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Stuart   French                                                 Michel Rose
3 - Wynyard Christian City Church TAS
26 – Newcastle Jazz Festival, NSW
13 – Brass Monkey, Cronulla NSW
Camille Te Nahu, Stuie French and Peter Busher
"Not Without You"
collection of 13 songs, 4 of which are original tracks written
or co-written by Camille and Stuie
The first single titled "Without You" is due for release in June and the album on 5 July
Kevin Bennett from "The Flood" makes an appearance on a couple of songs
Michael Fix and Stuey French have been in the studio recently recording a duet
Congratulations!! Camille and Stuey, bouncing baby Boy "Chet Raynor French" .
7lb 8oz - Tuesday 16th March - 7 min past 7 
Congratulations to both !! from Tamworth Ragepage
You can pre-order your copy of the album by sending $30 cheque/money order to:
PO Box 37

Stuie and Cam's little bundle of joy "CHET RAYNOR TE NAHU-FRENCH" arrived on Wednesday 17th March (right on the due date) and Mum and baby doing well. Cam's first gig back will be at the Vangaard.

St Louis - 2002 Nashville USA Photos and info

Drummer Paul Cook, from South Carolina would like to locate a Drummer that had a studio in East Brighton in 1982.

(Read Paul Cook's email below)

Saw the Feral Swing Katz at 3rd and Lindsley when you were touring over here. I spent over 25 years in Nashville and have retired to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I just happened to be in Nashville on vacation and a friend of mine told me about the band so I came to the club to see them...GREAT GROUP!

I played drums on Paul Franklin's "Play By Play" album, and Jerry Reed's "Half and Half" album which featured some great steel work by Paul. After the gig I spent some time chatting with Michel and Doug.  
 I'm trying to locate a drummer I met in 1982 that had a studio in East Brighton, Victoria and am hoping that Doug or someone down there knows of him and can help me get in touch with him.


Jedd & Felicity "In the Round" Bluebird Cafe

Mike "The Judge Moore"Andrew Toombs, young brother of Duncan 
and Stu French at the Bluebird Cafe

Ralph Mooney is legendary steel player - played with Buck Owens, Waylon 
and many more  at St. Louis

Stu French, Gene Pistilli and Jedd Hughes -  Gene wrote New Shadow, Less of Me More Often - 
both from "Felicity's New Shadow album.  They were thrilled to have him at the gig.

Norman Hamlet wrote Stealin Corn - Feral Swing Katz won the Golden Guitar for that 
instrumental.  Norman well known as Merl Haggard's steel player.
Clare O'meara at the Bluebird Cafe
Felicity at 3rd & Lindsay with some of The Ferals in back ground
Michel Rose & Buddy Emmons
Michel Rose and Michael Vidale
Doug Gallacher, Michel Rose and Felicity
Stuart French and Doug Gallacher
Jedd Hughes Mike "The Judge" Moore in Nashville
Scroll down for more comments from emails and web sites in the USA sent to Tamworth Ragepage 
from  Wendy Broome and Ray Baldwin
They're back on Aussie turf now and the sound of standing ovations must be ringing in their ears.
There Back Home! Here is the latest News from Joan Douglas
Felicity and The Feral Swing Katz
3rd & Lindsley
September 10, 2002
Those who know the Nashville scene would know that the venues are not quite what you would expect.  They are mostly nightclub feel rooms with not a lot toward comfort or decor so the final gig was in the most appealing venue of all.
A huge show was on at the Ryman so we did not expect a lot but were very surprised to see the room filling well. It is a big room where some of the greats have played and a lot of industry people were out to check the talent. I noticed that we had a following from the very first gig at Western Beat so it was wonderful to have made such an impact.
Bob and Ellen Dickie were in the front row so it felt a bit like The Pub at Festival time. Bob's quote that I must have felt like a proud mum was very apt.
Another standing ovation at the end of the night - they can all get rather used to that!
They guy who gave New Shadow its seven star review came to the gig and could not believe that the album could be reproduced live and was in amazement.
In summary:
I was asked why I was so keen in getting the Feral Swing Katz to the States and my reply was that it just may be possible that the best swing band in the world may be in Australia and we needed to go over and find out.
Well we proved it - there is little doubt that this is true. The unique style of playing by Michel Rose and Stuart French is extraordinary. Drummer, Doug Gallacher, amazed. Clare O'Meara on keyboards and fiddle was exciting and appreciated by the audiences and the unique slap bass by Michael Vidale just wowed them. I think of them as a group of specialists, not just a band.
Felicity, what can I say, she just astounded the audiences. She created a lot of interest and did not go unnoticed. Things are just beginning for Fliss - watch this space.
Songwriters' gig at 12 & Porter
Felicity and The Ferals had a two-song gig at a special songwriters' night they
have at 12th & Porter. They call the evening 12th on 12th.
It is a two-song expo and you have to be on the list etc.  I think the crowd would have preferred they did a lot more than two songs.
Felicity was backed by Stu, Clare, Doug and Michael and as it was only a two-song gig,   Michel did not set up steel but did the backing vocals. He is now a "doo wop" girl.   It was an unusual gig to say the least, followed by a chap called Marvin
who played mandolin and sang some rather interesting songs about covering
your bamboo (in reference to condoms ... mmmm!)
There was actually a good crowd and we had many people wanting CDs and wanting to know more about Felicity and The Ferals. Very worthwhile.
We then went to the Station Inn where we saw the best western swing band in Nashville. 
That was a treat and as the steel player had seen our group in St Louis The Ferals and Felicity were invited to do a song with the band's instruments. It went over really well so I think we will be seeing some of those people at our gig tonight.
(I can't think of the name of the band as I have glazed over - very tired
today) - wonderful musicians. Can honestly say that the piano accordion was the best I have ever heard in my life. Such class - all musicians very much like The Feral Swing Katz. Mainly session musicians who come out to play what they love together - and to have a challenge.

Review by Brad Fischer
NEW SHADOW / Artist: Felicity

"This is the way country used to be! Felicity is an award-winning Australian recording artist and one can hear why from this CD. Backed by her countrymen, The Feral Swing Katz band, all 12 tracks are a pure delight. The artist has a unique voice that plays with the lyrics and strokes the melodies with tantalizing lilts which is especially demonstrated on the old Johnny Mercer/Victor Schertzinger classic "I Remember You". A mix of country swing and tender love ballads, this album is a must for any record collection. Produced by Stuart French and Michel Rose, the CD truly shows off the talents of this pert and pretty Australian songbird. Released through EMI Music Australia you can check out the CD at   
Rating:  SEVEN STARS *******

This magazine is everywhere over here.  It is like Drum or Rhythms in
the cities over home. What a fantastic review. The score system is 7 stars so out of the four that were reviewed, Felicity was the only one to score the perfect 7!
Looking forward to coming home. See you soon.
Love Joan

Saturday, September 7
What an interesting day.
We started our day with an invitation to see over the Hall of Fame, which
has a new home and takes a day to go through.
The lovely lady from the Hall has been to every gig and the receptionist now wears a koala around her neck.
Ran into Bob and Ellen Dickie in there - small world.
We had to cut our tour short to make an Australian Rules football match. (You read that correctly!)
The Nashville Kangaroos were playing the New York Magpies in the Barassi Cup. A local community television channel wanted to interview Felicity and the Ferals at the game as an interest story.
They will be shooting the 3rd and Lindsley gig on Tuesday as a follow up. I must admit to being a very keen AFL supporter and Stuey and I now wear Nashville Kangaroo caps with pride and I was sorry that we had to leave before the game ended to get to the Grand Ol Opry.
Jim Lauderdale had invited some of us backstage and what a line up. The night was a celebration for George Jones' 71st birthday. I was lucky to meet Nancy Jones, who is just the prettiest thing, and had a slice of George's cake.
Michel was a guest of Tommy White, Opry Band steel player.
Jim Lauderdale sent out a greeting to Felicity and the Feral Swing Katz and mentioned that we were in town. He truly is the nicest man.
George Jones was in the front row and being backstage we could watch his reaction and when Jim sang "The King of Broken Hearts" and George stood and
the crowd gave Jim a standing ovation with George stepping onto the stage
to embrace Jim - tears again!
George Jones, Alan Jackson, Jim Lauderdale, Lee Ann Womack, Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Dickens, Connie Smith, Osborne Brothers, Porter Wagoner, Charlie Louvin, Charlie Walker - does it get much better than this?
Tomorrow is the rest day - I am looking forward to having a bit of time out so will be back soon.
Thursday, September 5
Sherlock Holmes Pub
2206 Elliston Place, Nashville

Only a small pub but feels more like home than anywhere else we have played.
It was like a homecoming. I think there was a huge COO-EE across Nashville.
Jedd Hughes, Andrew Toombs, Mark Moffatt, Steve Law, Pru Clearwater, Kylie
Sackley with sisters, Joe and Chel, Greg Shaw and Kylie Harris (Kiwi).
Ferals rolled out their usual style and Stu managed good sound from the hired gear. Not all people would understand the difficulties all this can be at times.
Pat McInerney (Nancy Griffith's drummer) lent Doug a set of drums and his
touch in "I Remember You" was amazing, along with every song but that song is really going over well over here.
Tiger Rag took the roof off and Clare O'Meara was on fire with "Texas Fiddle Girl". First guest for the night was Kylie Harris who unselfishly gave us the night that had been originally slotted to her but to fit into our schedule she kindly stepped aside.
Camille Te Nahu, Jedd Hughes, Andrew Toombs, Kasey Jones forced the Ferals to play the blues before she would leave the stage. The new name for the band could be The Feral Blues Katz.
Felicity worked her usual magic and slaughtered the crowd and the pub management was extremely happy (perhaps the Aussie content of the patrons had something to do with an upturn in sales?)
So many people asked me to say hello to friends back home that I could not keep count on them all.
Reckless Joe sends a big hello to Nick Erby (Hi Nick!) Martha Moore for Keith Glass.
Wednesday, September 4
Bluebird Cafe, Nashville

The Bluebird offered an opportunity for Felicity and The Ferals for an hour spot. They sat in the round with instruments (borrowed, once again, from Jedd Hughes).
This was something very different for the troupe, sitting inches away from each other in acoustic mode.  It really shows up the amazing skill of these players when they just pull it into an amazing show in this mode.
The audience was mesmerized and I swear they get tighter with every day. Jedd sat in on a couple and that is always a thrill.
He is now back home in Australia for a couple of weeks so we miss him now.
The gig was real quality, which is more than I could say for my 'crispy prawns' that followed at a nearby Asian eatery.  We are all in need of some good healthy Aussie food - please no cheese!
Jedd Hughes joins in with the Ferals and Felicity
Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Billy Block's Western Beat,
Blue Sky Court

A half-hour set was squeezed into the program for Felicity and The Ferals
so all of you at home know how hard that would be. Once you get a taste of
these people you have to have more.
They blew the place away, which was expected and it was broadcast live out to the world so I hope a few more people had the opportunity of sharing the show.
The weather is like Tamworth in January so we are quite at home, though coming straight from our winter makes it a bit of a sudden change.
At midnight after the Western Beat show Felicity, Michel and Stu were interviewed by radio 650WSM by DJ Matthew Gillian. This guy was so smooth and just enjoyed the Aussie accents and made a wonderful broadcast.
They played acoustically with the help of our mate Jedd Hughes who supplied the De Gruchy guitar, Duff mandolin and Felicity played her Maton.
We really made a big story of the Aussie instruments and DJ Matthew really gave them all a great plug. This program has its studio at the Oprey Hotel out at
Opryland and covers about half of the USA so people would have heard that
what you hear is what you get from this talented group.
Jedd joined in with some backing and we fell into bed after 2am (yet again).
Jedd has just returned from the Down From The Mountain tour with Patti Loveless
so he is still high. He is returning home to Australia this week for a
quick two-week trip but we are so happy to have caught up with him and his
flat mate Brent, who obviously found Australians very strange people.
Great fellow though as this old girl had to check out that he is in good
What a week it has been, the journey from St Louis in Chevrolet Blazers, I think they're called - four-wheel-drive thingies. It was a bit hairy on the wrong side of the road.
Until tomorrow
Sensational Start To USA Tour
Main ballroom Millenium Hotel
 St Louis, Missouri, USA.
Saturday, August 31, 2002  
International Steel Guitar Convention  
The ballroom is filled with anticipation - you can really feel something
here.   There is an air of excitement about "the Australians".
Those who stayed up late and came to the show last night have obviously
been spreading the word.  The room holds about 2000 and I think there
would be that waiting for the band.
Felicity and the Ferals are backstage awaiting their cue as I nervously
sit out the front but at the back of the room.
There is no point worrying about merchandise sales as we sold out the night before. 
Can't remember a gig where you could have sold your merch three times over.   Not complaining.
Felicity has made a huge impression and has been signing everything in
front of her.    (I have considered stealing her knickers from the luggage,
they would sell for a fortune but I don't think she would sign them).
Junior Knight is finishing up so it is our turn.
I just can't write any more for a while - things are a bit emotional right now.
Michel has announced that he and Stuey were inspired by Norman Hamlett and
have played Norman's song Stealin' Corn - unknown to them he is in the room
and has walked on stage and embraced Michel.   There is not a dry
Australian eye in the house.   What a special moment. I will return to
this story soon.    Time out please.
Sorry, but I just could not write any more last night. It will be hard to
recreate the picture.
After four standing ovations and cheers for more by this very seriously
musical crowd it was hard beating everyone off who wanted CDs and so 
addresses are overflowing in the book and Felicity and the Feral Swing
Katz have about 2000 new fans.  We have met some amazing people who just
loved it all.
I have been told by so many that this has never happened before in the
history of the convention - that is - standing ovations and a crowd of
that size at the end of the show.
Michel Rose is now etched into the lineup of the great steel players of
the world.   Tommy White, Grand Ol Opry MD and steel player, was so
impressed with Michel, Feral Swing Katz and Felicity that he is pushing to have them
all on the Opry this Saturday.   It may be difficult as we are in town for
such a short time and I would imagine that such short notice would not
make it easy.   If we make the gig you will be the first to know!
Further to the 500,000 internet hits on Friday night we now learn that
another server picked up the broadcast and now it is estimated that there
would have been 750,000 hits.    This is all amazing and the organisers are
just stupefied and keep telling us it is because of the band and Felicity
so it is just extraordinary.
It has been an amazing time of success and the Australians in the room
were so emotional and we just can't convey in words how amazing it was.
We are taking a day off today and going to a baseball game - St Louis
Cardinals vs ??   We leave for Nashville in the morning so I will report
in after they do Billy Block's Western Beat tomorrow night.
Felicity, Clare O'Meara, Doug Gallacher and myself went and watched Little
River Band last night.  The band sounds great but the venue was exhausting.  Probably 2000 shoulder to shoulder and smoke you could cut with a knife. 
Until the next instalment.
Joan Douglas.
Email sent to Tamworth Ragepage from  JLsmith  Oklahoma USA
"Fresh new group in the traditional style. Hot pickers all. Hope to find CDs somewhere."  
I'm from Blackwell Oklahoma, USA.  Heard the Kats on the web at the Steel Guitar Show. GREAT!!!
Email sent to Tamworth Ragepage from Texas
comment=I saw the Feral Swing Katz in St. Louis and had the good fortune of meeting them in person at a nearby restaurant on Sunday evening after the ISGC.  I have to say they are easily approachable and tend to mix with admirers well.  I am from Texas and was raised on western (Texas) swing.  This group has nailed the style and are great musicians as well.  I especially enjoy the two/three part instrumental and vocal harmonies.  I for one am glad to see that we are having an international interest in this type of music and that we have more great choices along with "Asleep at the Wheel".  I hope this group enjoys great success and would suggest that you make the trip to Austin Texas where the music is known and loved.  You should also consider the Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree in Dallas as a "must do" gig.  The audience there lives and breathes western swing.  Best wishes to you all and may your careers be long.
Doug Childress
2440 FM 3247
Orange, Texas 77632
Comments on Web sites in The USA
(sent to Tamworth Ragepage from Wendy Broome an Ray Baldwin)
I was there when the "Feral Swing Kats" broke my record!!!
I am part owner of SteelRadio.com and can tell you that this group has
broken every record there was to break.  I have been working the convention
for 31 years now, and I have never seen the type of response that was
received by the "Kats".  I do not know of any other postings other than the steel
guitar forum.  Even this does not give this group the coverage they deserve.
When the "Kats" got on stage, all connections in the state of Illinois lost
their ability to receive e-mails for about twenty minutes.   

This means that I sucked up all the band width in the state.  This defines
down to well over 500,000 hits.  I had seven servers to handle all the
listeners around the world and they all were filled.  This has never happened
before.  My hat is off to this fine band and I look forward to being able to air
their show again in the future. (even from Australia!)
To my knowledge...this is the only review available for this show.  It is in
hopes that it meets your needs.  Please pass the word on for this
group...they deserve it!
Michael G. Scott
Scotty's Music, Inc.
9535 Midland Blvd.
St. Louis, MO.  63114-3314
314-427-7794 Phone
314-427-0516 Fax
More Comments from web sites in USA
(people posting their thoughts to the steel guitar forum (these are
mostly pro steel players who also played at the
"Friday evening was the "Big One" for me. What a power
play demonstration of excellent steel playing. The "Big E"
kicked it off (with all due respect to Russ Wever who
handled the opening ceremonies) followed by Jernigan,
Lloyd Green, Pee Wee Whitewing, Jeff Newman, John
Hughey, Herby Wallace, Jerry Brightmann, Lynn Owsley
and then the Feral Swing Katz. Watch out for the Swing
Katz. They have the twin guitar stuff (lead & steel) down
so tight that even WD 40 would not help! Boy are they
good. Felicity was terrific."
"This was my first time at the ISGC. WOW!! I truly enjoyed
all of the sets, but must say that the Lloyd Green/Don
Helms set was my highlight. Hearing Buddy live for the
first time was fantastic...He is all they say he is. The Feral
Swing Katz + Felicity did an awsome job."
"My friend, Eddy Canaday, who used to play guitar for
Johnny & Kitty, & Barbara Fairchild, (& Tommy
Overstreet) turned me on to this gro
up (the Ferals Swing
Katz). They are DY-NO-MITE!!! If you are in NashVILE this
week, DO NOT MISS THIS ACT!!! You will have 3 chances to
see them. You will hear Western Swing, the way it was
meant to played, notwithstanding our own "Time
Jumpers". (I hope I said that right.) Check 'em out. You
won't be disappointed! "
"This band was absolutely great!! I have to admit, you hear
about a band from Australia playing at ISGC, it's not
exactly exciting. And, well, they don't exactly look like a
bunch of cool Texas dudes or Nashville CMT clones, BUT
CAN THEY PLAY!!!!!!! Wow....I lovd them! And they had a
guest female singer named Felecity (or as Scotty
pronounced it fella-city) who sings as beautiful as she
looks! The crowd was there until 1:00 AM in the main
ballroom and wouldn't let'em leave until Scotty kicked us all out! "
"All you Nashville cats who didn't make the show in St.
Louis should try to see the Feral Swing Cats in Nashville.
I don't know exactly what their plans are but they said
they will do some showcase type gigs in Nashville this
week before returning to Australia. So I hope there will
be a show open to the public. Everybody in the group is
first-rate, and they have worked out very cool
arrangements like no one does anymore."
Stuart French                                         Michael Vidale       
Michel Rose                                        Doug Gallacher
Clare O'Meara 
Anna Rose Report 
THE Feral Swing Katz and Felicity have been invited to perform at the International Steel Guitar Convention in St Louis, Missouri, on August 30 - on main stage, no less.
When the invitation first arrived for the Ferals to attend the convention, it was rather vague on details, but the gist of the invite was that these Americans had heard that Michel, Stuie and Doug play western swing like few others and this latest confirmation of their standing in the international community speaks masses for their undoubted ability.
Main stage at the International Steel Guitar Convention is no dud gig, as the yanks don't ask just any old player to get up and have a go. So go you cats, go!
And once they hear our little Felicity swinging along out front of the band, they'll want to adopt them, I'm sure.
Felicity and The Ferals' manager, Joan Douglas, said they have canned the Texas leg of their tour, as all the best musos from Texas will be in St Louis and they'll all get to hear out cats swing. Yee-hah!
The US tour lineup for The Ferals will be Doug, Stuie, Michel, Michael Vidale on upright bass, Clare O'Meara on fiddle/keyboards and special guest artists playing rhythm guitar and providing heavenly vocals is Felicity.

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