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Rest in peace
22 October 2009
A sad loss.  Tamworth lovable character "The Dancing Chicka" has passed away at 88yrs.
God bless you Chicka!    We will miss you so much.
Chicka was an ex-navy man and each year he would march on Anzac Day.
On 16th January surrounded by family and his many friends Chicka's ashes were spread from the Tamworth Lookout. A heartfelt poem written by Chicka's close friends and minders, Rhonda and Bruno, was read out and many soft tears were shed in the memory of a man who touched many with his gentle nature and appreciation of the music that we all go to Tamworth to enjoy. Rest easy Chicka, you were sadly missed  
Tamworth Lookout
One of Chicka's favourite bands "Finn MacCool" playing a tribute
Bruno saying his goodbye's with a beautiful poem
Spreading Chicka's ashes
Billie Chicka's daughter
Rhonda (in red)  deep in reflection
Val, one of Chicka's many fans signing remembrance book
Photo Courtesy of Leonie McClure
Chicka Tamworth 2009 dancing to Johnny Green's Blues Cowboys
2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival
One of the wonderful characters at Tamworth
Chicka knows how to have a good time at Tamworth
and never misses a beat
Good on ya! Chicka!!  Keep it up!
 Have a Happy Birthday Chicka
Chicka just loving Johnny Green's Music
Chicka on stage with Finn MacCool   Photo Courtesy of Leonie McClure
Chicka and Shelley
Leslie Avril and Chicka
Leslie, Rhonda and Chicka
Photo Courtesy of Wendy Broome
Photo Courtesy of Leonie McClure

Wendy Broome and Chicka
Chicka is the only person game enough to dance to bluegrass music!!
Leonie and Chicka
Print out and have the memories

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