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mandln3a.gif (1309 bytes)Rockabilly
Email: - klubbarfly@hotmail.com  Ph 0411 592378

Appear at the
Petersham Inn
Friday 24 August
8.30p.m. Free Entry

The Nervous Wreckers present their fantastic blend of Rockabilly, Western Swing, Country and more at The Petersham Inn. Their music gives an eerie sense of familiarity as they pay homage to the greats that have gone before them, but The Nervous Wreckers don’t rely solely on nostalgia; they add a very modern, relevant flavour to a tried & true recipe. It’s like they’ve invented a new way to cook steak, sure we already know we love it, but this tastes so much better than anything that has ever devoured before.

Whilst The Nervous Wreckers may be young guns, they are by no means new to the style. Members of this group have been cutting their teeth and gaining cred in bands such as The Psyclones, Vessel Of Sin, The Bazooka Joes, The Creepers and The Louisville Sluggers. The Nervous Wreckers recreate a performance ethic that many modern bands have overlooked. They are a sharp, well dressed band which presents the audience with a rich, vibrant visual appeal many haven’t seen since the heyday of The Sun Records Touring Caravan. They are a strutting, swaggering, musical contradiction, with a slick, stylish look and a sound that’s bare boned, raw and genuine, executed with well above par musicianship.
The Petersham Inn is at 386 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
For further information please contact Barfly Promotions email: klubbarfly@hotmail.com  Ph 0411 592 378
Appears at the
Petersham Inn
Friday 17 August
8.30p.m. Free Entry

Hillbilly, Country, Soul performer Den Hanrahan transforms standard beer joint country rock into something way above par - and its damn good fun! Front bar larrikin, singer, songwriter, storyteller, guitar, banjo, harp player and stomp-box stomper Den Hanrahan is part honky tonk, part spinifex and all highway! http://www.myspace.com/denhanrahan

The Petersham Inn is at 386 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
At The Lansdowne Hotel
City Rd, Chippendale
Sunday 12 August, 2007
6.00 p.m FREE ENTRY
With Special Guests:
Mother Truckers, Only Cash, Chickenstones
Austin Floyd
Chuck's Wagon
Rolling in from way out yonder!
An Urban Johnny Cash meets Jay Farrar and Shooter Jennings for a late night brew! Heartbreak, sin, redemption and the hope that only country can conjure up.

The Bone Daddies
Dear Rockabilly music enthusiasts,
For just a few hours the time warp opened, and the Fifties came alive in a
riot of fashion, cars, colour and music.
Here are two pages of pics from the Fifties Fair at the Rose Seidler House....


For further information contact:-
BARFLY PROMOTIONS - Tiffany Palmer 0411 592378 email: klubbarfly@hotmail.com

Barflys Jam
May 3rd

Nick O’Neill, Mark Kirk, Daryl Hennessey, Nicky Gillis,
Phil Knight, Steve Shepherd (obscured) and Jake Lardot.
Thanks to all the muso’s who found the time to be at the Frog last Wednesday. The Barflys band were Daryl Hennessey on drums, Steve Shepherd bass, Nick O’Neill on pedal steel, Rod Impel guitar, Bryen Willems acoustic guitar & harp, and Mark Kirk on electric guitar.

The night kicked off with Bryen doing what he does best….hard core honky tonk.
We then had the pleasure of two guest singers; Jenni vanden Bosch and Spencer.
Jenni has a sweet voice and used it well to interpret some Patsy Cline.
Spencer rocked through a couple of J.C.Fogerty trax, one of which, “big train from Memphis” is a favourite of mine and I’ve only ever heard one other cover band do it.. keep an eye out for Spencer on the road with his Creedence/Fogarty tribute show.
Hope to see Jenni and Spencer back anytime.

Next up was Nicki Gillis, with Jake Lardot on acoustic, and that was good. As usual.
Nice blend of bluegrass and country.

Phil Knight joined the Barflys to give us a hot set of good time blues, which really closed out the night on a top note.

Mucho more thanks to the listeners, who I hope had as much fun as I did. Also to those of you who let us put them on the mailing list for this letter. Please come again soon, and bring your friends. It would be wonderful if we could create a regular, people friendly country venue in this part of Sydney, cause it sure is a long way to the city.

The BARFLYS JAM continues next wed, 10 may, 7.30 pm, at the JOLLY FROG FAMILY HOTEL, Windsor. Good bistro, good beer, good people, good luck!
Every Tuesday ‘Iguana Bar Live’ features the cream of Sydney’s musicians in
acoustic mode. FREE ENTRY, Doors Open 10 p.m.
Presented by The Iguana Bar and Barfly Promotions
IGUANA BAR LIVE- 13 -15 Kellett St, Kings Cross.
click here for more info
Acoustic Every Tuesday – Live Bands Every Friday
Every Tuesday ‘Iguana Bar Live’ features the cream of Sydney’s musicians in acoustic mode –
FREE ENTRY, Doors Open 9.30 p.m.

Click here Karl Broadie Artist Report
Karl Broadie, a Sydney-based Scotsman, found his way to Australia back in 1997. A debut album, Nowhere Now Here (2003) and a follow-up Ep Everybody’s Gold (2004) earned this displaced poet/lyricist/troubadour, global recognition and a reputation as a very fine craftsman of songs. Reviews in MOJO, UNCUT, RECORD COLLECTOR, HARP(USA), AMPLIFIER(USA) Rhythms(AUS) all praised Broadie’s unique “sweetly cracked” voice and drew songwriting comparisons to the finest of the Americana/Alt-Country genre; Dylan, Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Tom Waits, Neil Young and Wilco.

Every Friday ‘Iguana Bar Live’ features live bands. Doors Open 8p.m. Entry is $10 which includes a FREE House Spirit, Local Beer or Wine.


Brigitte Handley fronts 'The Dark Shadows' with her fierce vocals and mean guitar, she is joined by fellow B-Grade girls, Carly Chalker, slamin' out on bass and Stella Mozgawa pounding away on drums.
Imagine Gene Vincent married Marlene Dietrich with a twist of Tim Burton, Dave Vanian and the Sisters of Mercy.

Tales of vampyric love, alienation, self-empowerment and individual expression. Brigitte's songs are voiced with a deep, dark-edged sword, full of a presence and attitude that is not to be crossed. Ranging from a full-force rockin' attack, dripping down to a rich, sombre low delivered with a solemn vow of determination. The sharp lipstick twang of the Danelectro slung low, kicks with a grating bite and shimmers into a silvery vibrato moon.

With Special guests:- THE GREEN LIGHT - There’s no sedating the enthusiasm The Green Light puts into their set. Their high energy punk and garage influenced rock ‘n’ roll will infect you.

The Iguana Bar is situated at 13 -15 Kellett St, Kings Cross.
Fabulous meals are available in the front restaurant before and after the bands

All press enquiries regarding ‘Iguana Bar Live’ should be directed to Tiffany Palmer at Barfly Promotionsemail: klubbarfly@hotmail.com  Ph 0411 592 378
The Remains

THE RUMBLE! Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Rock n' Roll,
Swamp and Roots Rock Event - Featuring Satellite V etc. - plus pic of
Satellite V

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