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mandln3a.gif (1309 bytes) Male Artists Report
Artists   A - K
Male Artists News, Reports and Bio's in Alphabetical order.
For more information about these artists click on their photos! Keep an eye
on news updates. You don't want to miss seeing them on tour, possibly
included with Jamaica vacation packages. If you enjoy travelling, then what
better way to make a trip that much more exciting. Whether you like to
travel close to home or go far to resorts in Dominican Republic it is always
fun to see a concert out on the road! It is important to stay informed! So
do what's right, and click those photos!
*Click on Photos
       8 Ball Aitken                 Gary Allan USA                 John Anderson      
Roo Arcus                                   Kurt Bailey                               Greg Bain
 Andy Baylor                                   Kevin Bennett
Click on Photo for Artist's Report    
      James Blundell                   Aaron Bolton              Freddy Bowen
adambr2.jpg (7064 bytes)
Adam Brand
Peter Brandon  (USA)                      Liam Brew                    
                  Billy Bridge                    Lee Brittan     
Karl Broadie                    Garth Brooks
Doug Bruce                     Simon Bruce              
Michael Bryers                Peter Busher             Brett Butler   
Click on Photo for Artist's Report  
Glen Campbell
Lindsay Butler
Click on Photo for Artist's Report       
     Josh Canning                              Michael Carr                          Bobby Cash    
Click on Photo for Artist's Report
 Troy Cassar-Daley            Nick Cesta                  Bill Chambers       
Click on Photo for Artist's Report
      greg4.jpg (12606 bytes)  
Greg Champion                 Kim Cheshire                     Kenny Chesney
Click on Photo for Artist's Report
Cameron Clayton (New Zealand)
andrew4.jpg (14451 bytes)    
Andrew Clermont                  Darren Coggan                 Travis Collins


Brock Colley
                Darren Colston                Graeme Connors           Chris Cook (Nth Carolina)
Paul Costa                      Billy Craig
                Tom Curtain                Smoky Dawson  MBE AM  
                  David Delle-Vergin                     Peter Denahy                      
Mike Denver
Dick Desert
           Dale Duncan             Royden Donohue
Rod Dowsett     
Slim Dusty AO  MBE
Fred Eaglesmith                        Steve Eales                              Dwane Elix
Click on Photo for Artist's Report
Phil Emmanuel                 Tommy Emmanual             Morgan Evans
Tim Farren
      Col Finley  
Michael Fix
Click on Photo for Artist's Report
Shane Flew                    Lee Forster                 Matt Frost
           Joe Galea         Pete Gervasoni
Steve Gibson           Vince Gill
           Terry Gordon              Graham Gould
Click on Photo for Artist's Report
    davegray.jpg (21972 bytes) 
Steve Graham                         The Other Dave Gray
       Errol Gray       
Click on Photo for Artist's Report
Adam Harvey              Den Hanrahan         
Sam Hawksley               Jim Haynes                 Marcus Holden 
Click on Photo for Artist's Report
Dale Hooper                          Shane Howard                             Jedd Hughes   
Jade Hurley
Larry Jackson (USA)                    Pixie Jenkins      
                Dean Johnston                   Col Joye        
      Dale Juner      
JJ Justin                         Kieran Kane                  Fats Kaplin
Click on Photo for Artist's Report 
Robert Keith                                Paul Kelly
Troy Martin Kemp
Bap Kennedy       Kerry Kennedy
                    Lee Kernaghan                   Adam Kilpatrick                     Jamie Kindleyside         
Mark Kirk
         Trevor Knight                    Hank Koopman           Kris Kristofferson

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