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Helen is no longer updating this website. 


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Shane Bailey meets Kirsty and will miss the Ragepage
I will miss the updates and the odd email from you. You have done a top job over the years and this site was the only site I ever visited to keep up with the Country Music Info.
I have become a big fan of performers I first heard of on the Rage page such as The Baileys & Kirsty Lee Akers, I just met Kirsty and her dad at St Marys Leagues Club while I was in Sydney on Holidays.
Like I said I for one will miss your updates...
Your friend from Bundaberg.
Shane Bailey
A cute story!!
This is a beautiful little girl called Maddi who loves music. Like all 4 yr. old little girls she loves to sing and dance.
She told me her favourite singer is John Dember!! (John Denver) because she loves to dance to the
song Crunchy Boy!! (Country Boy)
A story about Poly Everitt's place
It was an Easter weekend, about, 20 years ago, me and family went to the famous Poly Everitt's country weekend and camped in one of his paddocks.  My mate Bob and his family also went.  Heaps of people were there and I even had my old guitar.
I am quite an old hand at camping, bought up in a tent (and that's another story).  Anyway we were setting up, Bob on one side of this really old stump and me on the other, I had my tent up in record time and my fire going just simmering away ready for the evening b/que. 
I was sitting back with my first for the day and Bob and his then wife were arguing over the kids.
"They were never to use the tent posts without him being present, he was almost blowing his top."
His Wife, "Robert (she called him Robert), the kids don't touch the camping equipment.
Bob, "Well there aren't enough poles. Throwing them down in disgust".
His Wife, "Robert. they are telescopic. they are inside each other".  The colour changed 10 times in his face, I still can see him, bottom jaw hit his knees.
I'm cracking up almost spilt my beer. My wife Angela is shaking her head from side to side.
His Wife, "Robert the kids want their food soon could you please start a fire for them".
Now the fun begins. I did mention the stump, well Bob got a hand full of grass, that until yesterday was green ,just been mowed for the occasion,
Stacked it into a crack in the stump, put a couple of old fence posts up against that then lit it. Almost smoked the entire camp site out. Had people throwing stuff at him (Jokingly) in good humour and almost burned my tent down, then it went out when the grass was no longer there of course the posts wouldn't catch fire in a furnace.
His wife. "Robert you are so useless, when it comes to camping.  [xzcxzczx]"
She stormed off, throwing the rest of the tent to the ground.
His wife and kids in tow came to our site and we cooked our snags ect.
That was only the first 3 hours of a really long weekend.
That was just a smigen of what happened that particular weekend.
Poly got robbed, The bikie gang broke up the Pub with No Beer at Taylors Arm and then they come down to us and caused holy hell.


Future Country and Western star
Rita Lilly
Rita Lilly cannot wait to go to Tamworth and be discovered
Friends of Gina Jeffreys' Fan Club
P. O. Box 832 Newport Beach, NSW 2106
The cost to join Gina's fan Club is $20 Australian ($25 Australian per year for overseas members and please send your cheques/money orders in Australian dollars and drawn on an Australian bank)
Members will be entitled to 4 newsletters per year, membership certificate and card
The Troy Cassar-Daley Club
P. O. Box 9 Forest hill, Vic 3131
The cost to join Troy's fan Club is $20 Australian ($25 Australian per year for overseas members
and please send your cheques/money orders in Australian dollars and drawn on an Australian bank)
Members will be entitled to 4 newsletters per year, membership card and new members will receive an autograph photo and a membership certificate signed by Troy

The Beccy Cole Fan Club

P. O. Box 9 Forest hill, Vic 3131 email beccycoleclub@yahoo.com.au 
The cost to join Beccy's fan Club is $20 Australian ($25 Australian per year for overseas members
and please send your cheques/money orders in Australian dollars and drawn on an Australian bank)
Members will be entitled to 4 newsletters per year, membership certificate and card

Lonestar with Avrill from Perth
Lonestar with Avrill from Perth
I had this photo taken with Lonestar at fan fair last June 2004.    I was granted a "meet & greet" with them.
I live in Perth. I have a friend in Nashville and we love country music so much, that's why I make the trip each year as Nashville is a lovely friendly city and as you probably know, it comes alive with country music from every door way during fan fair. I can't get enough country music as it's so happy and the people are always so nice and decent.

I am hoping to go to Tamworth next year. To be honest, I have only been going to Nashville as it has everything including our own Keith Urban etc. I saw him at the Ryman in downtown Nashville two years ago during fan fair.  Last June, I was at the Nashville Entertainment centre for a televised show called "100 top country love songs" and I was lucky enough to see Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton who came on as special guests! They each sang a famous love song from their collection.

 I really enjoyed reading your country music web site Helen. In fact, it is the most informative and interesting I have seen, and I have sent the site address over to my friend in Nashville as she will also get so much information from it for sure.
I love all country music, every bit and every band and singer, and your web site has information on everything I am interested in.
kind regards
Troy Cassar-Daley and Sue Reynolds 2-4-2005
Taken after Troy performed at the open air concert at Kilkiven Qld.  (near Kingaroy) At Kilkiven (a tiny town) they have an annual horse ride that is organised and started by Fabian Webb (who is one of the Webb brothers that started the Gympie Muster).  This year 1015 horses and riders were attracted to the ride, from all over Australia.  A magnificent site to see when they paraded the main street.  This day culminated with a country concert at which Troy Cassar-Daley was the main star.  Troy was excellent, very classy.  He had two boys from Grafton in his band who played bass and drums.   Other artists were also very good including "Cold Turkey Band" (ex Blue Heelers)  and the high school bands from Gympie Country Music School of Excellence . 
Sue & Col
Peter, Felicity and Therese Blacktown RSL Club
Therese with Glen A Baker
Therese story on Melinda Schneider CD Launch
by Therese Bawden
Hi Helen,
Thought I would let you know a little bit about Melinda Schneider's album
launch last night at Panthers Club, Penrith. It was fantastic and my son
said it was better than he thought it would be. It started off with a huge
screen showing Melinda's video clip of 'Real People' and it was wonderful.
Melinda's Mother Mary was there and Melinda left the stage to see her Mother
and they sang and yodelled a little bit together which the crowd loved.
Also, Mary Schneider presented Melinda with a lovely bunch of flowers on

Michael Carr sang one song with Melinda from the new album called 'Beautiful
Thing'. Adam Brand was the MC and he was great.

Cool Country Radio broadcast the launch and my Mother listened at home to it
and thought it was really great. Tomorrow people can listen to a replay of
the launch on Cool Country Radio's Outback Shed between 11.00 a.m. and

At the end of the launch I had a quick conversation with Michael Carr and my
son met him for the very first time. I saw Barbara Morison and she told me
James Blundell was performing soon. I told her I was all set for that one at
Club Merrylands next Saturday night and she said she hoped to have James on
her Show next Saturday morning but was waiting to hear back from him.

I spotted Glenn A Baker and asked if I could have a photo with him, which my
son took. He looks exactly the same as he does on television. Thought I
would just send you a photo as this was the only photo I had taken last
night. We were too far away from the stage, so, I couldn't take any of
Melinda, which was a shame.

There were about 1,100 people at the launch and everyone seemed to have a
great time. We didn't wait to see Melinda at the end of the night as there
was a queue a mile long, we probably would have been there another 2 hours.
Now, I am looking forward to seeing Melinda at the next concert and so is my
Take care,

Therese Bawden
Just had to send you a photo I had taken with Michael Carr at Blacktown RSL
Club last night. It was a fantastic concert and Michael announced a special
guest would appear and lo and behold it was Adam Brand. Adam sang a couple
of songs and then Michael carried on. I met my friend Carol there and we had
a wonderful night.  - Therese
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