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Tarscha & Trubble,
Salamander Tavern
Tarscha and Steve Anderson
Steve and Tarscha in their break talking to some fans

Singer, Songwriter, Rhythm, Bass, Harmonies
As a young girl of 20 years, Tarscha possesses a very special talent.   Her vocal abilities and performance skills combined with just the shear love she has for music results in a dynamic performance by Tarscha every time.    Performing since the age of 11  Tarscha has already started to experience the travelling life of a musician and with the support of her family and the help of many people along the way she has managed to keep a balanced life in her younger years.
From riches to rags Tarscha has travelled Ireland and Scotland gigging in many of the pubs and clubs, sharing her music and experiencing everyday as it came.   Also extensively travelling our own country,Tarscha has performed at many of our Country Music Festivals right across Australia.   Some of these include, The Gympie Muster, Mildura Festival as well as the acclaimed Tamworth Country Music Festival.   From the high set stages to the red dust of the outback she has also toured the aboriginal missions of Australia with the Brian Young Show.
Since her younger days Tarscha has formed and sculpted a style which exudes pozazz and a certain freshness.   Tarscha's heart has always been in Country Music.  With the strength in her voice she has the ability to perform the hard edge on Country Rock as well as portray the sweet gentle touch of a ballad.  With Tarscha's diverse range of talents she has been a part of many bands throughout the years. 
Originally from North Queensland, she started off playing guitar and singing in a local trio "Rampage Country".   Later she has laid her hand to bass and was a member in the trio, "Beauty and the Beasts".   Tarscha also was given the opportunity to play bass in the "Lindsay Butler Band" before putting together her family band,  "Next of Kin".    But more recently, the past 12 months has seen Tarscha head her own duo and band, "Tarscha & Trubble," who now reside on the Central Coast.   
For the last few months Tarscha and a band of musicians have been busy in the studio recording her first EP.   Having recently just been released, Tarscha is very excited and very proud of what she has accomplished with this recording.  The 4 song EP is self titled and all the songs on the release are written by Tarscha.    Everywhere she goes Tarscha takes her talent for music, her love for experience and her enthusiasm of life, which is apparent in every goal she accomplishes.  
Media Release
A first for Tarscha -"The release of her 4 song EP" 
There's a first time for everything and for a young performer like "Tarscha" the excitement of releasing her first show case EP is an unbelievable feeling.
Tarscha has been performing, writing and touring in Country Music circles since she was 11 years old.  Now 20, Tarscha has spent the past few months, with a crew of musicians working tirelessly in the studio recording some of her own originals.  Tarscha says, "It's been awesome, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever.  I'm really excited about how it turned out and I can't wait to do it again.
With the self titled EP, Tarscha has successfully displayed the diversity of her talent.  Each of the four songs shows a different aspect of Tarscha's unique style and leaves you on the edge.   A big part of" 'Tarscha' is her songwriting, "Songwriting?  I love it and having written all the songs on this release, I think, makes it just that little bit extra special.   The most daunting thing about songwriting for me, is contemplating an audience response."
Each song tells it's own story so well.  Track one is a captivating love ballad, one which must have been written well beyond the imagination of a heart of so tender years.   "Everytime I sing this song it takes me to a solemn place I hope I never end up.   'Sweet Mama' is a punchy country blues song.  Tarscha says, "This song is really cool, it was so much fun to record, everybody went crazy."   'Why won't your memory go?'  "What else can I say, the title says it all, it's as country as it gets.  I love it!"  A contemporary country song with a little zain is 'One flying Miracle.' "This song is maybe my personal favourite, I think.  There's something about it!"
The combination of 'Tarscha's talents and musicians like Bill Chambers, Jeff McCormack, Glen Hannah, Glen Wilson, Mick Albeck and Michel Rose it's no wonder this release is something special. "These guys were just awesome to work with!  They all bought a little something to the recording that has made it what it is.  Bill produced it, we are both really proud of it.  I couldn't thank everyone enough!"
'Tarscha' is definitely a name to watch out for, this young entertainer is well on her way to making an impression in her desired career of  Country Music.  
For Bookings or general inquiries Contact:
Trubble Management
PO Box 1674, Gosford, NSW, 2250
 Email - Tascha@hotmail.com 

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