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Helen is no longer updating this website. 


  2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival
Music Fans
Photo Courtesy of Leonie McClure
Peter Moran (one of Helen's photo helpers)
Bill and Mary (USA) (Local Paper
Helen Shields - Photo Courtesy of Wendy Broome
Anna Rose, Robyn Northey and Wendy Broome -Having a wonderful time
watching Finn MacCool
Lena and Debbie
Colleen, Paul, Doug, Kerry and Ruth
John and Ron
Helen & Doug
Rhonda and Friend
Doug, Colleen, Maureen, Helen and Paul
Keith and Diana Barnard
Rob Dickie(r) and friend
Bruno and Margaret
Doug and Paul
Janet (r)
Western Australian Country Music Fans
Jesse Wright
Sharon and Kate
Gaye and Val
Maureen Carr, Robyn Greentree and Robyn Shackle
Bruce, Therese, Colleen and Paul
Helen Shields and Kylie
Colleen, Fay, Val and Paul
Dianne and Phil
Ronnie and Maureen
The Ragepagers vocal trio rehearsing in their room.  Look out The McClymonts!!
Dave Proust's son with his nephew
Lois, Helen and Alan taking it easy at the Southgate Inn
Lucy and John
Kaye (white blouse) Tex (Black shirt) and friends
Leo & Peter
Gaye, Leo and Dianne
Margaret, Rhonda and Bruno  - Play hard to get Rhonda!!
Mel and Friend
Heaps more photos coming to this page so keep on checking!!

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