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  2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival
Artist & Friends 1
Johnny Green & the Blues Cowboys with Kerry Kennedy and Mick Eelkema - Photo Courtesy of Jeanette
Michael having a wonderful time
Jeff Mercer and Sam Lemann
Kerry Kennedy and Col Finley
Kerry Kennedy and Col Finley
Sam and Josh
Kerry Kennedy and Gaye Smith
George Washingmachine and Phil B
Travis Collins, Cat Southern and Jake Lardot
Shelley and Jake Nickolai
Jake Nickolai (c)
Guess who!
Guess who!
Gary Brown, Dave Warwick, Bruno, Michael Vidale and Kol-Lynne
Gleney Rae Virus and Andy Baylor
Andy & Friend
Val, Gaye, Andy and Wendy
Leo and friend
Nellie Donovan, Dee Blundell and Kylie hogan
Kate, Mark and Sharon
Dave and Mel
Jake Nickolai signing an autograph - Photo Courtesy of  John & Lucy
Mark, Clare and Marcus (Our 3 wonderful Fiddlers)
Nicki Gillis and her Husband
Rhonda, Mel, Val, Margaret and Dave from (Finn MacCool)
Helen Shields, Sam Lemann and Kylie
Dean Johnston and his Mum
Nicki Gillis with some of the Simply Bush boys
Ryan and friend from the CMAA college
Ryan Sampson
The Finn MacCool Boys just having a good time!!
Having a great time!!
Heaps more photos coming to this page so keep on checking!!

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