive - filling a vacancy left by Pete Sweatman, who has, himself relocated to the US. All members of the Department congratulate Chris on his new situation, and look forward to attending his presentations.

Donal Baylor, the Permanent Head and Bossman of the Dept will continue his sterling work with Bluegrass Parkway, and Special Projects with The Baylor Bros.

Tony Hunter, Technical Supervisor, will continue doing all the things that Tony has always done, on any instrument at any time.

Lachie Davidson, the Graduate, continues to kick goals and set high outcome expectations with Lee Kernaghan and the Davidson Brothers.

Sam Martin, Office Cool Dude, is consistently breaking new ground with Richard Steele and yet backing up with Spoot, Nood Uit Gang, the Toe Sucking Cowgirls and various jazz quartets, quintets and the like

John Taylor, HR and Personnel, has moved to a journeyman role in Folk/Rock/Roots quartet, the Marji Curran Band.
Thanks to all for support and encouragement - and hope to see you at gigs for all the above outfits.
Rhonda Vincent 2004 USA Fanfair
THE KINGPUP RADIO SHOW is a fast paced "opry style" showcase
recorded **live** featuring local and regional Acoustic **Americana**,
Bluegrass and Old-Time Country Music artists.
The program is hosted by  Phil & Gaye Johnson.
We are delighted to tell you that our inaugural season of 26 programs is
available for syndication on CD Masters as a full barter offering to
interested radio stations.
The programs are 15 and 30  minutes in length  and are designed to
either supplement programs in any existing folk/Bluegrass/Americana
time slots or broadcast without restrictions as a stand alone program. A
three minute music bed is available for local avails. (30 minute version)
Programs are also available in the mp3 format suitable for web
More information can be found at:

We are pleased to announce that The KingPup Radio Show is now
being aired on the following radio stations:
WPEK 880 Asheville, NC (Sat. 10-1 PM)
WMFX Waynesville, NC (Sat. 10-1 PM)
WNCW - Spindale (Sun. 9AM)
WGWG - Boiling Springs NC (Fri. 1 PM)
WADA 1390 - Shelby, NC (Sat. noon)
WDSL - Mocksville, NC (various)
KEOS - College Station TX (Thurs. nights)
WGKY - Wickliffe KY
WJJC - Commerce Ga
WLCT - LaFayette, TN
WKGX - Lenoir, NC
WPTL- Canton, NC
WSGE - Dallas NC
WDCV FM - Carlisle PA
KUGS - Bellingham WA
Catamount Radio Network - Rutledge VT
Town & Country Radio  783knz - NZ
Radio Southland 96.4FM New Zealand
Music Box - France
630 CFCY - Prince Edward Island, Canada
CHMA Radio 106.9FM,Sackville, NB Canada
Peelstar Country Club - The Netherlaands
Tehiku 94 FM / Sunshine 96.8 FM / Tai 92 FM - New Zealand
internet streaming radio programs:
Tiger Radio Online

The KingPup Radio Show is supplied on CD masters in a 15 minute or
30 minute format to selected radio outlets. Programs are also available
in the MP3 format suitable for online streaming.

The KingPup Radio Show  is  dedicated to showcasing the finest in
regional **Americana ** Country Music artists.
Each radio affiliate is given the opportunity to showcase their finest
talent by hosting a live taping of two or more annual KingPup concert
events in their community.

Here is a list of recent concert performances:
Phil & Gaye Johnson (hosts)
Doc Watson with Richard Watson and Charles Welch
The Darrin Aldridge Band
Bid Daddy Bluegrass Band
Bryan Sutton Band
Donna Hughes Band
The Cockman Family
Tommy Edwards & Friends
Bob Sinclair & Victrola club
Buncombe Turnpike
Alternate Roots
The Carburetors
Sawbilly Rooster
Steep Canyon Rangers
Hazel Creek with Bobby Hicks
Biscuit Burners
Jack Lawrence
Sons of Ralph
More information is at:
Email twarner@picknowl.com.au 
Address - 16 Hart St Campbelltown SA 5074.
Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole. Carol Sturtzel and Bill Chambers
are all guests on Trev's great CD
Nick Cawthorne - Guitar
James Sked - Bass   
Trev Warner - Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin and Dobro
Rod McCormack - Guitar (on Fireball Mail   
cost is $25.00 which includes handling & postage. 
Address - 16 Hart St Campbelltown SA 5074.
email twarner@picknowl.com.au
The Greencards
Congratulations!! #5 position on the AMA Americana Airplay chart
Very Sad News
Peter Hayes an Australian bluegrass pioneer passed away on the 1st December
Click here for a Tribute to Peter Hayes
New Venue - Narooma
Country, Blues and Bluegrass
The Davidson Brothers
The Davidson Brothers new album, STAY ALL NIGHT, is set for release on 15 October! It will be out in time to enter the golden guitar awards.
Click on Photo to buy CD
The Davidson Brothers new album, STAY ALL NIGHT, is set for release on 15 October!
Please visit www.HamishDavidson.com  for more information!
Expect to hear some fresh bluegrass, western swing and blues.
"Blistering bluegrass and masterful playing from two of the hottest
young pickers in the land" - Lee Kernaghan, August 2003
2003 brings forth a real treat with the release of SECOND WIND, the long
awaited solo album from Karen Lynne. The album is in fact her fourth album
(the previous two being collaborative offerings) but being her first solo
album in four years it has taken some time, and is definitely worth the
wait. To say this album is her "career" album is a fact even more remarkable
given that it comes so closely on the heels of her critically acclaimed
bluegrass album BLUE MOUNTAIN RAIN, a highly successful foray into bluegrass
music (with Martin Louis & Sydney bluegrass band Acoustic Shock). This album
achieved 3 chart hits, no less than 9 Award nominations and an award win for
Best Independent Release in this year's Victorian Country Music Awards.

SECOND WIND, however, is a return to a country music format and most
surprisingly it even edges into some mainstream country with tracks such as
Rodney Crowell's This Man I Love and the Kim Richey/Al Anderson penned Heart
Of A Heartache but there is still plenty of traditional country there also
to keep her long time supporters happy. There are 14 tracks encompassing a
variety of styles and a good balance of tempos from the very traditional,
almost bush ballad sound of The Outback's Been Getting the Rain (penned by
Pat Drummond) to the strong contemporary feel of This Man I Love; from the
gentle acoustic, almost blue-grassy feel of the title track Second Wind to
the almost retro country swing of I'll Just Pretend, a song that you'd swear
came from the long lost era of Patsy Cline and such singers with that famous
country cry in their voices.

Once again the album contains a healthy share of Australian penned songs
including a choice few from Karen's own hand - co-writes with previous
collaborator Heather Field and also with Mark Selby, Ashley Gorley and Keith
Anderson. Produced by HERM KOVAC, the album has a beautifully warm and
polished sound which compliments but does not overpower the gentle
vulnerability of Karen's superb vocals and an extra richness of flavour has
been given by adding vocal collaborations with well known Australian male
vocalists, Bill Chambers and Grant Richardson, with an equally pleasing

It has been five years now since the release of her debut album LABOUR OF
LOVE which contained three chart hits and which landed her the first of many
Australian Country Music & other Award nominations and since then Karen has
continued to gain tremendous support from broadcasters and fans alike. This
album is special and shows yet another side of this superb vocalist who
delights in taking us by surprise with her ever-changing style. Kovac's
exceptional arrangements along with Australia's top musicians, Karen's
amazing vocal ability and her very individual approach to even those tracks
we may have heard from other artists, make this album an absolute treat.

SECOND WIND will certainly expand and consolidate Karen's fan base
enormously. It is a beautiful piece of Australian Country Music recording
and it will be one of the major country albums of 2003.

For More Info Contact Karen Lynne Music - (02) 4757 3292 or Shoestring
Records - (02) 4784 1950

"Hayseed Dixie"
A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC
This is a collection of AC/DC songs done with bluegrass instruments
The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) is putting together an interactive CD-ROM for its "Bluegrass In The Schools Program".

Singer-Songwriter (USA) & U.S. National Flatpicking Guitar Champion
"Put a great voice, exceptional songwriting, and one of the world's great flatpickers together..."     (FLATPICKING GUITAR MAGAZINE, USA)
Dear Friends,
Spring again!  
Mark and I have completed our new studio album, THE STORM, and will let you know when it will be released. The album features 12 original songs by Liz, and 2 instrumentals - a Mark Cosgrove original ("Good Medicine") and Mark's great flatpicking guitar arrangement of the traditional fiddle tune "Katy Hill."
The album features some wonderful musicians: Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Rob Ickes, Ron Block, Glen Duncan, Emmylou Harris, Stuart Duncan, Byron House, Kenny Malone, Mark Johnson, Shad Cobb, and Chris Brown.
Mark was on the cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine in November. We'll have copies of the magazine for sale on this tour, as well as Mark's new instruction book/CD from Mel Bay Publishing, HOT SOLOS FOR FLATPICKING GUITAR, and his new CDR teaching video.
Our other BIG news is that Mark is the newest member of the Jerry Douglas Band! Mark played his first shows with Jerry in January, and will be touring with the band, playing both acoustic and electric guitar. You can keep up with Jerry at www.jerrydouglas.com
Our own website is in a state of transition and seems to be taking forever. The bio, photos, and press reviews need to be updated. But our CDs can be purchased via our website, and you can hear complete tracks from the albums online. www.ibluegrass.com/lizmeyer
I hope we'll see many of you this trip. 
Warm regards,
Liz Meyer & Mark Cosgrove
"Europe has a thriving folk and bluegrass scene, and in a few short years, the American singer-songwriter LIZ MEYER has, without question, become its unchallenged diva. Her duo with U.S. National Flatpicking Champion MARK COSGROVE is a marriage made in heaven." 
Earl Scruggs
Earl Scruggs is heard on the Chieftains’ “Down The Old Plank Road: The
Nashville Sessions In Concert,” on RCA Victor. The album was recorded live
at The Ryman Auditorium some time ago and also features Emmylou Harris, Alison
Krauss, Ricky Skaggs and several other artists.
Earl Scruggs
LOS ANGELES (AP) - It seems fitting that ``Foggy Mountain Breakdown'' 
banjo player Earl Scruggs got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 
a rainy, foggy morning.
Scruggs, the banjo master whose three-fingered approach to playing is
credited by many with giving bluegrass music its distinctive sound, was
honoured Thursday with a ceremony in front of the Hollywood Entertainment
Museum. His is the 2,215th star on the Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk, placing him 
among recent honourees such as ``Everybody Loves Raymond'' actress Doris 
Roberts, director Steven Spielberg and ``The Hours'' star Nicole Kidman.

Scruggs, 79, grew up on a farm in North Carolina and worked as a textile 
worker in the early 1940s before he began performing professionally.

With Lester Flatt, Scruggs created two well-known pieces of bluegrass
music - the theme song for ``The Beverly Hillbillies'' TV show and
``Foggy Mountain Breakdown,'' which was recorded in 1949.

The latter song has won two Grammys - once after being featured in the 
1967 film ``Bonnie and Clyde'' and again in 2001 for a version off his
album ``Earl Scruggs and Friends.''  
Scruggs started playing the banjo at 4, in the traditional picking 
style, using two fingers on the instrument's five strings. At 10, he
locked himself in a room and perfected his three-fingered method after an 
argument with older brother Horace. `
`It came to me like a dream,''he recalled.
Working Grass Heroes
CD Available
Featuring original and traditional bluegrass music
performed by
Mick Moffitt, Kate McCarthy 
Mark Bradridge, Jenny Shimmin
Jeff Mercer, Billie McCarthy and Michael Vidale
Special offer for advanced purchases
$25 incl postage
Fred Dwyer, Simon Davey, Len Newland and Donal Baylor at Shortland Hotel
Genuine Australian
"Blue Mountain Rain"
 "Blue Mountain Rain"

New Bluegrass Album "Blue Mountain Rain". It predominantly features music from Martin, Jim Rush, Nigel Lever & 
Quentin Fraser, who collectively make up one of Sydney's Best Bluegrass Bands. "Acoustic Shock".   
The Album also features some great pickin' from other fine Australian Bluegrass players, including Ian Simpson, 
Kym Warner, Mick Albeck, Andrew Clermont & Liz Frencham.
Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder
Phil Leadbetter 
Phil Leadbetter left J.D. Crowe awhile back and has a new bluegrass group called Wildfire. Their first CD for Pinecastle is called "Uncontained"
Bill Monroe 
Bluegrass icon Bill Monroe was a direct descendant of James Monroe, the
fifth president of The United States of America

Bill Monroe Foundation
 Bill Monroe Foundation had agreed to pay $1.125 million to buy Monroe's 1923 Gibson mandolin.  
 Monroe's son made the deal with the foundation. There's an October 26th deadline, 
but just $ 175,000 has been raised. The foundation is selling $ 25 shares in the instrument to cover the remaining
debt. The state of Kentucky has been asked to fork over some tax money to finish the purchase, but the lawmakers haven't come through as yet.
The Bill Monroe Foundation 
dedicated the newly restored childhood home of
the late "Father of Bluegrass Music" last Thursday (8/23) in Rosine,
Kentucky. Ceremonies began with a fiddler playing a tune on the actual
instrument Monroe sang about in his classic tribute "Uncle Pen." The
homeplace has been restored to its original form as Monroe described it to an
artist, right down to the flowers and shrubs.
The Bill Monroe Foundation in America, a group of 16 investors, has bought Monroe's 1923 Gibson F-5 mandolin for a reported $1.125 million.
Bill Monroe Museum
An archaeologist has begun a dig in the western Kentucky town of Rosine to try to pinpoint the exact birthplace of Bill Monroe, the "Father of Bluegrass Music." The effort is part of a larger plan to build a Bill Monroe Museum in Rosine that will both honour and document the legendary performer's broad influence on popular music. The specific goal of the dig, according to Campbell Mercer, executive director of the Bill Monroe Foundation, is to date the stone chimney in a house now standing on the farm where Monroe was born on Sept. 13, 1911. "We have reason to believe the interior chimney is 70 to 80 years older than the house," Mercer says. "This would indicate that the house was built around the chimney which belonged first to the cabin in which Bill was born. It is generally thought that the cabin burned down when Bill was five years old. People have always wondered where the cabin was located. We think we'll be able to tell them. "Last week, the Bill Monroe Foundation took title to the famous Gibson F-5 mandolin which Monroe bought in 1943 and used in virtually all his performances and recordings afterward. The instrument, which carried a purchase price of $1.125 million, will be the centerpiece of the new museum. The Bill Monroe Foundation in America, a group of 16 investors, has bought Monroe's 1923 Gibson F-5 mandolin for a reported $1.125 million. America's Country Music Hall of Fame had pursued the mandolin but could not meet the asking price