In the past, music lovers would be limited when it came to the number of artists they could listen to. However, in modern times the internet allows people to discover completely independent musicians. This is especially true when it comes to country music. On the other hand, this also poses a new problem. The market for unsigned country singers is so saturated that it can be difficult to navigate through them all.

Musicians to Check Out

  • Katie Thompson

This New Zealand based singer is known for writing tracks about local life on the west coast. She recently supported Elton John on his tour. Her newest album, Bittersweet is getting rave reviews.

  • Taylor Acorn

Acorn’s music mixes pop sounds with honest and intimate lyrics. Each song is based on her own life experiences. She currently has a five song LP out which is generating a fair amount of buzz.

  • Kassi Ashton

Kassi Ashton is a very unconventional songwriter. Her track California, Missouri uses surrealism and dark humour. Ashton’s voice is husky, confident and swooning. She recently collaborated on Drop Top with Keith Urban.

  • Leah Blevins

Blevins is a breath of fresh air because she rejects the pop sound that has dominated modern country. Instead she uses emotive vocals and acoustic guitars. Her voice is unique and ethereal. Blevins’ songs tend to be inspired by 70’s country rock.

  • Jordan Brooker

Brooker first rose to the attention of the public when he released a cover of Thinking of You by Dierks Bentley. He now works with renowned producer Luke Wooten and is based in Nashville. Brooker’s first EP contains six heartfelt songs inspired by traditional country classics.

  • Austin Burke

Burke has been compared to a younger Keith Urban thanks to his swaggering stage persona and catchy songs. He has been performing live since the age of 3. His latest tracks have achieved success thanks to online streaming services. His biggest hits so far are Whole Lot in Love and One Summer.

Advice For New Artists

  • Find Broad Inspiration

One of the biggest dangers of writing music is accidentally plagiarising another artist. This can be prevented by writing a song that has been inspired by a broad range of sources. Country music has a rich history that is worth exploring.

  • Utilise the Internet

Most new musicians today get their start because they use the internet. These days anyone can upload their unique songs and gain an audience. Music streaming has helped to save the industry and is now an extremely lucrative tool. So too is social media, which can be used to interact with fans and build a community.

  • Keep an Eye on New Trends

The most successful musicians know when to reinvent themselves. Good examples include David Bowie and Alice Cooper. The country genre goes through new trends all the time. When writing music for modern audiences it is useful to bear these trends in mind.

  • Get Confident Playing Live

Recorded albums are essential but so too is playing live. Concert tours are used to gain new fans, sell records and make money from ticket sales. It is normal to be nervous when performing live for the first time. The more a musician does it the more they will see their confidence grow. It might sound like a cliché but practice really does make perfect.