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mandln3a.gif (1309 bytes)Dale Watson
Yep…you read that right…he’s coming down here with his band for a lightning tour. Dale’s been down here a couple of times before but never with his band. For us fans of his material this is great news …make sure you get to one of his shows! If you’ve never heard him bring some extra money for his CD’s because you’ll be buying several of them. Make sure you get there…it’ll be one of the best gigs you’ll ever see! You’ll walk out of the gig saying to yourself “Now THAT’s country music!”

27th Feb: Cherry Bar
28th Feb: Prince of Wales

2nd Mar: Bridge Hotel
3rd Mar: Bridge Hotel

4th Mar: North Star Hotel, Hamilton
Book your tickets NOW at the venue!
By Ron Wynn
Honky-tonk stalwart Dale Watson's new release Dreamland (Koch/Audium)  nicely showcases Watson's marvellous voice and edgy, authoritative personality. Watson, who performed last weekend  on the Grand Ole Opry, doesn't mince words in either his admiration for his musical heroes or his disdain for a lot of contemporary country.
"There was a time when I didn't like being referred to as an 'alternative country artist,'" Watson said. "But now it doesn't bother me at all because there's a lot of stuff coming out of Nashville that I don't want to be associated with or consider country. The people who like it, that's fine, but it's not me. I don't ever expect the songs I make or anything on this record to get played on radio. But I'm really happy with this record; it's really the kind of music that's true and done from the heart."

Dreamland was produced by ace vocalist, bandleader and instrumentalist Ray Benson, who recruited a host of great musicians behind Watson's mighty vocals. Such tunes as "Honky Tonkers Don't Cry," "I Don't Rock No Cradle" and "I Wish You'd Come Around" are expertly arranged and sung with equal amounts of flair and passion. The title track is another among the many tunes Watson's done over the last few years dedicated to his late girlfriend Terri Herbert, who was tragically killed in an auto accident several years ago. Indeed, the wonderful 2001 release Every Song I Write Is For You represented a complete album of material Watson wrote honoring Herbert, and "Dreamland" is yet another incredibly poignant number.

Though he's long been an underground favorite, Watson's vocal prowess has now began getting him some mainstream country notice, though he has mixed feelings about that as well. "You've gotta be in this business a while to find your own voice, and that's one of the problems with a lot of current singers. You don't hear a lot of the roots in their music because they grew up with Elton John or Fleetwood Mac. Johnny Cash, Bob Wills, Conway Twitty, Elvis, those were the people that I admired growing up, but it was important for me to learn you've got to make your own way."

A current resident of Austin, which he describes as "more friendly to left-of-center music than Nashville," Watson will soon begin working in another medium. He's slated to star in Zalman King's film Austin Angel, which starts shooting in September.

"Ray (Benson) suggested me for the film and a year later the production people got in touch with me. The movie has some great country songs in it, and the story's about a country singer who sells his soul to the devil to save his daughter. I'm looking forward to doing it. It's something a bit different, but we're still sticking to real country music in the process."
Dale Watson – Speaks on his “Labor of Love”
Dale recently released a new album on the Audium
Label “Every song I Write Is For You”. Dale
honestly believes this is his best ever album.
This is his first release since signing with
Audium in March 2001.  Other works in the
Dale speaks openly about the loss of his fiancée
in a motor vehicle accident in September 2000.
This album, (Every Song I Write Is For You) is
dedicated to the memory of “Teresa Lynn
Herbert”.  Please note that the proceeds from this album
will benefit the “Teresa Lynn Herbert Foundation”
which is aiming to help children from single parent
families to gain an education.  For further information
Now down to the tracks on this great album, 14 tracks in all, the delivery is superb in a smooth baritone reminiscent of the style for which fans of “Dale Watson” have come to rely on. The steel guitar of Ricky Davis is as prominent as ever.  Each song a testimony to love in full bloom, love that is lost and love since passed. Love songs for one woman and one man. A once in a lifetime intimacy that brought such happiness for only a short period in time.  Dale candidly explores and shares his emotions, ranging from the absolute depths of despair, to expressions of hopefulness, anger, appreciation and finally acceptance. 
Make no mistake, this is an album of love songs and sad songs, the kind that only honest emotions can evoke (in fine country style) the underlying messages are to be associated with everyday life. The kind of raw emotion and life experience, that  has shaped Country Music throughout the years. I think each and every listener will be touched by this album, if you don’t buy another CD this year make this one a must for your collection.
My selection of the best, from this album, (they are all great) however these four songs stand out from the rest:
Every Song I Write Is For You
I’d Deal With The Devil
I See My Future
Your Love I’m Gonna Miss
The collection of songs on this album will stand to give hope to others who are healing from their own personal grief or tragedy.
Lori Green, Country Hits & Memories,  Port Stephens FM 100.9 Community Radio
Dale Watson in Australia with Audrey Auld on left and Johnny Green on right
 Dale Watson signed a deal with Audium Records. The Texas honky tonker's first album for his new label will be "Every Song I Write Is For You" out July 24th.  
    This is the first email show list I've ever sent out.    I just signed with Audium Records out of Nashville and there are lots of thing going on.  Every Song I Write will be the first CD out w/ 5 new cuts.  They are projecting a July 27th release date.  This Sunday will be a unique gig.   It's a Fado.  Great food and beer choices, very Irish Pub like.  We start at 9. Hope to see yall there. Thanks for your kind letters and for being the kind of folks you are.
                Sincerely, Dale Watson
Never get a tattoo you’re not prepared to fight for says “ DALE WATSON”, displaying the kind of 
uncompromising attitude that characterises the hardcore honky tonk music he plays.
Dales Music is Available from   www.hillsmusic.com  
Some exciting new events are about to unfold for our mate Dale Watson
Two new CDS became available from December 2000
Dale Watson – Christmas Time In Texas
A gem and must for the serious collector.  Twelve tracks in all, mostly featuring new compositions from 
Dale, also the duet with Joy Lynn White, Silver Bells.
Dale Watson  - From The Start
To Quote Dale “This album has been put together using recordings which were forgotten, because of the
time they were recorded.  It was before the “alternative” country movement, so it was just called country 
and no U.S. record company wanted any part of it.   Thankfully things have changed a little and these
recordings have re-surfaced.  Many of these were demos never intended for release.  
Some were intended for a major label release but never made it.  
The musicians varied, as was the nature of the music business in Los Angeles.  I had great fun with all these
guys and when I listened to these recordings it takes me back to those days when, believe it or not, it was
even tougher than now.  Those were lean years and the songs reflected that I hope you enjoy the songs and 
forgive the imperfections on my part but appreciate the heartfelt pickin’ of these great musicians.  It was the
 L.A. times, lean hungry but a helluva lot of fun!
Dale Watson
This album features fourteen tracks in total.  If you’re into the country sound this is more than a must have
Coming soon two new albums and a brand new web site,
A live album recorded at the Borderline in London last October.  This album features the classic song 
“You Gave Me A Mountain” this song has been recorded by all the greats, Marty Robbins, Elvis Presley,
Johnny Bush and more.  On this album Dale treats us with his superb version.  I guarantee you will want to
add this album to your collection. 
Studio album is due out, hot on the heels of the live album.  Dale tells me it’s his best to date

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