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Helen is no longer updating this website. 


  2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival Socialising at
The Pub Group venues
Cheryl Byrnes and Travis Collins
Helen and Anna
Sam Hawksley and Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson and Friend
Mark Edson from Canada loves coming to the Australian Country Festival
Sam Lemann and Peter Figures
Lee Forster holding red shirt
Katie Brianna and Friends
Kath and Kelly
Adam Harvey with some fans
Wendy Broome and Kim Cheshire
Jim Lauderdale and Adam Harvey
Adam Harvey at The Family Hotel
Adam Harvey with fan
Gaye and Val
Matt, Helen and Loraine
Brian De Gruchy, Charlene Bailey and Wendy Broome
Laurie Daley, Richard Wilkins and Karl Stefanovic
Gordon Tallis, Karl Stefanovic Lachlan Murdoch and Laurie Daley
Gordon Tallis, Karl Stefanovic Lachlan Murdoch and Laurie Daley
Cameron Williams, Karl Stefanovic and Gordon Tallis with Helen
Peter & Chris - Peter is the organiser of the Port Stephen Country Music Festival
long weekend in June.

Robyn Greentree, Cindy Greentree, Maureen Carr and Robyn Shackle
Therese Proust and Friend
Travis List and his wife
Darren Colston and Adam Kilpatrick
Andy Baylor and Trev Warner
Aleyce Simmonds and Mark Edson (from Canada)
The Davidson Brothers at the Southgate Inn
This is straight after they had won two TIARA Awards at the WTLC ceremony.
Simon Johnson and friend
Ken Date and Bryen Willems
Danny Mack and Wendy Broome
Anna Rose, Lee Brittan and Wendy Broome
Brad Bergen and Anne

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