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Camille Te Nahu / Stuie French, Alisha Smith, Terry & Jenny Bennetts Take Out Major Awards in The Tasmania &
New Zealand Songwriters Awards.
Jannali, NSW based singer/songwriters Camille Te Nahu & Stuie French won the Independent Artists Album Of The Year Award for their latest release “Not Without You” at the 2005 Tasmania & New Zealand Songwriting Awards held at the Australian Italian Club on Friday the 9th. of September, 2005.

Also singer/songwriters Terry & Jenny Bennetts from Gnangara W. A. won the Independent Artist EP Award Of The Year for their latest release “The Soldier With His Banjo”.

And the new addition to these awards, the Independent Artists Instrumental Album Award which was included this year was won by Alisha Smith from Blackwater, Qld. for her first Album “ The Guitar Pickin’ Chicken ”.

This Award is to Promote Independent Artists and to give them the recognition they deserve.
Each of these artists are awarded with a framed copy of their Album/EP plus a Cash Prize & Certificate.
This Award started in 1999 and has grown considerably as more Artists are recognizing the potential it has to offer.

These Awards are run under the title of the Tasmania & New Zealand Independent Artists Awards in conjunction with the Songwriting Contest (in it’s 9th. year) by Gaylene Faulkner who is the Tamworth Songwriters' Association Inc. state co-ordinator for Tasmania and New Zealand but all sections of this contest are open to all writers and independent artists of Australia and New Zealand. The competition is run with the support of the Tamworth Songwriters' Association.
Entrants do not have to be members of the Tamworth Songwriters' Association but there are benefits to those who are members in the form of entry fees for the contest.

There is only one Award for the Album and EP given each year but I wish to inform you of the minor placings in each of these.

Album Award - 41 Albums Entered
2nd. Paul Coster – Walking In These Shoes – Vic.
3rd. Sweeney Killeen – Along For The Ride – N.S.W.
4th. Natalie Howard – Yesterday’s Makeup – Qld.
5th. The Atherton Brothers – The Atherton Brothers – Qld.

EP Award - 6 Eps Entered ( contains less than 10 songs)
2nd. Merilyn Steele – Forever - NSW
3rd. Rebecca Lee Nye – I Started Living – Vic.

Instrumental Album Award - 2 Albums Entered (Due to new section )
2nd. Gary Smith – Gazza’s Tribute to Bazza – Tas.
The Songwriting Competition
Craig & Rosalynne Giles take out two Major Songwriting Awards in the Open Contemporary Section. The winning song went to the Giles writing team with their song “ A Million Beer Drops ” with the 2nd. Place going to the same team for the song “ Riding That White Line ”.
Congratulations to Craig & Rosalynne for their combined effort with these songs which will be released on Craig’s new album ‘ Kick It ’ to be released very soon. For more details regarding this log onto Craig’s website on www.craigiles.com
Guest Artists on the awards night was 2004 Album Award Winner, Peter Pratt and South Aust. touring artist, Allan Webster also visiting entrant, Laurie Manitzky form Qld. performing at the Awards on the night and as Tasmania has that large stretch of water between it and the mainland this doesn’t usually happen. The awards night was well supported and a great time was had by all that attended.
The Winners and Placings for all sections of the songwriting contest are as follows:
Open Contemporary Section - 62 Entries
1st. Craig & Rosalynne Giles – A Million Beer Drops – NSW
2nd. Craig & Rosalynne Giles – Riding That White Line - NSW
3rd. Tracy Killeen / Roger Corbett – Can’t Do A Thing Without You - NSW
4th. Brian Elkington – It’s Too Late To Be Good To Me Now – NSW
5th. Laurie Manitzky – Rusty Hills Hoist – Qld.
6th. Robbie Dalzell – Sitting In The Car – S. A.
7th. Leon Argent – Valentine Girl – Vic.
8th. Robbie Dalzell – the Letter – S. A.
9th. Aaron Jury – White Linen Dress – N. Z.
10th. Laurie Manitzky / Billy Vaughn – One Night – Qld.
Open Ballad Section - 43 Entries
1st. Steve Gibson / Mark Hoppe / Mark Tinson – King Of The Ranges – NSW
2nd. Rob Brown – There’s Only You – NSW
3rd. Robbie Wason / Samson James – The Place Where I Came From – Qld.
4th. Stephen Graham – The Grass Ain’t Never Greener – NSW
5th. Bec Hance – I Miss My Life – Vic.
Open Gospel Section - 12 Entries
1st. Stan lenz – Sweet Love – Qld.
2nd. Noela Dillon – The Bush Church – Qld.
3rd. Bill Lewis – Just Do Your Best – Qld.
4th. Wal Davies / Peter Stock – What Ever Things – NSW
5th. Tim Hannan – Down On My Knees And Pray – Vic.
Tasmanian Resident Section - 17 Entries
1st. Ivan Fletcher – My Lady – Tas.
2nd. Ivan Fletcher / Nita Clifford – The Silver In My Mothers Hair – Tas.
3rd. Noel Freeman – Texas Ranger – Tas.
Comedy/Novelty Section - 29 Entries
1st. Alan McPherson – Santa’s New Rig – Qld.
2nd. Rita Schneider – I’m Bootscootin’ Shirl - NSW
3rd. Keith Jamieson / Joe Daly – Twenty Million Bulldog Ants – Qld.
4th. Keith Jamieson / Joe Daly – Loudmouth – Qld.
5th. J. J. Justin – Sticks N Stones – W. A.

Graham Rodger leaps ahead with 3 placings in the Recorded Section of the 2005 Contest with 1st. – 3rd. & 6th. from a huge amount of entries of 107.
The comments from the judges this year were asking the co-ordinator how they were supposed to find a top 3 from so many brilliant songs, it was a very difficult task for the judges as they felt there were a very large number of songs which could easily fitted into the top placings.
Congratulations to Graham Rodger for a wonderful songwriting effort and Graham will be appearing at the 2006 Awards as leading Guest Artist for our 10th. Birthday Celebrations & Awards Presentations on the 8th. September.
Recorded Section - 107 Entries
1st. Graham Rodger – lets Keep Australia, Australia – Qld.
2nd. Ron Milliner/ Gaylene Jennings / Leanda O’Brien – Uncle Jack – NSW
3rd. Graham Rodger – The Matilda Highway – Qld.
4th. Jessica Belle / L. Towers – Never Reached The Stars – NSW
5th. Ron Milliner / Leanda O’Brien – Roughrider Don – NSW
6th. Graham Rodger – The Wheels Of Cobb & Co – Qld.
7th. Jeff Brown / W. Crosby – Bucking Reins And Bullropes – Qld.
8th. John Seers / Virginia Coad – Mud In His Eyes – NSW
9th. Jeff Brown / R. Dutton – The Jacaranda Tree – Qld.
10th. Jeff Brown / W. Crosby – Fred Gutty – Qld.
Total Entries 319
Barry Thornton Encouragement Award
Tony Smalldon – Tas.
Lois Hall Judges Award
Bonita Elphinstone & Pam Crawn – Tas.
Congratulations to all Winners and Runners-up and Thank You to all the Writers who supported the Contest to make it what it is today.
Yours Faithfully
Gaylene Faulkner

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