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Hi friends
just letting you know that
Karen Lynne & Acoustic Shock (Bluegrass band) will be playing at Crawdaddys
again!!, details below,.. please come & support us if you can?,... also
please can you email this info to all your friends/mailing lists that might
be interested,...

DATE: Friday, 4th March 2005
WHERE: ³Crawdaddys Quarters² Restaurant
Great Cajun/Creole Food,.. jambalaya and gumbo combination, Entrance -
Upstairs Station Street, 516 - 532 High Street, Penrith
WHEN: Music 8.30pm - 11.30pm
For more info: Ring Us on (02) 4757 3292 or them (02) 4732 4554 or get
details on the web http://crawdaddys.foraussies.com/

all the best
karen Lynne

July - September 2004
A big welcome to you all!!,... Karen Lynne here again,.. and although a
little on the quiet side lately, I have been very busy, doing lots of
travelling and have lots of new projects on the boil at the moment so
excuse me for not having an Update to you sooner. Hasn't the year
flown!,... so much to do and so little time,.. and what happened to that

'year of a little peace & quiet' I was intending to have you ask??,.. I
don't know either!??,... but it certainly bypassed me! Anyway, in the
last few months my feet have barely touched the ground! and while I'd
like to be able to say it's because I've been off winning lots of Awards
and bring news of fame & fortune!, it's not,... instead it's due to a
few months hard work 'pounding the pavement' so to speak, then a little
'musical holiday' thrown in at the last minute.

THIRD AUST. SINGLE OUT - Thanks once again to all those Radio Presenters
who have played my latest single "Till You Loved Me", it made it to the
Number 11 Position on the Australian National Country Tracks Chart. This
makes it the third Charting single from the "Second Wind" album and was
a very good position (& unexpected!) as there was a lot of high profile
tracks competing for chart positions in this time period.

BLUEGRASS ALBUM UPDATE - Originally 2004 was planned as a recording
year. As my latest album was (officially) released late in 2002 we were
hoping for a Nov 2004 release for our new Bluegrass offering, but due to
a number of unexpected and unavioidable delays it's now doubtful this
will happen. However, not one to squander a minute, I had a touring &
promotional year for "Second Wind" - and it's been getting great
response everywhere I go.

USA TRIP! - As I said earlier, I did get a little holiday this month,..
although more for my long suffering husband - than me!!, but it was a
chance to get me away from the phone & computer for a while (mind you he
had to take me to America to do it!),.. but as busy as life was,... it
just seemed the right time. We haven't been able to get to America to
check out the latest Bluegrass festivals for over 5 years,.. so it was
time. While there, we didn't stray far from the music, and lets face
it,.. as far as Bluegrass goes, America has the very best you can get.
The festivals on the Agenda included the Cherokee Bluegrass Festival &
(by special invitation) the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival. The
entertainment we took in was nothing short of phenominal!,.. and artists
included Rhonda Vincent (my hero!), Ricky Skaggs, Osborne Bros, Del
McCoury, Valerie Smith, Claire Lynch, Ralph Stanley, Marty Raybon, Larry
Sparks, Doyle Lawson, Jessie McReynolds, Lynne Morris, King Wilkie,
Lonesome River Band, Blue Highway and the list goes on,... I was also
most humbled to be offerred a walk up spot on both festivals - (which I
kindly turned down! in the presence of such greatness,..) but it's an
open opportunity I can hopefully take up with the whole band next time
we return! Many thanks to Carl Goldstein & the organisers of the
Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival for their kind invitation and
hospitality, it was a truly fantastic weekend.

The trip also included meet 'n greets with Rhonda Vincent, Claire Lynch,
Ricky Skaggs and Lynne Morris and husband Marshall - both whom we hadn't
seen for 5 years. Lynne has been quite sick following a stroke a year or
so ago, but she's looking extremely well and determined to be playing &
singing up to scratch again in the near future. I was also was asked to
sing in Nashville with Chris & Sally Jones - which was very nice of
them. We even caught up with our talented little guitar picking mate
Jedd Hughes, who has his new album out in the USA and is taking the
industry by storm. Of course Patty Loveless (Jedd's previous boss!) just
happened to be at Jedd's gig,... so we met her too!  We did also try and
catch up with friends Kym Warner & Carol Young (The Greencards) but
unfortunately Texas was a little too far out of our reach for this trip.

MILDURA FINALISTS! - Congrats! to all the Mildura Finalists!,...  of
which I'm not one this year as I have no new product out,.. but I must
say it's kind of nice not to be gnawing at my fingernails awaiting the
announcements & it will be especially nice to sit back and enjoy the
Awards for once!!,... Oh & sing a song too - as it's always a great

NEW RELEASE FOR PAT DRUMMOND - Good News! - 7 Years is a long time
between Solo albums, but that's how long it's been since Duo partner Pat
Drummond had a solo album out, however finally it's here - in fact both
of them!. Although a little ahead of our time (complete with full
computer interactive) it's a fairly intellectual concept package with
both albums presented as 2 "Pat's" - one, the heavily political &
somewhat grumpy persona 'battling' the alterego, a more accepting &
responsive soul. Of course it's full of exceptionally written gems -
many of which have already become crowd favourites. At $50 a set, it's a
great buy, but have that cup,.. er sorry,... POT of tea ready before you
put it on!,... for info www.patdrummond.net

GIG & OTHER NEWS - Lately we've trampled a lot of turf, it followed our
first little trip to a lovely little Folk festival at St Albans
(NSW),... the site is just perfect for a folk festival and the crowds
were really friendly and hopefully we'll get that one again someday.
Then once again myself and Pat trekked up to Goondiwindi for a lovely
show with funnyman Murray Hartin. Not a huge audience but certainly an
appreciative one where we met quite a few new friends and supporters.
Then it was off to Mungindi for their annual Show once again, thankfully
the grass looked a bit greener this time as some rain had finally
fallen. Thanks to all those friends that came along and saw us at
Gartelmanns Winery, Cantebury Hurlstone Park RSL, Nevertire & those who
braved the icy outdoor show at Dubbo,... (yes I did take my trakky pants
off from under my dress when I went on stage,... although I can tell
you,... I didn' t want to!!)

It was also nice to meet some new friends during our Victorian tour,
you're all wonderful!!,.. Special thanks to Rolo Kiek, Bill Arnett &
everyone from Geelong FM who put on such great gigs..... and especially
all the radio presenters that allowed us to do Interviews with them.
There's too many of you to mention here, but Thankyou all of you!. We
had a good time - and I even got to do a little research in Bendigo &
found out my Great Great Grandad was one of the first to find gold in
Bendigo,.. (and he looked like my brother!).  Many thanks also to our
friends that helped with accommodation - Merelyn & David Carter, Brent
Parlane, John Wallace, (Wallis & Matilda) The Banfields, Neil Higgins &
Family, Gerry & Maria, Shane & Mal. We also had a great weekend at the
Illawarra Folk Festival (it's become a yearly get together for us
Bluegrass lovers now!),... and we hope this festival keeps on keeping on
for many more years. It's been good to be able to find a minute to
contact you all before I'm off again, this time to Mildura,.. SA and
then possibly (if all goes well!) WA as well,.... (although all those
wanting to catch up with me on that leg of the tour should give me a
call as it is not finalised yet). Anyway, must go - hoping to hear from
you all soon!!!
Lots of Love,..
Karen Lynne

April - June 2004

Hello everyone,... just me again, hope all is well in your world. Firstly a little apology for not sending you an update for a few months, it has been an interesting few months for me. I have been busy as usual working on my music,.. but also took some time out to do some ‘after battle’ re-assessment & re-evaluation of a few things in my life,... sounds deep,.. but I guess we all need a little ‘down time’ sometimes and it’s something I don’t do very often at all. So what with a bit of the outdoors,.. a little birthday celebration,.. a bit of Family time and a visit from a long time friend from Scotland, it’s been a much needed break for me.

Of course there’s no one to ‘mind the shop’ so to speak while I’m not in,... so I’m a little behind with my E and non cyber-mail so please forgive me if you are being effected by that. As you all would know by now I currently have an Australian single out there - “Till You loved Me”,... forgive me if I haven’t yet contacted you this round,.. but please give it a spin as you will hear from me soon.

EMAIL PROBLEMS - Don’t quite know what is happening out there in the world of cyberspace, but it seems I am having some of my emails go astray?,... and it seems some sent to me are being bounced back to you? It’s really very annoying as email could be such a great method of business communication if it wasn’t for all the idiots that clog it up with Viruses and spam. Please reply to this email so I know that at least you got it,..... just a “Got it thanks” will do!,.. much obliged.

THIRD AUST. SINGLE OUT - Just letting you all know my latest single “Till You Loved Me” went out on NFS 87,.. please check it out and let me know if it is good enough to make your playlists,.... it hasn’t hit the chart yet,.. but here’s hoping!. Sorry I haven’t got around to contacting all the Australian Radio Presenters yet, but I am doing my best. I really haven’t chatted to anyone much this year at all and have lots of news, so if you can spare me a few minutes for a quick phone interview over the next few weeks - it would be appreciated.

LOST CD! - I don’t know how it happened,... but I somehow have sent a “Second Wind” CD Cover out there with a “Labour Of Love” CD inside,.... it’s very likely that it’s been sent to someone in the Media as a ‘Promotional’ Copy,... if you got this by mistake,.. please contact me urgently, thanks.

HEATHER QUARRY - Where are you?,... Any Victorian Radio Presenters knowing Heather - please contact me,.... I have lost touch with her and do not have details of the current Radio station she works for,... please - if you know her, contact me.

GIG & OTHER NEWS - Thanks again for all the support and the many friendly emails I get sent every now and then!,.. Thanks also to the organisers of St Albans Folk Festival and the Mungindi show - great shows,... and thanks to all those friends that came along and saw us at Nelson Bay and Goondiwindi,...they were great too,... thanks for sending me all the cards,.. letters,.. playlists, newsletters etc,.... much appreciated in fact, the only Raspberries going out this month are to the slackos that pinched our Product Box (full of Cds!!) from the stage at Mungindi Show,...(the police are now looking for thieves with very poor musical taste!!)

Anyway, must go - hoping to hear from you all soon!!!
Lots of Love
Karen Lynne

GIG GUIDE  (Based on Current Info known - Details may change)
Tues, 6 July  With Pat Drummond, Parramatta Mall Amphitheatre, Parramatta ( Lunchtime) 12.15 and 1.15 PM (To Confirm ring me 0407 603 277)
Thurs, 8 July  Solo Spot on Cantebury Country Show - Canterbury Hurlestone RSL, 8pm
Fri, 9 July  The Clarendon, Katoomba with Pat Drummond and Brent Parlane Please     Prebook for this gig Ring 4782 1322
Sat, 10 July   With Pat Drummond, Gartleman's Winery, Hunter Valley (To Confirm ring    me 0407 603 277)
Sun, 11 July  With Pat Drummond, Wisemans Ferry Inn, Wisemans Ferry on the beautiful    Hawkesbury River, Sydney 1PM (To Confirm ring 0407 603 277)
Thu, 15 July  With Pat Drummond, Merry Muse Folk Club Canberra For Details ring Bill    Arnett on 0407 434 469, Polish White Eagle Club 7.30PM
Fri, 16 July  Beechworth Town Hall 7.30PM, Beechworth Victoria With Pat Drummond,    Bernard Boland and Neil Higgins
Sun, 18 July  With Pat Drummond,The Banfield Theatre, Philip Island Please Prebook for    this gig. Tickets Ring Rick Banfield On 03 5952 2621 or 0417 521 763
Fri, 23 July  Clifton Hill Hotel, Clifton Hill With Pat Drummond and Brent Parlane Please    Prebook for this gig Ring The Clifton Hill Hotel 03 9489 8705
Sat, 24 July  Geelong FM Country Special, with Pat Drummond and Brent Parlane,     Geelong Victoria $20.00 The Australian Croation Hall 101- 109 Seperation    Street Nth Geelong 3215 Ring Ena on or 52721234 8PM
Fri, 30 July  With Pat Drummond, Dandenong Ranges Folk Club, Upwey For Bookings    details  contact Bernie Lobett
earlobe@alphalink.com.au  or on 0409 170 651
Sun, 1 Aug  With Pat Drummond, Jamberoo Hotel, Jamberoo near Kiama, 2PM
Fri, 6 Aug  With Pat Drummond, Fri, 6 Aug 2004 Bathurst Folk Club The Panarama     City Hotel Motor Lodge 8PM For Details Ring Bruce Cameron
Sat, 7 Aug  Guest spot at Fundraiser For The Leukemia Foundation and Ron      Drummond's Family (Pat’s Brother), at he Harp Hotel In Tempe. Tickets are    $30 each.. Book by phoning Carol on 4788 1157 or email      
patdrum@lisp.com.au . You can always buy a ticket as a donation even if you    can't attend.
Sun, 8 Aug  Wisemans Ferry Inn, Wisemans Ferry on the beautiful Hawkesbury River,    Sydney 1PM (To Confirm ring me 0407 603 277)
Sept 27-3rd Oct Mildura Independent Country Music Festival, Mildura

Feb 2004 - KAREN LYNNE
Hi all!,... Welcome to 2004, hope the new year has kicked off well for
you all. While determined to have a more manageable year, mine is off to
an annoyingly busy start with lots of news to tell you.
FEB 2004 - VIC COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS WIN - Good News as I've achieved Top
honours for the second year in a row at the Victorian & National Country
Music Awards. This years Award was in the "Bluegrass & Traditional
Country" Section and was a really special award to win considering my
long time love of Bluegrass and (particularly) traditional Country
Music,.. a great way to start 2004!

SECOND SINGLE MAKES TOP 10 - Just letting you know that the second
single release from the Second Wind album "I'll Just Pretend" made it to
a healthy Number 6 position on the major Australian Country Tracks
Chart,.. Thanks again to all the Radio Presenters (all over the World!),
who have given the single so much support,.. it's a great song,... Thank

NEW SINGLE - Keep a watch out for the first Australian single for 2004.
This will happen in April or early May on NFS. The song is planned to be
track 4 "Till you loved Me", and as it did so well on the overseas
airplay chart we are hoping that it will do the same in Australia,..
please support it if you can!. Anyone wanting interviews in the light of
this new single and in the wake of the recent Award win please contact

UPDATE ON LATEST EUROPE & UK SINGLE - Thanks to all my overseas DJ
friends, for supporting the latest overseas single "Till you loved Me"-
it received some great comments and good airplay. Due to an unfortunate
set of circumstances I was unable to receive information relating to the
progress of this single at that particular time, so I was unable to
follow it up properly. It was therefore left to do it's own will!,...
amazingly I'm told it still reached Number 7 on the DJ voted European/UK
Airplay chart showing the most played songs.,... thanks all!.

WEB SITE UPDATED: - Good news as the web site is generally being updated
on a regular basis. So if you have a minute, go have a peak, listen to
song samples from all the albums and check out the news & pics!

GIG & OTHER NEWS - Thanks to everyone who went out of their way to catch
up with me at Tamworth.  I'm sorry I couldn't take the Bluegrass band
with me this year, but sometimes it's just not financially viable.
Regardless, there were still some lovely shows. The TSA Songwriters
Concert was - as always, a fantastic show and thanks also to Arthur &
Berice Blanch who asked me to guest on their wonderful concert. It was a
real highlight for me - especially meeting Arthur and the Webb Brothers,
who I heard a lot while I was growing up (thanks to my Dad's love of
Country Music).

Thanks also to Trevor Knight (also now on the Shoestring label) and his
efforts in organising the Shoestring Showcases, they were really nice
shows featuring many of the artists that are distributed by Shoestring.
Special thanks go to Kym Warner and Carol Young - of the "Greencards"
Bluegrass Band for giving myself and Marty (my Banjo playing husband) a
great feature spot on their bluegrass show, and even though they now
reside in Texas, USA most of the time, it was lovely to catch up with
them in the flesh for the first time in three years. They have a great
new album out which will do great things for them I'm sure.

Thanks also for those gig tips that many of you have sent me,.. we will
be coming down to Victoria in March, but only briefly, but still hope to
pick up gigs at some of those venues (if not this time, later in the
year on our next trip in July).

Anyway,.. all the best for the new year,.... Lots of Love,..
Karen Lynne


Following 'hot on the heels' of her win in the Australian Independent
Country Music Awards as Independent Female Vocalist of the Year,
Australian Singer Karen Lynne has taken out the Top Award for "Bluegrass
& Traditional Country Song of The Year" in the 2004 Victorian & National
Country Music Awards.

The winning track was a gorgeous rendition of '"The Outbacks Been
Getting the Rain,' a song written by her duo partner, Singer/songwriter
Pat Drummond during his stay at Nappermarie station on Coopers Creek.

'Second Wind', Karen's fourth independent release had been tipped to
bring her great success over this last year and indeed it has. In
addition to rave reviews and Top 10 Chart successes for the initial two
singles in Australia and overseas, the Album has now received no less
than 11 Final Award Nominations nationally and two Major Country Music

The album, produced by Sydney producer Herm Kovak, is a return to a
Country Music format with a variety of material, some of which edges
into mainstream country. The winning song has also been featured
recently on the "Send it Down Huey" Country Compilation, an album
compiled and released with all proceeds going to aid the Australian
National Drought Relief Appeal.

Second Wind has expanded Karen's fanbase enormously, a great album and
certainly one of the Major Independent Releases in 2003.

For More Info Contact Karen Lynne Music or Shoestring Records on (02)
4757 3292 or 4788 1157
Karen Lynne with partner Marty Louis

The highly acclaimed bluegrass album Blue Mountain Rain from Australian singer Karen Lynne & instrumentalist Martin Louis won the award for Best Independent Release in the 2003 Victorian Country Music Awards last weekend.
The prestigious Awards presentation night is held as a part of the Whittlesea Country
Music Festival. Released on independent record label Shoestring, the album continues to receive an amazing response and has attracted no less than 9 award nominations in its first year of release. These nominations include the prestigious Toyota Golden Guitar Awards, the Australian Independent Country Music Awards, the Tamworth Independent (TIARA) Artist Recognition Awards and the Victorian Country Music Awards.

The award win has clearly reinforced the rising popularity of bluegrass & other traditional/roots music in the country music genre today led by the O Brother Where Art Thou phenomenon. In Australia the success of Blue Mountain Rain has been quite extraordinary, with enthusiastic reaction and unprecedented radio support that has seen bluegrass featuring on the national country airplay charts.
Conceived by Karen Lynne following her successful on stage collaboration with Sydney bluegrass band Acoustic Shock, the album places Karen as the first Australian female artist to present a wholly Bluegrass album.
Blue Mountain Rain is stunning in its musicianship, featuring the multi-awarded talents of Acoustic Shock Martin Louis, Banjo; Jim Rush, Flat Pick Guitar; Nigel Lever, Mandolin; and Quentin Fraser, Double Bass & Dobro, along with great feature pieces from leading Australian bluegrass players Ian Simpson, Kym Warner, Mick Albeck, Liz Frencham & Andrew Clermont.
The vocal harmonies are an absolute standout - mostly shared by Karen, Martin & Jim, they are superb and seamless - and set against the strong driving bluegrass instruments, take on a new strength and richness

The material included on the album is expansive in its variety which makes for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience as it wanders from the foot tapping songs and instrumentals, through to the deep, full-harmony slower songs.

This combination in particular, however, is a truly complimentary and pleasing one. The album boldly lacks any hint of crossover country pop, and this in itself makes it refreshingly different. With more and more country music fans searching for a little more credibility in their music at the moment, this album was bound to be noticed.

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