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mandln3a.gif (1309 bytes)Kym Warner
Kym and Catherine Britt
Photos taken in Texas
Courtesy of John Habbinga from Texas
Jedd Hughes, Kym  and Carol Young taken in Texas
Jedd and Kym

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Kym is very busy at the moment recording with and producing an album for a great singer/songwriter Aaron Watson and at the moment he is waiting on news re. his working Visa.   His parents are hoping he will be home for Xmas - but he is waiting to see if he can extend his work visa and if that happens he will stay on at the states and will not be at Tamworth.

One weekend in Henrietta, Texas,  Kym Warner Carol Young and  Jedd  Hughes,appearing under the banner of "The Lonesome Buddies" opened for The Ben Atkins Band, of which Jedd is also a member, with a Bluegrass set to a packed house.   The crowd whose ages ranged from 18 - 25 apparently went "nuts" over the group who caught up with each other in San Angelo last weekend.   After spending the last week up at the College in Levelland, the guys have all been invited to perform a Bluegrass set on the next Thursday Night Live program on the 4th. October, a cable TV program with its audience throughout West Texas.

Kym is going to San Angelo, Texas with Waylon Pierce indefinitely.  When Jedd Hughes (who is home to visit his family and for the Bluegrass June Fest at The Pub) arrives back in Texas he will be two hours away from Kym and they are hoping to do some gigs together.  Tamworth Ragepage would like to wish Kym all the best with this venture but the fans of Australian Country music hope Kym and Jedd don't stay away too long.  Keep tuned to this page as Kym is going to send news regularly.

Carol Young has been offered a  six-month gig singing harmony and playing bass with Wayne Pierce who is based at San Angelo, Texas USA.  Carol will catch up with her good friends Kym Warner and Jedd Hughes while she is in Texas.  We all hope that they will come back for Tamworth 2002.  Tamworth Ragepage would like to wish Carol, Kym and Jedd all the best with there venture.

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