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BLUEGRASS outfit Hillbilly Lovechild will record their long awaited album at The Healer in Brisbane on Wednesday, August 28, under the direction of multi award-winning instrumentalist and producer Michael Fix.   Hillbilly Lovechild brings together the talents of Karen Williams, Wayne Bromwich and Chris Cook who last year received a nomination in the APRA awards for his composition Diggin' A Hole in My Guitar.  The recording session is open to the public and kicks off at 8pm. The Healer is located at 27 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley. Enquiries can be directed to email fleurt@gil.com.au
Saturday 15/6  7.30pm - 10.30pm  Tenterfield Arts Centre
Sunday  16/6   2 - 5pm    - Ballina RSL
13th July 2002 -The Royal Hotel Tenterfield - 
Friday 28/6  9pm The Irish Club Hotel Toowoomba Q. 
Saturday 29/6  8pm Laurel Park Bluegrass Concert Toowoomba  Q
Gympie Muster -20th August - 26th August
The Healer - Brisbane 28th August - 8.30pm (  Live Recording )   
Illawarra Folk Festival - 11-15th September 2002

On a normal windy night in the Australian bush, the kangaroos were lulled into their deep sleep and the nocturnal koalas wielded themselves by further indulging into their intimate eucalypt fix.  The soothing airwaves beckoned their souls to such magnitude that eyes could be observed flickering hither and tither desperately searching for an understanding, an explanation, an exultation.  A multitude of strings could be heard rising in tight harmony, and although it wasn’t the voice of angels, the singing created dynamics from out of this world.  It was distinct, it was original, it was acoustic, it was out there……  banjos, mandolins, fiddles, guitars.  Then, as the moonlight caught this auditory presence, it was revealed…….. HILLBILLY LOVECHILD,….  a creation of life made by music and it’s closest lovers. 

As the haze lifted and the sky parted, CHRIS COOK looked behind him.  What he saw were years of musical achievement in line ups such as the Bourkenbacks, Backporch Pickers & the Mataranka Band.  He had chosen his weapons along the way.  Banjo, inevitably, his most powerful choice.  But in his deadliest battles, he sought victory with guitar and fiddle to compliment the successes of songs recorded by leaders such as Slim Dusty and the like.  “When the Country‘s Wet”  and even more recently - “Diggin’ A Hole in My Guitar”  These creations set him flying amongst the greatest, highest flying flock of cockatoos with a nomination in the distinguished APRA awards. 

As Chris turned to face the lingering smell of wattle, he heard a soft but distinct noise at his feet.  Confidently and quietly, walking behind a huge 4 metre yellow bellied black snake was     WAYNE BROMWICH.  This trued and tried bush warrior had brought to this tribe his trusted mandolin which could woo the wildest of animals at any gig.  Accomplished also as a warrior of words and proficient guitarist, he excites even the most flat faced koalas.  

Wayne and Chris trudged through the low lying bush swamp and spotted the tracks of their third tribal member..

They were confident that if the tracks went cold, their trained ears would guide them to her.  KAREN WILLIAMS had been known to communicate with the Australian wildlife with her ancient warbling method.  In the decades that had elapsed, many had lost this innate musical talent, but Karen had saved it from near distinction (I mean extinction!!).  Karen had just recently returned from the rice fields of Nippon (Japan that is) for the fourth time where she was intoxicating them with the ancient art of yodelling.  Bass Guitar in hand, she sauntered toward them with her tribal offering of her lastest CD  -SHINING in hand, now receiving national airplay. 

Together they began to play their weapons with passion.  The kangaroos, koalas, cockatoos, yellow bellied black snakes and their families and friends gathered round to experience the waves of music and sweet harmonies.  They closed their eyes , felt the movement of the Earth and submitted themselves to the comfort of such wonderful resonant sounds of nature, encompassing bluegrass, folk, originals, and covers from many genres of music  

Hillbilly Lovechild will fill your soul with spark and make your heart flutter while your feet patter.  You’ll walk away yodelling and an incredible ability to communicate with the Australian wildlife.


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