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TAXI, the World's Leading Independent A&R Company.  They help unsigned bands, artists and  songwriters get their music directly to top A&R people at Major Record Labels, Music  Publishers, and Music Supervisors working on Film & TV projects.
To listen to this great internet station click on the above logo and then Click on "Click here to Listen"
EMAIL NOW mhar5043@bigpond.net.au   Peter does do requests.
Click here Andy Baylor Artist page
To find out more about Nikki & Tracy visit
Along For The Ride - Out Now !!
(produced by Roger Corbett) 
(distributed via OneStop Entertainment)
Click here Artist Report Page
Rob is also new to Access but he has hit the ground running.
Rob has all but completed his debut solo album which is sure to please
his legion of fans and the country music industry alike.
Rob is an extremely talented artist with a clear vision of what
 he wants to achieve in his music career. We don’t have a release date for
his 1st single as yet but rest assured it will be one to keep an eye out for.
For any further information on any of our Access contact
Michael Flanders 0408 240150 - Sue Cattanach 0413 950098

New single “Stuck In No Man’s Land” is due for release on March 29 on NFS 95.
We’ve been very busy in the studio recording our album, which should be in the
can sometime on or before August 2005. Click here Artist Report page
is one of the hottest new acts to hit the scene
After his Top 10 chart success with
'i think i like it"
Comes the single
"house of mirrors" (NFS #95 track 4)
from his debut album 'Walkin' In These Shoes'
"One of the standout Australian country albums of the last year"
"house of mirrors" will tantalize and capture you
A hit in the making!
Have you discovered Paul Costa yet?
'I Think I Like It' is the first single taken from
Paul Costa's debut album
'Walkin' In These Shoes'  (produced by Rod McCormack) 
Distributed by OneStop Entertainment
For more information contact:
Rebecca Urquhart McCarthy
RUM Entertainment
Ph/fax 02 4285 1461
(m) 0439 730 460

Kelly Black
Kelly is a well known favourite with the country music industry and fans alike. Kelly has a wealth of experience for one so young and with her bright bubbly personality charms all who meet her.
Kelly is very excited to be recording her Debut album and can’t wait to get her first single out there.
The clip for her first single "GIRL THING" will be aired on CMC soon and " GIRL THING" will be released to radio on NFS 96
For bookings, enquires and interviews contact
Access Management
Mike Flanders 0408 240150 - Sue Cattanach 0413 950098
sue@accessmpp.com   Click here Artist Report Page
That's my Life Track( #3 - NFS 94)
Brock Colley is back with his second single release off his highly successful debut EP.
The new single "That's my Life" written by Brock & producer Roger Corbett is a reflection of good old fashioned family values. It explores the values Brock has been raised with, and encourages you to appreciate the simple things in Life.
Have a Listen to this young impressive singer/songwriter and you will see why That's my Life will sit perfectly on your country playlist.
Check out www.brockcolley.com
For Bookings and interviews
Contact: Mike & Sonia Colley
Email: colleys@iprimus.com.au
Web: www.brockcolley.com
PH: 0401 244 720
For Bookings Contact
Vee Promotions
02 67669965 Click here Artist Report page
OUT NOW - EP 'WHAT A DAY' available at all good record stores
For interviews or further information contact:
Rebecca Urquhart McCarthy
RUM Entertainment
ph/fax 02 4285 1461 (Wollongong office)
(m) 0439 730 460

Ronni Rae Rivers named
for second year in a row
The award coincides with the release of her album "Notice Me"
Ronni will be performing at:
Antill Park Golf Club, Picton, NSW - Fri 18th March from 7pm

For interviews or further information contact:
Rebecca Urquhart McCarthy
RUM Entertainment
ph/fax 02 4285 1461 (Wollongong office)
(m) 0439 730 460
rumentertainment@bigpond.com  Click here Artist Report Page
robert keith
New single "This Time Love" out now on NFS 94
Video Clip on CMC soon!
Debut Album "FACE THE WORLD"
available now!!
Proudly distributed through
Interviews and enquiries contact Sue at Access Management
E-mail: sue@accessmpp.com 
Phone: 0413 950 098
 Click here Artist Report Page
James Blundell's new Album, "Deluge",
www.james.blundell.com  Artist Report Page
Remember ’72 ??
After the success of his hit ‘Tahiti Tonight’
Dale’s new single
(NFS #92)
has debuted onto
the Country Tracks Top 30
‘Bundy Haze’ – available through ACMEC Records

 Click here Artist Report Page
The long awaited Cd from
Rebecca Lee Nye
is finally here.
The 6 Track Cd
“I started Living”
produced by Roger Corbett at Valley Studios is now available.
With 3 original tracks, 2 tracks written by award winning Nashville (USA) songwriters and a rendition of the Bonnie Tyler Classic
“It’s a Heartache”
this cd is sure to make a splash.
The first single “It’s a Heartache” will be out in February on NfS #94
This follows up her success in Tamworth where
Rebecca qualified in the top 8 for the Grand Final of the Telstra Road to Tamworth 2005
Keep your eyes and ears open for this fresh new Talent.
For more information contact Rebecca at

 Click here Artist Report Page
Paul Wookey                                  Clelia Adams
      Paul Wookey's Small Song Sample             Clelia Adams Small Song Sample
www.paulwookey.com.au                             Clelia Adams    
www.shock.com.au/artists/info.asp?artist_ID=56637              Email: clelia@optusnet.com.au
Audrey Auld Mezera
PO Box 973 Stinson Beach, Ca. 94970 USA
PO Box 298, Marrickville, NSW 1475 Australia
Audrey's Small Song Sample
(AIR country sampler #45)
Through the partnership between Amrap (Australian Music Radio Airplay Project) & AIR
Brian’s single is hitting radio stations across the country - as heard on Alan Jones (2GB)
The single has been taken from Brian’s debut album ‘A MARK IN TIME’
Take a moment, have a listen and you’ll be surprised at ‘The Things That Mothers Do’
For interviews or further details contact:
Rebecca Urquhart McCarthy
RUM Entertainment
(m) 0439 730 460
Click here Brian's Artist Report Page
Romeo, Romeo,
where for art thou Romeo?
The new single from 2005 TIARA Award Finalist
NFS #93 (track 2)
from her forthcoming album
'Notice Me'
Following up on her Top 10 chart success with 'Just When I Needed You Most',
Ronni is set to blow you away with her latest offering Produced by Mark Donohoe,
'Rodeo Romeo' features Ronni's distinctive vocals and fiddle work
You'll have some fun with this foot-tapping track
Click here Artist Report page
Southbound released their new single at Tamworth at Tangaratta Vineyards.  It's called "He's a Cowboy" and has two songs on it.  Also for fans to watch out for some big changes to Southbound this year! Check out  www.southboundmusic.com
HEY COWBOY listen up…
HEY COWBOY (Track 1 on NFS #93)
is the second single from STEVE GIBSON’S highly-acclaimed album
‘Road To Anywhere’
This new single is a real kicker – with truths about the rough side of roughriding!!
And the video-clip is pretty raunchy too! (rel date Feb)
a great radio track - request it now!
The Borderers and The Cowsucking Cowgirls
The Borderers and The Cowsucking Cowgirls are now selling all their CDs and DVDs
online through
http://www.indie-cds.com  the Australian independent music specialist

They also sell for a number of other acts,
 including Karen Lynne, Pat Drummond, The Lawnmowers,
Andrew Clermont, Fred Pribac, Peter Hicks, Coyote Serenade.
Other news: The Borderers DVD is out now and we have it in stock. The
Toesucking Cowgirls new Release was launched at Tamworth and they have stock
and are taking orders for delivery.
Mal E Bull  and Frank Gallen
Mal E Bull  and Frank Gallen  have released their new CD "From Scratch" that is available from the website
http://frankgallen.tripod.com  Already sales have exceeded their greatest expectations mainly from overseas where they have a big following created over the years.   Click here Artist Report Page
THE STORM is coming!
THE STORM: (Strictly Country Records, SCR-59)
Liz’s long-awaited studio album, to be released in Spring 2005.
Liz is backed by
11 original songs by Liz Meyer + the traditional fiddle tune “Katy Hill.”
www.lizmeyer.com  )
 Tryin’ To Get There”, the latest album by Nashville based singer songwriter, David Lee Murphy, will be released in Australia through Vital Entertainment Solutions  “It’s All Good”  quotes Billboard Magazine and they are not wrong!   
Featuring his Top 5 Billboard hit “Loco”,  “Tryin’ To Get There” contains the title track, co-written with Waylon Jennings, and 11 other brand new songs written and produced by David Lee Murphy.
David Lee launched his career in 1994 with “Just Once” from the soundtrack of the movie 8 SECONDS and the hits have just kept coming.  With songs recorded by such American country artists as Brooks & Dunn, Montgomery Gentry, Trick Pony, Hank Williams Jr, and from Australia, Adam Brand, Adam Harvey, Melinda Schneider and Australian superstar, Lee Kernaghan, David Lee has an enviable songwriting reputation.
Released in the U.S. late last year, “Tryin’ To Get There”  received rave reviews and has produced 2 chart singles.  As usual, the tall dark-haired, blue-eyed singer sets his own musical direction.  His independent, in your face, no holds barred attitude is right where the current country music pendulum is returning.  Murphy says, “There’s a whole world of people out there who’ve always loved the rowdier side of country music.  They’ll respond to your music if it’s hard-hitting and honest” and this new album certainly speaks to those kinds of fans.
This is a rockin’ party record made specially for those beer-drinkin’, hell-raisin’ kind of country fans.  He makes music for all those folk inside and outside the city limits who like to let their hair down on the weekend!!
This album is a “no-brainer crowd-pleaser that has “hit” written all over it.
For further information please contact Gill Robert on 0419 266 640
For interviews please contact Ronda Toner 0408 704 345
John Wilson (from Wilson & Lightfoot)
Excellent web quality video and recordings of  John Wilson
Ragepage Small Song Sample
Small Song Sample
Ph 61 0438361920 : 21 Grosvenor St, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia
www.redhotpokerdots.com  : info@redhotpokerdots.com
Click here more info
Australia January 14th 2005
U.S.A. June 16th 2005
wants some TLC.....
that's right ...TEN LESS CANDLES (Steer Records Pro CD 5)
As a songwriter, Merilyn confronts many subjects & this is a tongue in cheek song about growing old - something Merilyn is happy to explore
TEN LESS CANDLES is the first single from her forthcoming album 'The Passion' (produced by Marcus Holden)
New album - 'The Passion' out soon!!
For further information or interviews:
Rebecca Urquhart McCarthy
RUM Entertainment
ph/fax 02 4285 1461 (m) 0439 730 460

Cool Country DIRECT
has brand new copies of Lee Kernaghans DVD "Access All Area's"
This is an ideal Xmas Gift, if you looking for that Special Xmas Present this is it
Lee Kernaghan's Access all Areas DVD (normally $29.95)
Lee Kernaghan's "The Big Ones" CD (Normally $29.95)
plus Postage and Handling
Cool Country DIRECT
Local Call 1800 09 31 32
Audrey Auld Mezera
Looking for a special Xmas song to fill that space between Xmas songs?
Don't forget Track 14 of the 'Reckless Records Garage Sale' CD is Audrey Auld singing "Santa Spend Xmas With Me"
written by Gillian Welch/Ilene Allman.
Happy Xmas and many thanks for the airplay and support you've given us at Reckless.
Best regards,
Audrey Auld Mezera and Bill Chambers
Look out for Audrey's new video "Love You Like The Earth"
 on CMC in January.
New Nicki Gillis EP hot available. Get it at any of her gigs or
via her website http://www.nickigillis.com.au/.
Hillbilly Heat Album
Have received 4 nominations in the Victorian Country Music Awards for 2005 with their album
"Hillbilly Heat and Friends"
Nominations in the Victorian Section are:
Male Vocal - Billy Bridge - She thinks I still care
Group / Duo - Hillbilly Heat - You're the Reason
Nominations in the National Section are:
Group - Hillbilly Heat - You're the Reason
Instrumental - Hillbilly Heat - Faded Love
For more information go to
o purchase a copy of the Album contact Bruce McKenzie on 0407351851
John Stephen
John Stephen's latest hit single ‘Crying’ currently receiving widespread
 TV and radio airplay as well as his forthcoming highly anticipated single
 ‘Wrinkles’, a duet with industry legend John Williamson.
For enquiries please call 0417 484 730
" I wish it would rain"
Paul Wookey
Date of Paul Wookey's CD launch in Tamworth is 10pm at the North Tamworth Bowling Club on Monday the 17th of Jan  The Album is called " I wish it would rain" and features Bill Chambers amongst other Melbourne luminaries!   www.shock.com.au/artists/info.asp?artist_ID=56637  for more info
Clelia Adams
New CD “Heartbeat Highway”
is being launched at the 2005 Tamworth country music festival, on
Monday 17th January, 4pm
the Scully Room, Southgate Inn
I know the festival is always a hectic time, but i would love to have you help me celebrate, with the Feral Swing Katz and Friends on stage.
“Heartbeat Highway” was recorded with Ferals legends Stuart French (Producer) on guitars and backing vocals, and Michel Rose on pedal steel and dobro. James Gillard on bass, Garry Steele on piano and accordian, with drum details to Rudy Miranda and Joel Davis. Lifelong friends Kate McCarthy and Doug Rowe joined in on backing vocals, with the very talented Camille te nahu, also adding her special magic.

The mix of songs on “Heartbeat Highway” comes directly from the “live performance” arena, with a strong roots country rockabilly retro theme. Songs from Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Iris De Ment, Patsy Montana, Shane Howard, Bobby Darin, neil sedaka and many more
We had lots of fun recording, and we’ll have a ball playing them….I really hope to see you there!
Clelia ADAMS
Phone: (02) 6684 3206 Mobile: 0429 668059
clelia@optusnet.com.au  www.cleliaadams.com 
Click here artist Report Page
Crestway Music PO Box 174 Ringwood East Vic 3135
Ph: (03) 9739 4740 or 0416 075 638
Fax: (03) 9735 2562
Email: info@carter-carter.com
Home Page: http://www.carter-carter.com
Check out Dale Juner's new single
 'That's How I Remember
 72' NFS 92.
Bobby McLeod 
Acmec artist Bobby McLeod helped launch EMI's new Christmas single,  
'Dreamtime - Christmas all-stars, Twelve days of Christmas' EMI, at the Vibe Hotel, Rushcutters Bay in Sydney on Thursday night. Bobby was just one of many artists including, Shannon Noll, Human Nature, Jimmy Barnes, Rob Mills, Amity Dry, Tahyna Tozzi, Todd Williams and Glen Skuthorpe, who gave their time to appear on the CD. A portion of the funds from this release will go to the David Peachey Foundation to provide support to Indigenous kids from remote areas across the nation in sport and education.
Toe Sucking Cowgirls "Thirteen Thongs "
Produced by Richard Pleasance ( Paul Kelly, Jimmie Little, Archie Roach, Debra Conway) and featuring the sugary pedal-steel of Ray Cullen and mandolin by Lindsay Martin, it contains thirteen new tracks with something for everyone…bluegrass, swing, polka, blues, ballads and bawdy tales of lust, liquor and life on the road.  We’ll be launching Thirteen Thongs at Tamworth at only four shows, including the famous Territory Night, so you’ll want to be early as past shows have been chockers!  
New album out this week.
Email Gerry O'Leary
Billy Bridge News
together for $AU20.
That is a saving of $10 off the normal pack price. As my stock of both of these CD's is nearly at an end it will be first in best dressed. If you are looking for a gift of music for someone for Christmas or know someone who hasn't yet got the CD then this is the perfect opportunity for them to receive it.
So if you want to take advantage of this Christmas offer call Billy on 0417 361399 or send a cheque or money order made out to Billy Bridge and post it to PO Box 52, Laverton, Victoria, Australia, 3028.
Don't forget, if you haven't already done so sign my new guestbook.
Adam Harvey
The Flood
Single release

The Flood is right on track with their latest single, the rollicking “You Might Be There” written by lead singer Kevin Bennett.
Looking for something country!!
Check out DAVE PRIOR'S new single
Dave Prior
For interviews or further information contact:
RUM ENTERTAINMENT - ph/fax 02 4285 1461
(taken from the forthcoming album 'Barbed Wire Fences')
WA's Dave Prior is well known to fans of country music through his weekly radio show, Coast to Coast (syndicated nationally) however Dave is also a recognised artist.
The single is a Haggard-style stone country song with more than a touch of misery and featuring great pedal steel from Grammy award winner Lucky Oceans.
Genuine country format playlist contender - music to you ears.
You can catch Dave at the Freemason's Hotel, Geraldton (WA)
every Thursday night
For interviews or further information contact:
RUM ENTERTAINMENT - ph/fax 02 4285 1461
Robert Keith
Check out this hot new artist! Robert Keith
Fresh and exciting! Debut single
"A Cowboy Never Cries"
on NFS 92 Track 12
from forthcoming album "Face The World"
due out early 2005  - Check out clip on CMC
Interviews and enquiries contact sue@accessmpp.com 
or phone Sue Cattanach 0413 950 098
Robert Keith Singer/Songwriter
Ph: 0401 600 956
Dale Hooper
Small Song Sample
has released a new album of his most requested songs for his fans,
titled: "You Asked For It" - Vol 1.
or Ph 0428 774244
Lee Kernaghan
"The Big Ones" 
Greatest Hits Volume 1 in stores October 17th
featuring Lee's chartbusting hits 
Hat Town,  The Outback Club, Boys from the Bush, She's my Ute, Three Chain Road,
Electric Rodeo, Goondiwindi Moon, The Way it is.
It also includes some of the songs that have played an important role in Lee’s career, including Leave Him In The Longyard,
She Waits By The Sliprails and Texas Qld 4385 as well as two new songs, Missin' Slim (with Colin Buchanan) and Down Under.
Further information can be obtained from www.leekernaghan.com .
Drew McAlister
Drew McAlister’s debut EP released on the 1st November 2004.
For further information please contact Encompass Management:
Tel: 02 9947 9600 email:
Click here for Artist Report Page
TANIA KERNAGHAN has released a new song, That's What I'm Here For, from the CD Feeling Fiona.
The album features artists like Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool), Fiona Kernaghan, Vika and Linda, Erik W (from 1927) Marie Wilson and many more.
"All the songs were written by my sister Fiona which makes this not only a collectors item but a very unique CD," Tamia said.
Merv Webster
(A.B.B.A Bush Poet Rep)
Merv is about to release his first bush ballad E.P. called The Bushman and The Balladeer. 
Two songs he wrote as a tribute to R.M.Williams and Slim Dusty.
Written by grammy award winner Jim Lauderdale and Harlan Howard
Produced by Rod McCormack
Take a listen - you'll be hooked
The video clip (filmed on Royden's property) will hit your screens soon
I'VE HAD ENOUGH (Track #9 - NFS 90)
STRUM's (Timo Tolvanen, Rob Bunt and Jeff Flood) follow up single to their recent Top 10 country chart hit THE WEATHERMAN.

The song explores the relationship of the man on the land with his environment. Partly inspired by a real life tragedy (Timo’s brother lost his house in a bushfire on Christmas Day 2002), the song looks at one man’s response to natural disasters.

The video clip to I'VE HAD ENOUGH (directed by Ross Wood) will be hitting your screens soon!!
Have a listen and you'll see why Strum are receiving so many accolades.
The Davidson Brothers brand new single is OUT NOW.   Hamish and Lachlan have recently finished recording their brand new single, ‘Where I Want To Be’. The single also includes a new instrumental, ‘Hunter Valley Breakdown’. Both tracks are co-written by the boys.
For Simon Bruce
The long awaited debut album is finished. Produced and Mixed by Nash Chambers the album will be mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig for an early 2005 release.
Contact Alby Pool - 024937 1823 or Mobile 0427 992 178
email ncl@hunterlink.net.au
Click here for more info on Alby Pool's  4th CD
Alby Pool Back in the Swing Song Sample 1
Alby Pool Back in the Swing Song Sample 2
Alby's daughter Melody - Bonus track
Catherine Britt
Nineteen year old Catherine 's new single "The upside of Being Down"  written by Christi and Shari Baker has been released in the States and will be in Australia very soon on the ABC label.   She is also currently shooting a video for the single "The upside of Being Down".  The Album will be released early next year.
High Lonesome Hits No.2 On CMC
After 3 weeks in the charts, Jedd's clip has reached No.2!!!!!!!!!!! Well done to all who have been requesting.
His album Transcontinental will be released in Australia this Monday, 30th, through Sanity Stores.
Hamish and Lachlan Davidson
Hamish and Lachlan are currently working on a new single, and will be out within the next couple of months. They are also planning to tour QLD and NT with Tom Curtain in November.
Bookings: Davidson Brothers
P.O. Box 1029
Doncaster East
VIC 3109
Ph: 0439 310 217
Small Song Sample New Single
OUT NOW - SINGLE 'On The Mountain' (contains 4 tracks)
available via www.nickigillis.com.au 
Steve Gibson
Steve Gibson
“Road To Anywhere”
Released: through RAJON MUSIC GROUP.

For further information or interviews contact Rebecca McCarthy at RUM Entertainment, Mark Rhodes at Hi Way Entertainment or Cheri Gibson.
Rebecca McCarthy: Ph: 02 4285 1461
Email: rumentertainment@bigpond.com
Mark Rhodes: Ph: 0439 624533
Email: hiwayentertainment@ozemail.com.au
Cheri Gibson: Ph: 02 65 453673
Email: gibson@cnn.net.au
Click here Steve's Artist Report
The new Hillbilly Heat album is coming out and will be available on the 6th of august.
Scroll down for more info
LOSIN' MY BLUES - new film clip
A new film clip has just hit the airwaves for FELICITY URQUHART
Losin' My Blues - Felicity's beautiful rendition of a Slim Dusty classic
You can help support Felicity by requesting the track on CMC - the Country Music Channel
Just click on the following link and follow the prompts. The details:
Artist - Felicity
Track - Loosin' My Blues (how it's spelt on website)
Click here Request Felicity
Her latest single 'Turn Out The Light' is currently #3 on the charts
& she'll be performing at the "Up, Close & Personal Songwriters Evening" at Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL, Thursday 29th July - 8pm
Check out the latest news on Felicity at www.felicityurquhart.com
For interviews or further information contact:
RUM ENTERTAINMENT - ph/fax 02 4285 1461
Travis Collins' debut video clip
"Bridge That You Won't Burn" entered the CMC Top 20 last week at #17 and has moved up another 4 places this week to #13.
Click here small song sample
Bella's first single from the album is now complete and due for release 16th August.
The song......... About A Girl written by Lyn. This song has been a particularly favourite with our fans and we are very excited to have as the first single. Also a special little B side tune which we'll keep a secret at this stage.
The album still due for release 20th September and is sounding fantastic. Almost finished. Just a few vocals and some overdubs to do and the master of sound Mr Rod McCormack will work some more of his musical magic.
Click here Sharon Benjamin Artist Report Page
Mark Tempany Releases New Single
GOODBYE SWEET Dreams is the title of the latest single release from 2003 Coopers Golden Saddle Award winner Mark Tempany.
 The single comes from Mark's current album The Long Highway - Shoestring Records label.
OUT NOW - The Road Ahead - available via
Click here for artist Report
or www.thecan.com.au 
(former guitarist and songwriter of late
90's Sydney band 'Red Herring')
"Hillbilly Heat"
Photo by Barry Smith, Northern Daily Leader.
The brand new self titled album for Melbourne band "Hillbilly Heat" is due for release this month.
Hillbilly Heat are best know for their work with Golden Guitar Finalist Billy Bridge with whom they have toured extensively. They have also recently performed with Troy-Cassar Daley and in Tamworth with Michael King and Donella Plane.

The Hillbilly Heat line up is Steve Bridge on Lead Guitar, Hamish Davidson on Fiddle and Banjo, Bruce McKenzie on Bass and Nic Pitman on drums.
The album is a collection of new original music and covers that Hillbilly Heat incorporate in their live shows and has captured their great live sound.

Special guests abound on the album including many tracks from Billy Bridge and guest appearances from Adam Kilpatrick, Rebecca Lee Nye, Dave Moore, Rob Bell and Johnny Lovett.

Produced by Billy Bridge and Andrew Rigo it is sure to be a great success for this fun loving band of great musicians.
For information on how to get hold of the album log on to http://www.billybridge.com   
 Click here for Billy Bridge Artist Report Page
ALISON HAMS has officially, commercially, released her new all-original album Daisy Train, and a new-look website in conjunction.
Details on the new album can be found at www.alisonhams.com .
*STOP PRESS* Official Album Launch Party for DAISY TRAIN will be held at SOUTH WHYALLA FOORTBALL CLUB on SUN 8th AUG from 7:15pm-10:30, with Free supper, surprises, and special guest MARK TEMPANY!
Click here Artist Report Page
Fred Eaglesmith has a new (as yet unnamed) album due for release in September
Kasey Chambers third solo album 'Wayward Angel' is now on sale.
Click here for Kaseys new Song Samples.  
The Toe Sucking Cowgirls are going into the studio to start work on their NEW CD.
TOMMY EMMANUEL's NEW CD "Endless Road" is now in stores.
Many of the tracks on Endless Road are Tommy Emmanuel originals, among them the powerful title track written during a time of enormous change in Tommy's life.
Andy Baylor Mail  - email - baylorbad@ozemail.com.au
email  -  mea1@bigpond.com
Travis Collins New Single
'bridge that you wont burn'
in stores now!!
Troy's Borrowed & Blue album
A collection of Troy's Cassar-Daley favourite songs ­ songs that have influenced him, been favourites of his live shows and songs that simply hold a very special place in his heart ­ the album was released 19th April on the Essence/EMI label.
The Flood's New Single
‘Australian for Broken Heart’ is the new Flood single/EP. As well as the title track, the CD includes two previously unreleased songs: ‘So Long’ and ‘Billy’ (a song by Kim Chesire), as well as the James Gillard favourite: ‘Andy’ (from the CD ‘Two’ - Kevin Bennett/James Gillard). Kevin Welch & The Flood DVD: ‘Plenty of Time’ out on ‘Shock Records’ June 14


Drums - Hayden Meggett - Greg Bird
Bass - Jason Smith - Mark Donohue
Guitar - Jason Smith - Greg Bird
Acoustic Guitar - Greg Bird
Keys - Courtney Murphy
Backing Vocals - Lucy D'Olimpio, Gemma Luxton
and Courtney Murphy
“COP IT SWEET”- WENDY COPPO - available in stores
or E-mail : wendycoppo@bigpond.com  / phone : 0428 724860 for orders/bookings. Price is $25 + $5 p & h…GST included.
Available now at ST MARY’S SOUND CENTRE St Mary’s NSW
The Lees produced by Bill Chambers and The Lees
Recorded at the Boneyard
Mixed and Mastered by Jeff McCormack @ The Beach House
Small Song Sample
Felicity Urquhart
'Turn Out The Light' EP 
Feral swing Katz
Congratulations Greencards!! on reaching #5 on the AMA Americana Airplay chart  www.americanaradio.org
Email twarner@picknowl.com.au
Address - 16 Hart St Campbelltown SA 5074.
Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole. Carol Sturtzel and Bill Chambers  are all guests on Trev's CD
Song Sample 1    Song Sample 2    ("Walkin' a fine line") 
Dwayne Elix plays every instrument on his new Bluegrass album. Guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, dobro and fiddle. The album is recorded in the traditional way with acoustic
 instruments and live microphones, with the exception of electric bass. It covers traditional bluegrass, country, folk
and three songs Dwayne wrote. email dwayne@visualsounds.com.au 
Canadian Danny Mack 
Danny Mack (The Cement City Cowboy)
Dakotamack Inc.
Phone: 604-687-5217
Fax: 604-687-7185
E-mail: dakotamack@telus.net 
Website: www.dannymack.com 
Click here for Artist Report




Email: dazdownunder@dodo.com.au
Po Box 237 Tocumwal NSW 21714
Website: www.toconthemurray.com.au/darrencolston/ 
 Ph: (02) 4930 8730
Mobile: 0414 497 573
GRAEME CONNORS has a new album set for release on June 7 titled The Moment.
Graeme has spent the past month in Nashville recording the tracks for what is billed his "most personal and intimate album ever".
To be released on ABC Music's new adult contemporary label First Edition, The Moment will reveal a gentler, more acoustic style of music reminiscent of his earlier albums, particularly the multi-award winning Homeland according to the ABC.
"The songs on The Moment, however, have moved on from the scenic images and characters that were so evident on Graeme's early albums. Like his last album, This is Life, they are more introspective, exploring the human condition, interactions between people, and the way we deal with life. Graeme describes them more as 'internal landscapes'.
"Always one of Australia's most perceptive and talented writers, Graeme has captured some of the universal experiences on tracks like Life Ain't Perfect, You Take The Wheel and I'm In The Middle Of This.
"The album features a song co-written with newcomer Michael Carr, Go On ­ a track with a compelling gospel feel ­ and also includes a duet with Felicity Urquhart, I Dream Of Highways."
Graeme, who has taken a long break from live touring, will be back on the road again in early June to perform songs from the The Moment. The first leg of the tour will take him through his home state of Queensland, starting in Bundaberg, and ending at Twin Towns on the Gold Coast.
SARA STORER has released her first DVD, titled Stories To Tell.
Good Morning Country
Lisa Lepore and Bill Beerens
"Good Morning Country" is a daily breakfast show specialising in country music and rural news. The show is broadcast via satellite around Australia on the Community Radio Network. Featuring artists and event interviews, country music news rural updates and breakfast banter, the program dedicates itself to country music from both Australia and overseas.
To find out if Good Morning Country is broadcast in your area, contact your local community station or the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia at www.cbaa.org.au  .
If you are an artist or organisation looking for national exposure through community radio, please contact the GMC team at PO Box 564 Alexandria NSW 1435.

Mothers Day Tribute …..
Recording artist Brian Elkington has released a beautifully penned song ‘The Things That Mothers Do’, to coincide with Mothers Day.

It is a fitting tribute to the love and devotion that mothers give us all and to the daily thankless tasks in every mother’s routine. The song is a way of saying “thank you” and reflects the appreciation of all sons & daughters for the sacrifices made by their parents. It’s a tribute not only for Mothers Day - but every day!

Taken from the upcoming debut album “A Mark In Time”, produced by Michael McGlynn, it is a refreshing example of the best of the acoustic singer/songwriter genre. Brian paints a picture with every line.

A Minnesota native, Brian hails from the USA, and has called Sydney home for the past 13 years.

“I hope the audience will enjoy my first single ‘The Things That Mothers Do’.”

A pleasurable musical experience from the very first track, the album “A Mark In Time” will be launched May 29th, and is available through the website
'Ned' - Available from One-Stop Entertainment and all leading retailers
Bail up, throw down your arms!!!
the BUSHWACKERS "Ned" - first single "Kelly In Our Hearts" Track 4 on NFS #86.

Australian icons Ned Kelly & the Bushwackers have joined together to produce an
album that is close to all Australian hearts.

Join the Bushies for an adventure with the legend & lovable rogue Ned Kelly.

Who else but the Bushwackers could pay homage effectively to our greatest folk hero.
For interviews/bookings, please contact:
Rebecca Urquhart McCarthy - RUM Entertainment
(ph) 02 4285 1461 (m) 0439 730 460
Available from One-Stop Entertainment and all leading retailers
Jim Haynes and Compass Bros Records are over the moon at Jim's new album, Words of Wisdom, entering the ARIA Australian Country Music Chart with a bang on debut.

The amazing entry into the charts at number six was a pleasant surprise according to Jim, who hasn't released an album of songs for over six years. "The songs have been working really well out on tour and that's always a good sign," said Jim," But the response to the album is just fantastic!"

“I set out to make an album of entertaining, listenable, singable Aussie songs for the whole family. And I wanted an album that sounded different — one that had a very distinctive Jim Haynes sound and feel about it. The album reflects who I am and what I do live better than anything I’ve ever released before,” Jim said.

Words of Wisdom, is a collection of gently funny, warm, very human and extremely appealing songs about us Aussies. .Jim Haynes’ real talent is his ability to cut through to the heart of our national spirit - that larrikin streak that runs through all Australians, and our strong sense of mateship and a fair go. He has an uncanny ability to zero in on the heart of the Aussie ethos — those little quirks and habits that make us Australian to the core.

”My humour and satire are meant to be gentle, to make people laugh and feel good, said Jim, "That’s the attitude I always take in my shows, and it’s crossed over to the music in my new album.”

Words of Wisdom is the perfect title for the new album — Jim's first on the dynamic Compass Bros label. It's a perceptive collection of songs to make you stop, laugh and look at life with much kinder eyes — and in these difficult times, that’s a very wise thing to do.

That was achieved through the skill of producer Graham Thompson, who heard the sound of a ukulele when he thought about the album.

“I’ve always really enjoyed Jim’s live performances. It’s just him and his ukulele out front, and in that format his songs really connect,” Graham said.

“The audience can hear the stories, and the uke is the perfect accompaniment because it sounds so happy. The challenge on Words of Wisdom was to put together a collection of really appealing songs in the right musical setting and I think we’ve achieved that.’

The spirit of the album’s been captured in the first single, ‘Half a Dozen Stubbies in the Fridge’ - a song that celebrates the simple pleasures of domestic life in the suburbs.

As well as the album’s 12 new songs, Words of Wisdom also features six bonus tracks — “Buckalong”, “Don’t Call Wagga Wagga Wagga”, “Where There’s a Will”, “Lobster and Never Flounder”, “Since Cheryl Went Feral” and “Rindercella/ A Tairyfale”.

“They’re all songs I perform constantly on my live shows — my collection of hits, I suppose — but most of them are almost impossible to get hold of. I get so many emails about them that I decided to include them here,” Jim said.
Words of Wisdom is a warm, funny and very appealing album because it keeps on making connections with its listeners. It's an album that’s meant to make you smile. Isn’t that what music is all about?

Jim recently hit the road with fellow singer/songwriters Brendon Walmsley (who features in a duet on the new album) and Michael Carr (who co-wrote several of the songs). The second leg of the Country Muster on Tour will kick off on June 18th, covering much of Victoria, with Felicity as a special guest.    info@compassbros.com.au 
KASEY CHAMBERS will release her new CD "Wayward Angel" on May 31.
May 10th "Like A River" will be the first track to go to radio May 10th.
 Diane Chambers is having a "sale" of Kasey's merchandise, so if you want to score a bargain email her direct at chambersmerch@bigpond.com    
NANCY Sinatra has recorded a version of Kasey's hit song Barricades & Brickwalls with Lee Hazelwood.
"Nancy & Lee 3" This was co-written by Kasey and her dad Bill Chambers.
Leisa Jackwitz has just released
her debut CD album.
This CD contains 11 tracks and contains a good variety and mix of differing country styles .. from cover versions of old standards by Patsy Cline etc ... a yodel track .. comedy tracks .. and power ballads. There are 5 original songs on this album written by Leisa herself.
(01) You're The Reason [B. Edwards / M. Imes / F. Henley / T. Fell]
(02) Cowboy Hat [L. Jackwitz] - Country Rock
(03) If You've Got Leavin' On Your Mind [Pierce / Walker]
(04) Gert The Flirt From Back O' Bourke [L. Jackwitz] - Country Comedy
(05) Could I have This Dance [Anne Murray]
(06) Lovesick Blues [C. Friend / I. Mills]
(07) You Were There [L. Jackwitz] - Power Ballad (Brilliant song)
(08) If You Want It [L. Jackwitz] - Country Rock
(09) Heartache Tonight [D. Henley / G. Frey / B. Seger / JD Souther]
(10) Tell Me [L. Jackwitz] - Power Ballad (Brilliant song)
(11) Chime Bells [Miller / Brit] - Yodel
MUSICIANS - Marc Lea (Acoustic, Electric,Bass & Lap Slide Guitars, Banjo, Drums & Harmonies) - Ray Cullen (Pedal Steel) - Steve Van Der Weyer (Piano) - Billy T. (Pedal Steel) - Andrew Kucks (Piano) - Michael O'Rourke (Vocals & Harmonies - Duet Track 10)

ORDERING INFO - Please send Australian Money Order only to the value of $22 made payable to LEISA JACKWITZ .. together with your name and postal address to :- Leisa Jackwitz, 13 Douglas Avenue, Laidley. Queensland 4341
Travis Sinclair and Sovereign
Music Management
Announces the first collaboration between Travis Sinclair and Sovereign in a remake of the classic Everly Brothers hit,
“All I Have To Do Is Dream”.

In 1958 Felice and Boudleaux Bryant gave the Everly Brothers the hit that was to be the signature song of their careers. Over the years it has reappeared on the charts in multiple hit versions by Richard Chamberlain; the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; Bobbie Gentry; Glen Campbell; Andy Gibb and Victoria Principal.

This collaboration by two of Australia’s hottest talents places this remake alongside the Everly Brothers original. The blending of the four voices has resulted in a multi-layered harmony tune that will capture you from the beginning. Garth Porter has produced another hit by combining the vocals of these four talented musicians.

“All I Have To Do Is Dream”, is track 8 on NFS 86 or can be heard at
or www.thesovereignband.com
the follow-up single to 'The Southerly', from their self-titled album 'Strum'

Order Now

Michael Flanders Management
0408 240150  musicdog@optusnet.com.au 
Troy's Borrowed & Blue album.
A collection of Troy's Cassar-Daley favourite songs ­ songs that have influenced him, been favourites of his live shows and songs that simply hold a very special place in his heart ­ the album was released 19th April on the Essence/EMI label.
Click here for Troy's Artist Page
TROY CASSAR-DALEY has just finished recording his new album to be released on the Essence/EMI label in April.
The album is a collection of Troy's favourite songs according to a story on his website   
http://www.troycassardaley.com.au  , "songs that have influenced him, been favourites of his live shows and hold a very special place in his heart".

To add to "the fun of recording tracks paying homage to such musical masters as Merle Haggard, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and Slim Dusty (to name a few)" Troy called in the musical expertise of some of his all-time local musical heroes, with Shane Howard, Don Walker, Paul Kelly, Ian Moss, Anne Kirkpatrick and the Dead Ringer Band all contributing their talents.

The album was produced by Nash Chambers at Beach House Studios and the Music Cellar on the Central Coast. Musicians were Tim Wedde, Bill Chambers, Mick Albeck, Dave Ellis, Mark Myer, Mark Punch and Rod McCormack.
Darren Coggan
“The Bush Dance” is the third single lifted from Darren Coggan’s outstanding album “Balancing Act” and features the diverse talents of Dobe Newton, founding member of legendary Australian band “The Bushwackers”.
Produced by 2002 CMAA record producer of the year, Nash Chambers, "Balancing Act" contains twelve powerful new songs that are bold, spirited and passionate.
For further information on Darren Coggan:
The Neil Clugston Organisation P/L (NCO)
Ph: 61-2-95523277 Fx: 61-2-95523713
Col Finley
Sensational Aussie Country Music Singer / songwriter, Col Finley heads back to the USA for a 3 week stay to promote his Brand New, Full Flavoured Album ('only the truth') and Showcase his talent at the Blue Bird Cafe, appearing with Jimmy Dean Hicks 25th March, the Tin Roof and Douglas Corner 27th March. Nashville Look out..... An artist not to be missed, Col Finley is on his way to new heights and there's just no stopping him. Col, joined by Manager/Producer Michael Flanders will also be appearing at South-by-South West in Austin Texas. For further information or a taste of Col's amazing talent, please do not hesitate to contact New Breed Recordings P/L at any time. ( Erin Balcke 0401588425  or  colfinley@bigpond.com  ) For bookings or management contact  musicdog@optusnet.com.au   or to join the fan club and receive up to date info contact Erin at  colfinley@hotmail.com

Tom Curtain
His debut single “A Man Is Not A Camel” is track 10 on the latest NFS 86. This single is from his debut EP of the same title and contains four songs co-written with the award-winning producer, Garth Porter. Tom’s forthcoming album SMACK BANG! is due for release in April/May 2004. Keep an eye out for the video.
“ Feel like dancing ?
Well here is an album you
Can dance to all night long “

CD only $20 Available at all shows
or email

You Can Record With Chartsong
Stuart Stuart has space available for May/June 2004. If you are interested in recording your music properly, and taking the next step with your career, please send us a tape/CD. Stuart is very particular about who and what he works with, but at the very least, you'll get some feedback on your music. Our address is 'Chartsong, PO Box 1944, Carindale Centre, 4152'. Visit
www.chartsong.com    for more info - our website has been revised and revamped, so check it out.
You can also contact Sharon Benjamin direct for a copy
from CMAA

MEANWHILE, EMI Music Australia, Slim Dusty's record label for nearly 61 years, has set March 1 to release the final recording sessions the country music master was working on virtually right up to the eve of his passing on September 19, 2003.

"Slim was determined, regardless of his failing health, to record a new album while all along knowing it could well be his last," said EMI Artist & Repertoire Manager Chris O'Hearn. "Like everything Slim did during his career, he was always looking forward and had a belief that each new album he commenced was going to be better than any predecessor.

"Even after all the possible accolades, millions of sales, multi-platinum awards and a record 106 album releases, Slim never lost that belief and dogged determination. He always set out to achieve his best and this was certainly true even down to the recording sessions for his 107th album release," Chris said.

"Sadly, Slim didn't quite finish the album, but without a doubt what was recorded is unquestionably some of the best material of his career. And with this belief in mind, it was decided by the family and EMI Australia that his many fans should have the opportunity to hear the Master's 'Unfinished Symphony' exactly as it was recorded."

The resulting album is aptly titled Columbia Lane - The Last Sessions.

Columbia Lane was Slim's nickname for his beloved home studio where all these recordings took place. It was also the name of a laneway that held special significance for Slim as it was the route he ventured down so many times, on his way to the old Regal Zonophone Recording Studios at Homebush in Sydney back in the early days of his career.

The specially priced album features seven definitive new slim recordings including songs from some of his favourite songwriters including James Blundell (Nature's Gentleman ), John Dohling, Ace Fender and Don Walker (Get Along). This track was Slim's last actual recording.

Answer To Billy, the first single from Columbia Lane - The Last Sessions is being distributed to radio today.

Nikki Sweeney & Tracy Lee Killeen
Working Man
NFS Release # 85
Track 12

SweeneyKilleen are back with their third single release 'Working Man', from their debut album 'FUN'.

2003 was a standout year for Sweeneykilleen (Nikki Sweeney and Tracy Killeen) with major festivals like the Gympie Muster and Mildura, but right near the top of the list has to be the chart success of their last single Plastic Princess. The song rose to a top 20 slot on the national country charts, making their familiar smiles even bigger.
The energy and talent of this duo is well recognised by the country industry and fans alike, and their album continues to receive enthusiastic reviews from around the nation.
After two highly charged singles, the pair settles back with the powerful 'Working Man', one of their most requested songs at their live shows, and it is their salute to all the hard working men and women throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Working Man', a song close to our hearts, as we both come from families
with a strong work ethic - farming to be specific.  It is one of our most
requested songs at our live shows, and is our salute to all the hard working
men and women throughout Australia and New Zealand.
... so please play it loud and proud!!
Thanking you for your support of our first singles Fun and Plastic Princess,
hoping you can continue that support with track 12 on Nfs 85, the compelling
'Working Man'.

Olivia Guthrie


 I am an 18 yo singer/songwriter in country
music. I am Australian (currently living in Newcastle, although I am an
ex-Tamworth Citizen) and I have recently released my new EP, 'Turning
Point'. I am an independent artist and the CD includes 6 tracks titled;

1.Tell The Rain (written for the drought)
2. Get me a Cowboy
3. Anchor
4. Stockman's Cry
5. Out of Sight
6. Drifting Away

I wrote all of the songs and it is my second cd. My first was an album
titled 'Pallamallawa' back in 2002.
My website is www.oliviaguthrie.cjb.net and there is a picture of the front cover of my CD
attached if you could use it. The CD is available to buy for $15.00
(includes postage and handling) oliviaguthrie@hotmail.com

Benn  Joel  - New Things!
DEBUT single out very soon.
NEW website for Benn Joel : www.bennjoelweb.cjb.net  so please check it out, it features all new pages and info for those people who know and want to know who Benn Joel is.
DEBUT single is to be out very soon. LEAD THE WAY is a catchy and very open single and its to be for sale from the site in early 2004.
ORGANISING gigs for himself, Benn Joel has been kept in good books with all sorts of people including Fisk and Christian who are meeting and inviting Benn to their ALBUM LAUNCH and said to be keeping Benn's name for future gig appearances.
(with regs team)
(with julie bevitt).
Martin Oakes "Pomany", Widden Valley Via Denman NSW 2328
Phone 02 6547 034
Email gullyrakermusic@hotkey.net.au 

Click on Photo to buy CD
The Davidson Brothers new album, STAY ALL NIGHT, is set for release on 15 October!
Please visit www.HamishDavidson.com  for more information!
Expect to hear some fresh bluegrass, western swing and blues.
"Blistering bluegrass and masterful playing from two of the hottest
young pickers in the land" - Lee Kernaghan, August 2003
You can pre-order your copy by sending a cheque of $33 (AUS) to:
Hamish Davidson
PO Box 1029
Doncaster East
VIC 3109
CDs available at gigs, and soon in good record stores.

Johnny Cash five-CD boxed Set
A 104-page clothbound book is included in the new Johnny Cash five-CD boxed
set, "Unearthed," set for November 25th release.
The book features  one of   Cash's final interviews, in which he and
record producer Rick Rubin talk about coming together, selecting songs and
creating what became a monumental body of work. The interview also includes
comments from Rosanne Cash, John Carter Cash, Tom Petty and more. An added
highlight is a track-by-track discussion of each song by Cash, Rick Rubin
and others.
     www.monaromusic.com             Email- bigwheelau@hotmail.com 
He is one in a Billion
His dream was to come to Tamworth
He came
And a fairytale came true

This is the Result
Featuring Smoky Dawson
Tania Kernaghan

email - gerryol@bigpond.net.au 
Trevor Knight "Across the Miles"
02 4464 3366
0414 903237
email: jericho@tpg.com.au
P.O. 289 Berry  NSW 2535
cosmiccowboys65@yahoo.com               :E-mail:  info@world-records.net
Press Release
Independent Album of the year
Sandra - Every Road - Produced by Bill Chambers
announced Fri Sept 12th at the TSA Competition in Launceston, Tasmania
Duet with Bill Chamber's, "Love on the Side" written by Allan Webster received
2nd Place in Recorded Original Compositions
Sandra with be appearing at the Mildura Country Music Festival,
check web site for dates and other information www.sandra.com.au

2003 brings forth a real treat with the release of SECOND WIND, the long
awaited solo album from Karen Lynne. The album is in fact her fourth album
(the previous two being collaborative offerings) but being her first solo
album in four years it has taken some time, and is definitely worth the
wait. To say this album is her "career" album is a fact even more remarkable
given that it comes so closely on the heels of her critically acclaimed
bluegrass album BLUE MOUNTAIN RAIN, a highly successful foray into bluegrass
music (with Martin Louis & Sydney bluegrass band Acoustic Shock). This album
achieved 3 chart hits, no less than 9 Award nominations and an award win for
Best Independent Release in this year's Victorian Country Music Awards.

SECOND WIND, however, is a return to a country music format and most
surprisingly it even edges into some mainstream country with tracks such as
Rodney Crowell's This Man I Love and the Kim Richey/Al Anderson penned Heart
Of A Heartache but there is still plenty of traditional country there also
to keep her long time supporters happy. There are 14 tracks encompassing a
variety of styles and a good balance of tempos from the very traditional,
almost bush ballad sound of The Outback's Been Getting the Rain (penned by
Pat Drummond) to the strong contemporary feel of This Man I Love; from the
gentle acoustic, almost blue-grassy feel of the title track Second Wind to
the almost retro country swing of I'll Just Pretend, a song that you'd swear
came from the long lost era of Patsy Cline and such singers with that famous
country cry in their voices.

Once again the album contains a healthy share of Australian penned songs
including a choice few from Karen's own hand - co-writes with previous
collaborator Heather Field and also with Mark Selby, Ashley Gorley and Keith
Anderson. Produced by HERM KOVAC, the album has a beautifully warm and
polished sound which compliments but does not overpower the gentle
vulnerability of Karen's superb vocals and an extra richness of flavour has
been given by adding vocal collaborations with well known Australian male
vocalists, Bill Chambers and Grant Richardson, with an equally pleasing

It has been five years now since the release of her debut album LABOUR OF
LOVE which contained three chart hits and which landed her the first of many
Australian Country Music & other Award nominations and since then Karen has
continued to gain tremendous support from broadcasters and fans alike. This
album is special and shows yet another side of this superb vocalist who
delights in taking us by surprise with her ever-changing style. Kovac's
exceptional arrangements along with Australia's top musicians, Karen's
amazing vocal ability and her very individual approach to even those tracks
we may have heard from other artists, make this album an absolute treat.

SECOND WIND will certainly expand and consolidate Karen's fan base
enormously. It is a beautiful piece of Australian Country Music recording
and it will be one of the major country albums of 2003.

For More Info Contact Karen Lynne Music - (02) 4757 3292 or Shoestring
Records - (02) 4784 1950
The Fiddlers Festival's new CD GET REEL
That's right! The Fiddlers Festival's new CD GET REEL received **** (FOUR STARS!) from John Shand's review in the Sydney Morning Herald (Metro Section) on Friday 29th August! We were all performing at the Gympie Muster when the sms's of congrats came through. While at the festival, we were filmed by the ABC "Landline" Program and will be appearing as part of their Gympie Special on ABC TV (Nationally) on Sunday September 7th, between 12noon and 1pm.
Here's what John said...."This new one from Marcus Holden's band Fiddlers Festival just leaps from the speakers. Once again, the repertoire is wonderfully, irreverently eclectic. For instance, it surges from PRESIDENT GARFIELD'S HORNPIPE into IT DON'T MEAN A THING (IF IT AIN'T GOT THAT SWING) without blinking an eye. The folk, jazz, bluegrass, rock and tango standards are perfectly happy in each other's company. Throughout the album, Holden's marvellous violin swoons and and sighs, swaggers and strikes sparks, even becoming ominously electrified on MUSICAL PRIEST PATRS 1 and 2. It's funny, sad and full of surprises."
GET REEL and other Fiddlers Festival CD's STRUNG OUT and FIDDLERS FESTIVAL LIVE! are available from the website www.fiddlersfestival.com  or HMV stores. FEAST OF FIDDLERS is available from ABC shops. Keep on fiddling.
Tex Morton Tribute Album  (Attitude Music & Publishing)
The CD features some of Australia's Country Stars.  Arthur Blanch (Old Shep), James Blundell, Bill Chambers, Terry Gordon and the Holdens plus more.
JEFF PLANKENHORN : Thirty Years of Farming
OUTLAW FAMILY BAND : I'm Just Dreaming
ROBBIE FULKS : Flowers In The Dell
MARY GAUTHIER : Your Sister Cried
AUDREY AULD : He's a Good Dog
ROD PICOTT : Pontiac
JAY BENNETT : Angel of the Lord
OLD NO. 8 : Indiana Road

Available through Reckless Records
The Tribute price is $28 plus $3 postage.
Reckless Records
PO Box 298
Marrickville NSW 1475
Fax : 0295578546
Ph: 0418 972 019
Jimmy Little's Latest Album

THE FIRST single from Jimmy Little's latest album ­ Down The Road ­ has been released.    Written by Troy Cassar-Daley and Don Walker, the song, the album's title track, is also a duet with Troy.   When Jimmy invited Troy to sing on the recording, the response was immediate and strong: "I'd be honoured to sing with you, Uncle Jimmy."   The album is due for release on the ABC Country label on September 1.  

The album features duets with a number of artists, including reigning Female Vocalist of the Year Melinda Schneider and, of course, Troy, who this year took out three Golden Guitars in Tamworth including Male Vocalist of the Year. Also featuring on the album are Jimmy's grandson James Henry and the McClymont sisters, Brooke, Samantha, and Mollie.


Lee Forster


EP Available only at
Chinatown Music,
PO Box 533 Broome WA 6725
or Direct


Drums - Rudy Mirando
Bass - Ian Lees
Pedal Steel - Michel Rose
Fiddle - Mick Albeck
Harmonies - Camille Te Nahu & Stuart French
Electric and Acoustic Guitars Stuart French


Killarney in Ireland
Feargal Courtney from Killarney in Ireland. and wife, Nicola are songwriters and have put together a demonstration CD with different examples of different types of songs. They would love a radio station to play the songs.  
The songs are available to download on their site at http://www.ksoe.com/music.html 
Email for a copy of
Corb Lund Band
Barry Swayn
145 Weeroona Street
Rye 3941
phone : 03 59855991
fax: 03 59855529
email: bswayn@satlink.com.au   

"So rudely interrupted" is available in Australian record stores via MGM
Distribution, and will be released Sept. 16 in Canada on True North Records
Brenda Biseau at True North
Tel: 416.596.8696 Ext 225 Email brenda.biseau@truenorthrecords.com   

POWER WINDOWS is the second single lifted from Darren Coggan's new album Balancing Act.
Stuie French producing album for Daniel Thompson at his "Swingin' Doors" Studio
Negotiations underway to organise a meeting to talk about a new album for the Feral Swing Katz.
QUILL + TOLHURST CD so rudely interrupted
Listen Up:

* ABC Network Radio's Saturday Night Country from 10 p.m., till midnight
Saturday July 19, with host John Nutting, will feature a segment on the new
Quill + Tolhurst album and a live interview with Greg and Kerryn. Internet
listeners can go to: www.abc.net.au/snc/default.htm for live streaming audio.

* Bay FM 99.9FM's The Cowboy's Sweetheart roots and country music show,
from 10 a.m. till noon Saturday, July 26 in Byron Bay, N.S.W., with host
Carrie Delzoppo, will feature a special segment on Greg and Kerryn, with
tracks from so rudely interrupted as well as some of the best of Country
Radio and The Dingoes. Go to www.byronbaynow.com/bayfm.html for information.

* Audio samples of all the tracks on so rudely interrupted are up and
running at
and on the Internet independent music sales site CD Baby at
   so rudely interrupted is available in Australian record stores via MGM
Distribution, and will be released Sept. 16 in Canada on True North Records

Brenda Biseau at True North
    Tel: 416.596.8696  Ext 225 Email  brenda.biseau@truenorthrecords.com  

        Or visit www.quilltolhurst.com  and www.truenorthrecords.com
Media contact: sorude@davidsoncommunications.com

Charlie Landsborough will perform a series of dates in Australia next month.
Supported by Sara Storer, Charlie will be performing at venues through NSW and the ACT.   During his trip, he will be promoting his new album Movin' On (released by ABC Music) which has been critically acclaim
The Send It Down Hughie CD featured some of the country's brightest new country music stars including Adam, Melinda and Grant, along with Kasey Chambers, Brendon Walmsley and Darren Coggan, as well as country greats such as Slim Dusty, John Williamson and Graeme Connors.
"Best Of Greg Champion" can be obtained through Greg’s website at 
www.gregchampion.com.au or by contacting 03 9399 5470

Fiddlers Festival CD Launch "Get Reel" - Basement Circular Quay Monday 23rd June
Sydney Bookings 92512797 $15  (CD's $30) PO Box 430 Croydon Park NSW 2133.
Laurel Edwards (Mrs. Troy Cassar-Daley) debut album came out this week "When a Heart Learns to Fly" and is selling really well and getting a great response.   Troy, enjoying being a guitarist on the album also gets to sing a duet with Laurel "Hoping That you're Hoping".  (A Louvin Brothers song) . 
KASEY CHAMBERS again leads the running for country finalists in the 2003 APRA Music Awards.
Kasey's Golden Guitar winning song Not Pretty Enough has been named a finalist in two categories, Song of the Year and Most Performed Australian Work.
In the Most Performed Country Work category, Kasey has scored a record three of the five finalist nominations with A Million Tears, If I Were You and Not Pretty Enough, all her own work.
Other finalists in the country category are Adam Brand with New England Highway (written by Adam and Michael Carr) and Brendon Walmsley with Never Never (written by Brendon.
Recipients of the Songwriter of the Year, the Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Achievement and the Breakthrough Award (determined by the APRA Board of Directors) will be announced on the night of the 2003 APRA Music Awards, Monday, May 19.
CAPITOL/EMI will release True Blue Two ­ the follow up to John Williamson's very successful True Blue album ­ in August.
Debut Album OUT NOW!!
featuring Benjy Pocock, Sonia Kildey and Mick McCartin
$25 including postage & handling.
to order send money to:
Wild Turkey Band
C/- Benjy Pocock
29/2-6 Glen Court
MARCOOLA   Q   2564
Let's Promote Australia's Finest Independent Artists!!
Jim Haynes Live - 'Life’s A Laugh!'
New album from the ‘Clown Prince’ of Aussie Country 
This album is an hour of Jim Haynes doing what he’s become famous for... being funny on stage...  making people laugh talking about the CWA, chokos, kids, aging and life in general. Jim’s realistic, conversational humour connects with Aussie audiences - and it always has that ring of truth!
Included are popular sketches with Montague Fortescue, the nit-picking nerd who wants everything to be politically correct. There are also some ‘Top Ten Countdowns’ .... Jim’s famous and hilarious collections of real-life laughs.
Jim says, ‘This CD is for all the people who asked to have ‘the funny bits’ to take home. I didn’t intend becoming a comic performer, I was a singer ... and I’m still not sure what happened. I started to talk to audiences when someone in the band broke a string, then somehow the shows changed until there was one serious song in a two hour show!"
With the Big Bush Brekky Shows came ‘Top Ten Countdown’, ‘Joke of the DayÕ and, of course, Montague Fortescue. This album contains all these and more É it's proof that Aussies love to laugh at themselves and nothing is as funny as real life.
JIM HAYNES has won ‘Comedy Song of the Year’ at the Tamworth Festival four times, including ‘Since Cheryl Went Feral’, which was No 1 on the Australian Country Charts for 5 weeks in 1996.
Jim has appeared many times on television, is the resident Australiana Humourist on Radio 2UE and originated Breakfast Shows at The Tamworth Country Music Festival where he hosts  ‘The Big Bush Brekky Show’ every day.
Author of many successful books of verse and humour, Jim is, as National Party President Helen Dickie says, "... simply the best genuine Australian Comic Entertainer we have."
 "Benn-Joel" has been a very busy boy recording his debut album "DEEP SPIRIT"...it will feature 12 self penned tracks.  He is only 15 and has a performers life.   Besides Tamworth 2003 Benn-joel has been working on his writing and singing.  He has performed his MAJOR track off the album called
"BUS RIDE" and everybody likes it.   This single will be for sale with the album in Feb.
his website is www.geocities.com/benn_joel/
Josh Canning
Sample of CD
Newcastle teenager Josh Canning has completed and is releasing his debut Country Music C D titled “STRONG ENOUGH”
       The E P was co-produced by Bill Chambers and Audrey Auld 
       Josh will also be promoting it at the 2003 Tamworth festival. The C D will be launched at Josh’s gig at The Pub on Sunday afternoon 19th of Jan at 2.00 pm
       Josh has also arranged a promotion at the “LAUNCHING PAD” during the festival. This is at the A C M F building in Brisbane Street on Tuesday 21st at 2.00 pm.
       The C D sells for $12.00 and will be available during the Tamworth festival at Grace Bros, The Pub and The Launching Pad or through Josh on 0414474108 or at josh@joshcanning.com
Andrew Clermonts Albums   Click here 
"Reeling in the Big one"
Andrew Clermont and Parris Macleod
"Totally Gourdgeous"
        Penelope Swales, Andrew Clermont, Mal Webb, Carl Pannuzzo
"The Longing"
           Andrew Clermont
"Alamo", has finally finished their CD, and have now got a website up and running!
The website is linked to an on-line Cd site called "iuma".   www.iuma.com/   The CD is available at ALL gigs. 
Country artists sing up a storm
As drought affects an incredible 99 per cent of NSW, Australia¹s country artists are singing up a storm.

³Send It Down Hughie², a new specially compiled country CD funded by CRT, Toyota, One Steel, Waratah and Bayer Crop Science, will hopefully provide some relief to drought-stricken farmers.

The CD features some bright young country music artists including Kasey Chambers, Adam Brand and Melinda Schneider, as well as some long standing greats like Slim Dusty, John Williamson and Graeme Connors.

The CD is the brainchild of Grant Richardson, a horse breaker, shearer and country singer from NSW¹s Central West, who empathised with farmers¹ difficulties and felt he should and could do something.  

He convinced TEN Southern Cross, Rural Press, Radio 2UE and rural suppliers to fund the manufacture, marketing and distribution costs of the CD so that most of the net funds could be donated to drought relief.

CD producer Barry Harley, Rural Press Agricultural Publishing Group Marketing Manager, said ³Even if the heavens opened up tomorrow, it would take at least 12 months for most to recover, for some it could be 10 years.

³This CD is a small gesture from the country music community (who have donated their tracks), CRT, Toyota, One Steel, Waratah and Bayer Crop Science to lend a hand to farmers and rural people in need,² he said.

The album features 20 artists with selected tracks that either reflect the struggle on the land or have a special association for the artist.

The 20 track ³Send It Down Hughie² CD is available now and features tracks from Kasey Chambers, John Williamson, Gina Jeffreys, Adam Brand, Beccy Cole, Slim Dusty, Felicity, Troy Cassar-Daley, Luke O¹Shea, Lyn Bowtell, Bushwackers, Darren Coggan, Graeme Connors, Adam Harvey, Dale Juner, Karen Lynne, Crosby Sisters, Melinda Schneider, Brendon Walmsley and Grant Richardson.

It is packaged with a 12-page booklet and will sell for $25 (plus $3 P&H) on 1800 030 080 or any good record store.

For more information, photos or a copy of the CD please call:
Barry Harley € P- 02 4570 4836 € M - 0418 658673 € E - barry.harley@ruralpress.com
Working Grass Heroes
Sample of Dogwater CD
CD Available
Featuring original and traditional bluegrass music
performed by
Mick Moffitt, Kate McCarthy 
Mark Bradridge, Jenny Shimmin
Jeff Mercer, Billie McCarthy and Michael Vidale
Special offer for advanced purchases
$25 incl postage
Treacle Line
P.O. Box 1946
Email: treacle@optusnet.com.au
Website: www.treacleline.com
Donna Boyd who has just returned from USA - she has just released her new album.
CRAKAJAK HAS released a new EP, the band's sixth release in six years.
Available as a bonus disc for buyers of the latest Crakajak album Long Long Way From Home, the EP contains five tracks... Little Town I Call Home,The Lunge (an instrumental), Sweet At A Time Of Bitterness, Crak A Jak Daniels With Me (described as the band's "popular live anthem and a new hillbilly dance mix of City Train.
ALLAN Caswell
ALLAN Caswell has a new release out on the Shoestring label.
Described as a blend of country music and rock and roll, the album is titled Don't Count On It and is the result of a collaboration between one of Australian country music's top singer/songwriters (Allan) and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Buzz Bidstrup (ex the Angels, GANGgajang).
JIMMY LITTLE has a new album out ­ Jimmy Little's Passage: 1959-2001.
The Ghost of  Lost Creek Road
Mark Lucus
CD out now
Laughing Outlaw Records  Lorcd- 028 through Didgeridoo 
"This guy was born to write songs that you'd want to hear on your car stereo as you hit the road...." -    Brent McKean, Revolver
"A genuine talent for compelling narrative, some truly exceptional brushes with lyrical genius - the urban country experience has
     never sounded so appealing"     -    MW, Americana UK
Dale Hooper
DALE HOOPER has just released a new single titled "Miracles Are True".  If the recent comments and demand for purchase are any indication, he will be certain to gain Chart success with this song.
"Miracles Are True" was written by Rick Buck from Pennsylvania USA.
Rick is a member of the USA based band, "Country Legend", who are backing Dale on this single.  "Country Legend" have been the opening act for the likes of; George Jones, The Oakridge Boys, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Diamond Rio and Billy Ray Cyrus, just to name a few. 
So impressed were "Country Legend" (and many others in USA's recording land) with Dale Hooper's vocal qualities, they asked him to record a entire album with them.  Of course the answer was YES! 
The new album will be titled: "Heroes, Legends, Friends" and is due for release February 2003. The album has been 12 months in the making and Dale feels it's his best work to date. The album will include 4 more original songs by Rick Buck + a few other surprises.  Keep your eyes/ears open for this one early next year!!
"Cut Above Entertainment"
Ph 0414 852563
Dusty Rankin & Val Phelan 
"Twenty Of The Best" Dusty Rankin. and also cd's & tapes Dusty Rankin & Val Phelan " After 50 years" The cd's are selling for $15.00 each. The tapes $10.00 each.    Write to Postal address is PO Box 19 Avenel. Vic. 3664 or email  hansen@mcmedia.com.au 
Tomkins Showcase -Volume One 
A NEW CD ­Tomkins Showcase Volume One ­ was launched in Sydney last Thursday during the popular Canterbury Country which, this month, was titled, appropriately, a "Tomkins Guitar Showcase". 
The CD features performances by many of the great singers, songwriters and instrumentalists that play guitars and basses made by our Australia's own master craftsman Allan Tomkins. Of the 24 tracks, 13 are brand new recordings and 11 specially selected cuts. Twenty-two local artists and four American acts are featured.
Full details, samples and artist links can be found at www.users.bigpond.com/tomkinsguitars/cds.html
On the launch night, several of the artists on the CD performed live to a huge crowd, including Glen Bain, Lyn Bowtell, Gary Brown, Allan Caswell, Dwayne Elix, Keith Glass, Bob Howe and Hillbilly Heaven, Graham G Toole and Rob Wilson. They were joined by several other Tomkins players, included Peta Caswell, Debra Dicembre, Steve Forde & The Flange and Jack Pledge.
THE FIRST single from Sara Storer's new album Beautiful Circle is to be released later this month.
Camille Te Nahu
This record was made by Stuie French, Nash Chambers, Jeff McCormack, Andy Morgan-Collins, Glen Hannah, Michel Rose, Doug Gallacher, Audrey Auld, Bill Chambers, Rod McCormack, Dave Ellis, Chris Haigh, Bill Risby and Meeli.    Recorded at Swingin' Doors, The Music Cellar and the Beach House.  Mixed by Jeff McCormack and Mastered by Rick O'Neil
Catherine Britt will be recording her new album over in Nashville.  Sir Elton John, who's been keeping in touch with Catherine, looks highly likely to record a duet with her for the new album.
Karen Lynne's new Album "Second Wind"     
   It is on schedule for a November 1st Release it's really 
different and may surprise you - but still as country as ever,... 
  Please don't expect Bluegrass,... Karen has done her best to make this album distinctly different
to the last one and does not want them compared in any way.   Don't fret
however,.. I haven't abandoned my love of Bluegrass - it's still very
much alive and subject to available funds we are indeed planning another
Bluegrass album.  
Kasey's "Behind The Barricades"  DVD
Kasey's "Behind The Barricades"  DVD release date 14th October - EMI Music
This DVD is a fascinating look into her life and the spectacular way her solo career developed.
Keep an eye out for  Carter & Carter's next single
due for release in early November.
More info on Karen available at: www.KarenOshea.com
Kindest regards
David Quinn
THE CARTWHEELS, featuring former Sparnetts members Dave Patterson and Wendy Phypers and their nine-year-old son drummer Charley Phypers, have recorded a song for the new ABC compilation The Moving Breeze.
Titled On The Edge, the song was recorded and produced by Joe Camilleri at his Woodstock Studio in Melbourne and has already received national airplay.
The band has already been booked for appearances at West Leagues and Tamworth RSL for the January 2003 Tamworth Country Music Festival.
EMI MUSIC will release Kasey Chambers' first DVD ­ Behind The Barricades ­ on October 14.
Johnny Farnham records Melinda's Song
AUSTRALIAN MUSIC legend John Farnham has recorded a Melinda Schneider song on his new, as yet untitled, album to be released in October.   The track ­ Eternally ­ was written by Melinda and James Roche from Melbourne.
Lee Kernaghan
LEE KERNAGHAN has debuted at number one on both the All-Australian and Australian International country charts with his new album Electric Rodeo.   The album has also entered the mainstream albums chart at number five.
Electric Rodeo was launched just two weeks ago on John Nutting's national ABC country music radio program Saturday Night Country
Bill Chambers New CD
This year sees the long awaited release of Bill Chambers' solo album "Sleeping With The Blues" 
You might expect a hard-core hillbilly/honky tonk album from Bill but you'll discover there's more to Bill's songwriting and playing than strictly traditional country music.  His musical influence on the Dead Ringer Band and Kasey's music will be apparent after listening to this album.  But it's Bill's songwriting that sets this album apart from his previous collaborations.  Where once he wrote of his place in this country, these new songs reflect the landscape of his heart.  Bill's talents on guitar, dobro and lap steel are showcased beautifully, without being overdone - a difficult feat to achieve for an album that's self-produced. The album includes a duet with Kasey "Stories We Could Tell" (her first recording since Talon was born), an acoustic track from the Dead Ringer Band "Hold You In My Heart" and the honky tonkin' "The Whiskey Isn't Working" from Bill & Audrey.  While most of the songs are Bill's own, there are exceptional covers of "I Drink" written by Mary Gauthier and Fred Eaglesmith's "Big Ass Garage Sale".

1.   Dreamin' About Texas
2.   I Drink
3.   Devil's Bell
4.   Sometimes
5.   Gimme One More Chance
6.   Stories We Could Tell (with Kasey Chambers)
7.   Sleepin' With The Blues
8.   The Whiskey Isn't Workin' (with Audrey Auld)
9.   Promises'
10. Big Ass Garage Sale
11. Hold You In My Heart (with Dead Ringer Band)
12. The Last Thing I Expected
Send your cheque/postal order for $32 ($27.28 for CD + $2.72 GST + $2.00 postage) made out to Reckless Records.
PO Box 298
Marrickville NSW 1475
Fax : 0295578546
Please include your name and return address.
Or if you'd like to pay by credit card, email or fax the following details to 02 9906 5466 :
Name on Card
Card Type
Expiry Date
Card Number
You might say this album has taken a life time to make.
It was worth the wait.
Reckless Records
PO Box 298
Marrickville NSW 1475
Fax : 0295578546
Ph: 0418 972 019

Gina Sterling
Gina Sterling's Album "Two Mothers". It is now completed and will be having a launch to get this Cd out there.  Gina said it was fun working with Michael Fix and all the boys and they made her first venture into a recording studio a lot of fun.  Gina did not sign up with Aussie Independent Music Publishers as it was a step she was not ready to take on yet but will keep them in mind if needing a publisher. Quote from Gina  "Love your rage pages I get so much information from them and even found a songwriting competition to enter".
Gina Sterling
Gina Sterling with her administration details of her forth coming release of CD titled, 'TWO MOTHERS".
The CD is set for release within the next 2-3 weeks and features 7 original songs penned by Gina including the 2002 TSA Salute the Songwriters "Song of the Year" recipient, "Two Mothers" a heartfelt ballad detailing the emotional side from both mothers in an "adoption" case.   Also on the CD is a fantastic "modern" western number titled, "Yellow Gold".    This song won "2001 Runnerup NZ Entertainer of the Year, Song of the Year Award"
The CD was recorded at "Parklands Studio", Brisbane, produced and engineered under the expert supervision of Micheal Fix (who also played along with the guitar, many other percussion instruments on the CD) and features the expert musicianship of people such as, Rickii Chaplin, Michele Rose, Marcus Holden and others..    Backing vocals are, Nicholas and Tracey-Maree Houia ( who were the 1992 NZ Entertainers of the Year winners)
Mastering by Geoff McHahan (Brisbane) and Manufacturing by Media Technology (also of Brisbane)
Gina has recently entered a "publishing contract" with "Aussie Independent Music" based in Tamworth and promotes this CD as an "Independent" artist
The expected retail price for the CD is appx $20.00 and orders can be made by either contacting Gina direct on Ph/fax  07-32036229 or Email ginaandbob@optusnet.com.au or address 74 Steven Street, Redcliffe, Qsld 4020 OR Tracey-Maree Houia Ph: 07-54298018, Mobile 0422 148 683.
Lee Brittan has not been to Tamworth for a few years, but when he was there, he packed 
out the Good Companion Hotel.   Phone number 45798150
Catherine Britt
Catherine Britt who was 17 on New Years Eve has signed with ABC Country.  Her CD "Dusty Smiles and Heartbreak Cures" produced by Bill Chambers on the ABC Country Label 
Bill Chambers said he will be bring out a CD this year.  Lets hope this happens, as he has a lot of fans out there.
Nick Cawthorne - Guitar   
James Sked - Bass        
Trev Warner - Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin and Dobro  
Rod McCormack - Guitar (on Fireball Mail)
  cost is $25.00 which includes handling & postage. 
Address - 16 Hart St  Campbelltown  SA  5074. 
  email  twarner@picknowl.com.au. 
 All Songs written and Performed by Simon Bruce
Tommy Emmanuel Drums, Lead and Acoustic Guitar
Keith Urban - Backing Vocals
 Produced by Tommy Emmanuel in Nashville
All songs written by Greg Champion and 
produced by Rod McCormack Mick Albeck Fiddle 
Andrew Clermont Mandolin
Dan Thompson Bass and Vocal 
Vocals Jane Saunders, Jodi & Robyn Martin,  
Guest Vocals Beccy Cole and  Gina Jeffreys
CDs available through web site  
Hunter Owens Lead Vocals
Suzy Owens Backing Vocals and Electric Bass
Jake Lardot- Electric Guitar
Tomi Graso - Pedal Steel
 Lloyd G - Drums
Wendy Phypers  and Dave Patterson formerly of the golden guitar winning band the Sparnetts have teamed up with their eight year old son, drummer Charley Phypers and friend, guitarist Pete Rowlands to form a new band called the Cartwheels.
The Cartwheels are a blend of great country/rockabilly/hillbilly and original songs from Wendy.
The Cartwheels have just released a six song album simply called the Cartwheels. This is also wiz kid drummer Charley Phypers debut recording. Charley was only seven years old
when the C.D. was recorded and was barely visible in the studio behind drums, cymbals and
microphone stands. Charley would often hop up on stage and do a song with the Sparnetts
from the age of six.   Very special guests on the C.D. include Jeff Mercer and Michael Kerin(Slim Dusty Band) and Melbourne pedal steel legend Ed Bates.  The Cartwheels C.D. contains one original song from Wendy, the infectious ‘24 hours’ and five of their favourite songs from their live set.  Their debut C.D. is available on order from any C.D. store around the country.  All bookings/C.D. orders 
Contact: Dave Patterson  
(03) 5348 7571

 An excellent album   

The Lawrie Minson Band CD  "In another World"  with Lawrie Minson, Ronny Rindo, 
Marius Reynolds and Paul Hyrum Vandemeer.  
Daniel Thompson
"Rollin' with the flow " produced by Stuart French backing band The Feral Swing Katz 
Daniel Thompson with his deep resonant voice is still able to hit the high notes with little effort enabling him to sing just about anything. What an asset it must be to have a vocal range such as his. Daniel has an EP out now "Rollin' with the flow " produced by Stuart French and backing band "The Feral Swing Katz". It has 5 tracks with one original "You made your bed (go cry in it)" written by Daniel and his Dad Michael Thompson and Kim Cheshire plus 4 covers.  With Daniel's voice singing pure country, Stuart French as producer and the special talents of  The Feral Swing Katz this CD should be well worth buying.   Available at Yesterday and Today Sydney or email the address below
email      bigbro@acay.com.au 

Finn MacCool

Mark Oats, Michael Vidale, Dave Warwick, and Greg O'Brien and guest artists Pete Drummond, Mark Collins and Bruce Fumini
Playing at The Rocks in Sydney "The Mercantile Hotel" every Saturday Afternoon
PO Box 1134 Double Bay NSW 1360 Australia
Brent Parlane has a new album "Good Man Down" They are all originals and the Chambers Family are on this album as well as Dave Steel, Mark Punch, Chris Haig, Steve Fernley, Mick Albeck and Audrey Auld.